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  • I am Mistress Ella Kross, a sophisticated dominatrix and experienced humiliator of men. I love to control, discipline, and use men for my own pleasure. Domination is my passion, my lifestyle, and has been my profession for years. It's who I am, what I do best, and I'm proud to put my own unique spin on how I do it. In my presence you'll be absolutely overwhelmed by my beauty and my sheer elegance will leave you weak. Kneeling before me you will tremble, unable to control yourself. You will follow my orders and obey each and every command I give you. I will evoke your passions and desires, manipulating you into complete surrender. You will be defenseless against my feminine wiles.
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My style of domination is very sensual, intense, energized, and charged with eroticism. There is no doubt that I love what I do and my passion for it defines me. I have been actively exploring this fetish long before I had the vocabulary to describe what domineering and humiliating even entailed. For me, this is a very real and very kinky power exchange and not just mechanical theatrics. I would love to introduce you to this truly unique arena of passion. Imagine yourself at the feet of a truly dominant, truly sexually liberated woman (I am completely shameless) who will stimulate your fantasies in ways you never thought possible. I am one seriously deviant dominatrix with a well-lubricated imagination. Your pain is my pleasure.



You are going to be my fuck hole! - "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" I say as I find my slave naked on his back with his hands and feet chained in the air. Wearing a sexy red latex outfit that showcases my perfect figure I loosen up his tight asshole using my lubed-up hands. I slide one finger in him as he squirms in discomfort and follow it up with a second. Before long my entire fist is inside of him as he screams in pain. If he thinks that`s bad, he hasn`t seen anything yet! With my big strap-on cock I violate his virginal asshole as he cries out in humiliation and agony. He`s never had anything in his ass before, and for his first time I`m not showing him the courtesy of being gentle! I pound him from behind hard and fast and what`s pure torture for him is pure pleasure for me. In between violently butt-fucking him I break to shove my fist up his ass while he groans in a mixture of pain and shame. Mercy isn`t part of my vocabulary so I relentlessly pummel his asshole until he`s so sore he can`t walk right for weeks. He cried like a molested girl for days after I filmed this video. Good!

TAGS: pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 18-12-2014 Length:9 min:45 sec
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Mouth Spitting, Plastic Rap, and Cock and Ball Torture! - My slave`s been locked in a male chastity cage for an entire month and completely unable to cum. Setting him free of the cage, I have some fun with him by fastening his jaw open and spitting directly in his mouth. "So tasty, hmm?" I ask as I lean over him, repeatedly spitting down his throat. After a month of no orgasms all he wants to do is cum but I won`t be letting that happen easily. Instead, I tie up his cock and balls and run a spur across his dick while he squirms in pain, defenseless thanks to the plastic he`s wrapped in. After torturing his cock and balls I go back to spitting into his pried-open mouth while he`s forced to lay there and take the abuse. "You are my own property," I remind him as I torment him over and over again.

Categories: Ball Abuse , Cbt , Female Domination , Spitting

Added: 16-12-2014 Length:5 min:56 sec
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Ball and Nipple Torture, Leather Sniffing, Suffocating, and More! - "How are you today, slave? Did you miss me?" I ask as he sits naked strapped in a chair. Since I`ve left him sitting there alone for hours I`ve brought some toys to entertain him with and I inform him of this as I squeeze his nipples. Bringing out my nipple clamps, I attach them to his chest and begin gently playing with his hard dick. "You`re going to suffer for my pleasure," I tell him as I tie up his cock and balls while he squirms in discomfort. I cover his masked mouth and make him sniff my leather glove before tugging his balls. I confuse his senses by having him fuck my hand while squeezing his testicles as he cries out in pain. In a unique and truly diabolic twist, I clip a weight to his nutsack and it tugs at him as I stroke his dick. I make him sniff my leather glove again as I knee him in the groin and then fuck his mouth with my fingers. Squeezing and tugging his balls and nipples I torment him and take cruel satisfaction in it. I cover his mouth with his hands and suffocate him as I pinch his left nipple extremely hard. I finally give him a small break to let him sniff my leather-clad breasts but when he gets to close I reprimand him by slapping him across the face. How much abuse can this poor loser take? I tease him by shoving my tits in his face and decide to let him lick me a just bit. He`s all worked-up now and I leave him strapped in the chair horny and alone!

