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  • I am Mistress Ella Kross, a sophisticated dominatrix and experienced humiliator of men. I love to control, discipline, and use men for my own pleasure. Domination is my passion, my lifestyle, and has been my profession for years. It's who I am, what I do best, and I'm proud to put my own unique spin on how I do it. In my presence you'll be absolutely overwhelmed by my beauty and my sheer elegance will leave you weak. Kneeling before me you will tremble, unable to control yourself. You will follow my orders and obey each and every command I give you. I will evoke your passions and desires, manipulating you into complete surrender. You will be defenseless against my feminine wiles.
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My style of domination is very sensual, intense, energized, and charged with eroticism. There is no doubt that I love what I do and my passion for it defines me. I have been actively exploring this fetish long before I had the vocabulary to describe what domineering and humiliating even entailed. For me, this is a very real and very kinky power exchange and not just mechanical theatrics. I would love to introduce you to this truly unique arena of passion. Imagine yourself at the feet of a truly dominant, truly sexually liberated woman (I am completely shameless) who will stimulate your fantasies in ways you never thought possible. I am one seriously deviant dominatrix with a well-lubricated imagination. Your pain is my pleasure.



Pretty Young Female Slave Fucks and Sucks My Strap-On! (home made) - "Give me your ass," I demand of my female slave as she kneels on my floor completely naked. When she does as told and raises her bottom, I use one of my whips to strike her but that's just not going to cut it today. I'm feeling especially cruel, so I make her fetch one of my strap-ons and proceed to shove it down her throat. I make her suck my big, black cock until she gags on it, grabbing her hair to guide her head as I watch in twisted delight. I love humiliating pretty young bitches like her and continue having her choke on my dick while she gasps for air. "Suck it!" I command, slapping her across the face when she fails to impress me with her oral skills. "What are you waiting for, huh?" I ask and punish her by spitting down her throat. Shoving her down, I secure her hands behind her back and make her beg for me to fuck her while I loosen up her tight hole with my fingers. I position myself behind her and slide this massive black cock deep inside of her, picking up the pace and ramming her hard while she cries out in mixture of joy, pain and humiliation. "You dirty slut!" I mock as I pound her doggy-style, her face buried in the carpet as I smack her ass. You can tell by my huge smile that I'm enjoying every second of this, and I kick things up a notch by fitting my entire hand inside of her pussy . How much abuse can her teenage pussy handle? Find out!

TAGS: gagging , lesbian domination

Categories: Female Domination , Gag Reflex , Strap-on

Added: 29-11-2015 Length:19 min:24 sec
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Slave Demonstrates How to Worship My Feet!(violating his face) - Today I'm going to teach you how to worship my beautiful feet. Summoning a slave to my side, I use him to demonstrate just how my feet should be worshiped, so watch and take notes as he starts off by sniffing them and then begins gently licking my cute little toes. I always keep them well pedicured, and today I've chosen to paint their nails red. My slave seems to like that as he tongues them all over and then takes them in his mouth, sucking them as I relax on my sofa and enjoy his obedience. "Do you like the taste, slave?" I ask as he hungrily goes to work on my feet. This slave knows how to worship my feet, and if you ever want to become one of my slaves you'd be wise to learn from him. One by one he sucks my toes while I watch and smile at how well I've trained him. He takes one foot deep in his mouth, sucking it hard and fast as I guide him by the back of his head, before switching to the other. I praise him for a job well done and send him on his way. Now it's your turn to worship my feet, so let's see if you learned anything.

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship

Added: 28-11-2015 Length:8 min:56 sec
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Oink and Gag For Me! (Making My Little Piggy Slave Suck My Strap-On! ) - Today I'm going to do what I do best: humiliate a stupid slave! After gagging him, I insert two metal hooks into his nostrils, and when I pull back on them using string he winds up looking like a little piggy. I also insert a large metal hook into his asshole and tie it to the back of his head, rendering him unable to move without tearing himself apart. "Look at this pig," I laugh as I make him squeal, then shove my big, strap-on cock in his mouth. I have him suck my dick while cackling in delight, commenting once again on what a stupid piggy slut he is. "Take it deeper!" I instruct, and jam my cock so far down his throat that he gags and drools everywhere. I make him oink for me before cramming my dick down his throat again, laughing hysterically while I do it. I cruelly make him choke on my huge cock and have him make more piggy noises, then repeatedly slap him across the face with my thick strap-on. I humiliate this porcine cock sucker without mercy and have him thank me for it while continuing to hit him in the face with my dick. What a loser he is!

Categories: Female Domination , Gag Reflex , Strap-on

Added: 27-11-2015 Length:9 min:25 sec
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Torturing a Pathetic Police Officer with Tessa! - I'm relaxing at home with my daughter when we're suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. It's a cop, and he's investigating complaints from our neighbors of partying and scantily clad women coming in and out of our home at all hours of the day. He wants to know if we're up to anything illegal, and we're understandably irate by the accusations. It's not against the law to dress slutty, I remind the loser, and I assure him that our residence is completely above-board as I casually lock the front door and trap the man inside with us. I give him permission to search the place, and he makes the mistake of taking us up on our offer for a glass of water. Little does he know we've just drugged him, and as he loses lucidity we laugh at the moron and begin having some fun with him. Tessa, wears his police cap as I take a seat in his lap and set him straight. "Who do you think you are?" I ask before making him get on his knees and repeatedly slapping him across the face. I abuse this pig by kicking him in the balls while Tessa holds his arms behind his back like my good little girl. Pushing him down on the floor, I sit on his face and smother him with my crotch while Tessa steps all over him, mashing his cock in with her high-heels. After pulling his pants down and shirt up, I sit on his lap while Tessa sits on his face and suffocates him with her ass. I punch him in the stomach over and over again and we laugh as he squirms around while crying out in pain. This is one team you don't want to fuck with, and we could care less if you're a cop! We bash his crotch in, trample him, and smother him while laughing maniacally at his agony.

TAGS: double dominaion , belly punching

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 26-11-2015 Length:10 min:18 sec
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Slave Worships My Smelly Feet and I Spit in His Mouth! - With the clap of my hands I summon a slave and one wastes no time scurrying to my side on his hands and knees. As I sit on my throne, I have him remove my shoes and sniff my sweaty, smelly toes. I've been running around town all day and my feet are exhausted, so I demand that he give me a foot massage and watch as he quickly puts his hands to work. As he rubs one foot, I shove the other in his face and make him inhale its dirty stench before shoving into his open mouth. "You dirty pervert," I chide, then pause to spit directly down his throat. Grabbing his head, I shove it back down to have him resume licking my toes clean and have him suck them as well. I look gorgeous in my red latex dress that highlights my amazing cleavage and my black nylons that compliment my sexy, toned legs. This loser is eager to please his beautiful queen, laying on his back