TAGS: breast smothering , smother

Categories: Cbt , Cock Tease , Female Domination

Added: 14-12-2014 Length:16 min:36 sec
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Jerk-Off Game to My Nylon-Clad Feet! - Let`s play a game, shall we? As I sit on my sofa wearing my black nylons and no shoes, you`re going to jack your cock to me but only when I wiggle my cute toes. Is that clear, slave? Watch as I move my cute feet around and jerk yourself hard and fast for me. If you don`t see my toes moving then you better stop touching yourself, you got it? My legs look amazing in these nylons and my adorable feet look just as good. Stroke your cock while I move them for you but you`re not allowed to cum without my permission! Watch as I tease you by wiggling my toes as you stroke yourself only to have you stop when I pause. As I hold my feet close to you I want you to lean in and lick your computer screen. Do it, I said! Lick your screen and imagine your tongue was touching my feet. After driving you wild for over ten minutes I count down from ten and have you cum everywhere for me! Blow that massive load all over my nylon-clad feet, slave.

TAGS: joi

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Fetish , Masturbation Instruction , Pantyhose/stockings

Added: 13-12-2014 Length:11 min:22 sec
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Raping My Slave`s Mouth with a Strap-On and Spitting! - It`s been one month since my slave`s had an orgasm and his balls are dying to explode. I could help him cum but that wouldn`t be in my nature, would it? Instead, I choose to torture him by fucking him in the mouth using the same strap-on I fucked him in the ass with one month prior. "I`m going to rape your mouth right now," I tell him as I kneel over his face and plunge the big, fake dick into his open orifice. "Take it deeper," I instruct as I shove it down into this throat. I take it out and as he gasps for air I spit in his mouth while I laugh at him. With my big, perfect tits hanging out I continue mouth-fucking him while he gags and I delight in his torment. Over and over again I spit in his mouth in between having him suck my cock and he lays there and takes the torture like a good fucking slave. Next I`m going to rape his ass!

TAGS: spit fetish

Categories: Female Domination , Spitting , Strap-on

Added: 12-12-2014 Length:8 min:02 sec
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Slave Worships My Dirty Feet with His Mouth! - Sitting by the edge of my bathtub with my big, round tits hanging out of my sexy lingerie, I make a slave sniff the dirty, smelly feet I`ve been walking around on all day. After he smells how nasty they are I have him clean them using his mouth and he immediately begins licking and sucking them all over. I could simply use my tub to wash my feet but what`s the fun in that when I have a well-trained slave who will clean them with his tongue? I even make him wear his long hair back using a pink hair tie like the bitch that he is. "Open your mouth," I demand and have him take my toes so deep in his mouth that he gags. I grab him by the back of his head and shove my foot down his throat while I cackle in delight. He chokes and almost pukes but I could care less. The more he suffers the more I enjoy it!

TAGS: foot domination , foot slave training , foot smelling

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship

Added: 11-12-2014 Length:8 min:27 sec
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Pounding Your Ass with a Strap-On! - "Now I`m going to have fun with your fucking asshole," I say as I approach my slave`s bare behind. I have his naked body securely fastened by his legs and arms, his virginal ass up in the air with no way to escape. Wearing my sexy black leather outfit and a big, black strap-on cock I inform him that he`s going to be taking every inch of my plastic dick. With my lubed-up latex gloves I shove one finger into his asshole before moving on to two and even three. He groans in discomfort as I see how many fingers I can fit inside of his tight hole and his groans turn to screams as I shove my entire fist inside of him. "You fucking slut," I berate him as I plunge my strap-on into his loosened asshole hard and fast. I continue butt-fucking him as he cries out in pain and humiliation and pause just long enough to shove my fist inside of him again. I slide my big strap-on back in him and pound his asshole so furiously he hollers in agony. Back and forth I alternate between my fist and my strap-on and love every second of his torment. His pain... my pleasure!

TAGS: pegging , slut training

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 09-12-2014 Length:9 min:23 sec
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The Most Painful Cum Ever for You, Slut! - Swapping out my big strap-on for my huge strap-on, I waste little time shoving the plastic cock inside my slave`s asshole. Can he take such a massive dick inside his tight butt? He`s going to one way or another, that`s for damn sure! Laying on his back with his legs up in the air, I laugh as I watch the strap-on disappear deeper into his asshole with every thrust I take. I play with his little cock as I butt-fuck him but he`s in such pain and so humiliated he can`t even get it up! Harder and faster I ram him and he groans in misery while I cackle in sheer delight. I get especially evil when I insert an electrified rod into his asshole and proceed to send painful volts shooting up his spine. The torture doesn`t stop there as I begin repeatedly whipping his bare feet while he lays there bound and defenseless. I momentarily take mercy on him long enough to stroke his cock but I won`t be letting him cum just yet. I command him to open his mouth and spit directly down his throat before jerking his dick again. Finally I take pity on the poor bastard and let him shoot the massive load he`s been saving up for month. It explodes everywhere and I quickly put a stop to his enjoyment by wiping it up and making him eat it!

TAGS: bastinado

Categories: Electric Play , Female Domination , Handjobs , Strap-on

Added: 07-12-2014 Length:16 min:12 sec
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I Know Your Gay Fantasy is A Hard Cock! - I know your secret, you dirty jerk. You love beautiful men with big, strong, erect cocks. You love seeing men naked and your gay fantasy is sucking dick. Using my young, naked boy toy I show you how to work a cock so when you finally do take your first dick you`ll know how to do it properly. I begin by demonstrating how to jerk a guy off as I stroke this lucky bastard`s hard shaft. Are you taking notes, loser? You should be! I know you`re a closet faggot and seeing this boy`s big dick is probably turning you on. Go ahead and tug your cock while I walk you through how to suck a dick. Just imagine this hard cock in your mouth as you stroke yourself. Just think of how it would feel to have this large, delicious penis in the back of your throat, gagging on it until it shoots a warm load inside of you. You`d swallow every drop and love it, gay boy!

Categories: Bi-sexual , Female Domination , Femdom Pov , Humiliation

Added: 06-12-2014 Length:7 min:47 sec
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Latex goddess worship - Grabbing my slave by his leash I inform him that he`s going to be worshiping the shiny latex outfit I`m wearing. I look absolutely stunning in it and I`m sure you`ll agree. "Put out your tongue," I command and watch as he begins licking my black latex clean. Within seconds I cruelly change plans and shove his head down to clean my boots instead. "Good boy," I say as I sit on my sofa and supervise the job he`s doing. I make him suck on my heels for a bit before changing plans again and making him worship my ass. I turn around, bed over, and make him lick my latex-clad behind while I rub my crotch and moan in delight. "Continue to worship me," I say as I have him clean my boots with his mouth again. I demand that he lick my latex outfit once more but when he makes the mistake of touching me with his hands I have to rough him up a bit by slapping him around. He`s to worship me with his mouth only... no hands allowed!

Categories: Ass Worship , Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Latex , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 05-12-2014 Length:9 min:37 sec
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Foot Worship and Kicking in the Balls! - After traipsing around barefoot outside in the rain and mud I step back inside and show my slave my gross, dirty feet. "You need to clean them with your tongue," I demand and inform him that if he doesn`t do a good enough job I`ll be kicking him directly in the balls. "Yes, mistress," he obeys and immediately begins licking my toes and filthy soles all over. I quickly decide he`s doing a lousy job and command him to stand before me with his arms behind his back. He`s completely naked and defenseless as I repeatedly kick him in the nuts before having him get back to work cleaning my feet with his mouth. When he makes the mistake of using a bit too much teeth I make him stand at attention again and deliver more blows to his delicate balls. Back and forth I make him clean my feet with is mouth in between punishing his nuts with viscous kicks!

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship

Added: 04-12-2014 Length:6 min:46 sec
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Molesting My Slave`s Mouth with a Strap-On! - After catching one of my slaves sniffing my panties and punishing him by smothering his face, I continue his torment as I attach my strap-on, position myself over his head, and fuck his filthy mouth. "Take my dick," I say as I feed him my big, fake cock. I laugh as he gags while I shove the strap-on down his throat and add insult to injury by squeezing his balls and slapping him across the face. I force-feed him my dick and fuck his mouth hard and fast while he takes every inch deep in his throat like a champ. He chokes, gags, and drools everywhere yet I refuse to ease up. When I`m done molesting his face I inform him that he`ll be taking this strap-on in his ass and that I don`t care if he`s ready for it or not. I love making slaves like this my little bitch!

TAGS: slut training

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 02-12-2014 Length:8 min
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Foot Worship, Footjob, and Handjob! - Sitting on my sofa I make my slave give me a foot massage as I sit back and enjoy it. I`m in pure heaven as I relax and enjoy my slaves hands but it`s not long before I have him switch to his mouth. He licks and sucks my feet all over while I watch and smile in satisfaction. I love knowing that I can get losers like this to do whatever I want whenever I want it. He sucks my dirty toes clean like a good slave and I reward him by lubing up his dick and using my beautiful feet to give him a footjob. Up and down I work his hard cock with my skilled feet but before he gets a chance to cum I cruelly make him to get back on the floor and lick me again. How humiliating it must be for him to have to lick lube and cock off of my bare feet! Having him stand before me I jerk him off and when I count down from ten I have him cum for me. He fucks my hand, thrusting hard and fast, and finally blows a massive load everywhere while I watch. No sooner is he dome cumming do I have him get back on his hands and knees and kiss my feet!

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Foot Fetish , Foot Job , Foot Worship , Handjobs

Added: 30-11-2014 Length:12 min:30 sec
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Ruining My Plastic-Wrapped Slave`s Orgasm! - As my slave lays on the floor completely wrapped in plastic cling film I inform him that he`s going to be cumming all over himself but not until I give him permission. With a hole in the wrap allowing his hard cock to stick out, I sit atop his chest and begin stroking his dick while he moans in pleasure. He looks like a mummy as his thrusts his hips up and down and fucks my hand but I won`t be letting him cum just yet. "Do you want more, you disgusting slave?" I ask as I slap his cock only to begin jerking it again, using my spit as lube. I repeatedly bring him to the verge of climax only to abruptly stop touching him which drives him insane. Stroking his dick again I torture him by pleasing him and then stopping long enough to slap his cock and balls. Back and forth I switch between tugging his dick and bashing his nuts until he can`t take it any longer. When he cums all over his stomach without my permission I wipe it up and feed it to him as he lays there defenseless, completely ruining his orgasm. I shove his own warm jizz down his throat and then spit in his mouth and the loser thanks me for it like a good slave! I love tormenting slaves by ruining their orgasms. Ha!

TAGS: post cum torture

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 29-11-2014 Length:7 min:46 sec
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Teasing and Denying with Cock and Ball Torture! - After leaving one of my slaves tied up naked and alone for hours he`s so happy to see me again that the mere sight of me in my sexy leather outfit gives him a boner. "You look very great," he says in a voice slightly muffled by his leather mask. I begin gently stroking his cock but he should know better than to think there wouldn`t be a cruel twist. That twist comes quite literally as I suddenly go from rubbing his cock to squeezing and twisting his delicate balls, causing him to cry out in pain. In between jerking his dick I kick, hit, slap, and squeeze his balls which confuses his senses and drives him insane. It`s pure misery as I tease and deny him and love every sick second of it. He doesn`t know whether to cum or piss blood as I stroke his dick only to suddenly smash his balls. "Say thank you, Mistress," I demand and he immediately obliges while fighting to catch the wind I`ve knocked out of him. Do I finally let him cum? I guess you`ll have to find out in this crazy video that demonstrates cock and ball torture at its most extreme.

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Cock Tease , Female Domination , Tease & Denial

Added: 28-11-2014 Length:11 min:13 sec
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Are You Good Enough for My Pussy? - I want to test your devotion, my filthy little foot freak. After letting you have your way with my gorgeous, freshly-pedicured feet by allowing you to lick them all over, even in between my toes, I want to see if that foot-craving tongue of yours is good enough for my wet pussy. Let`s see if your tongue feels as good on my clit as it does all over my feet. You`re going to pleasure your goddess by licking me every drop of my sweet juices as I have you jerk-off while you do it. You`re going to prove your loyalty to me and show me how much you love me and only me by cumming all over your own face. That`s right; you`re going to stroke your dick as you eat my pussy and when you cum you`re going to do it all over yourself while I watch!

TAGS: joi

Categories: Goddess Worship , Masturbation Instruction , Pussy Eating

Added: 27-11-2014 Length:9 min:24 sec
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Punishing My Son`s Bare Ass! - After receiving my son`s report card in the mail I confront him with his poor grades. He`s failing almost all of his classes and it`s completely unacceptable! He laughs and dismisses his poor performance as if it`s no big deal which makes me furious since I`m spending my hard-earned money on his schooling. "I`m going to punish you," I inform him after leading him into the bathroom. "I`ve never done it before and that was a huge mistake," I admit. Despite his protests, I make him take his pants off and bend over my bed. With his bare ass exposed I begin whipping him repeatedly until his bottom is beat red. I whip and slap his tender ass over and over again until he promises to do better in school. "Ow, mom, it hurts!" he cries as I continue punishing his bare ass. When I`m finally finished with him he won`t be sitting down right for a week. "You`re not going to waste my money anymore, you understand me?" I scold as I slap him across the face. Maybe this will teach him to straighten up his act!

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Spanking , Whipping

Added: 25-11-2014 Length:7 min:43 sec
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Butt-Fucking - humiliated anal slut! - After leaving my slave in a chastity cage unable to cum for an entire month, I tell him the only way he`s going to be getting off is if he does whatever I want with him. With my perfect breasts exposed and wearing my big, strap-on cock, I climb behind him as he lays with his legs tied up in the air and loosen his asshole with my lubed-up fingers. I slide one finger in while he squirms, then two, three, and even four! He groans in discomfort as I shove my fingers deep inside of him and even use my spit as added lubrication. With his asshole nice and loose I plunge the strap-on inside of him and give him an ass-fucking he won`t soon forget. I molest his asshole with my big, fake cock and make him take every inch as he writhes in humiliation and discomfort! It turns me on having complete dominion over this little pathetic loser. If he expect to get off anytime soon he`ll take all of my twisted abuse!

TAGS: pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 23-11-2014 Length:5 min:30 sec
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Human Toilet Slave in the Shower! - Standing in my shower, tits and pussy exposed, I have a slave kneel on the floor and watch as I begin pissing everywhere. I squirt my warm, golden champagne all over the place and my slave asks to drink it. Calling him closer to me I tease him by wiping my pussy and letting him sniff and lick my hand. I have him crawl into the shower with me and lick my pussy clean like a good little toilet slave. "Ah, that`s so nice, clean my pussy!" I mean as I lean back and enjoy it while rubbing my big tits. "Clean it, clean it!" I command as he works his tongue hard and fast while my moans get louder and louder. "Nice, now my pussy`s clean enough," I say as I shove my slave out of the way and give you a close-up view of my pussy by spreading it wide for you. Do you like the view?

Categories: Female Domination , Oral Servitude , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 22-11-2014 Length:6 min:02 sec
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Teasing, Denying, and Ruined Orgasm! - Naked before me with his arms secured over his head, I attached clamps to my slave`s nipples and he groans in pain as they pinch his delicate skin. "I`m going to touch and tease your cock but you cannot cum without my permission," I say as I begin stroking his cock. "Slowly!" I say as I have him fuck my hand. His hips thrust back and forth and he moans in pleasure as he enjoys my fingers wrapped around his hard dick. Spitting on his cock, I use my saliva as lube as I begin gently jacking him off. "Remember, you can`t cum," I say as I tug his dick. I abruptly hit him in the balls and tug on his nipple clamps when he gets a little too excited. He`s dying to cum and I keep bringing him to the very brink only to stop suddenly and ruin his orgasm. I tease him and drive him wild as I continuously bring him close to climax only to stop and leave him hanging. He begs for me to let him cum but that wouldn`t be any fun for me now, would it? Finally I tell him he`s allowed to cum when I count to ten and I make sure my count is excruciatingly slow. "Hold it!" I scream when I get to eight. His balls are on fire and dying to explode as he pleads for me to let him shoot his load. Resuming my count I continue jacking him off and when I finally reach ten I cruelly take my hand off of his dick and ruin his orgasm as I watch him cum all over the floor. I wipe the cum from his dripping cock and make him lick it off of my hand and then thank me. I might be pure evil!

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Ruined Orgasms , Tease & Denial

Added: 21-11-2014 Length:12 min:05 sec
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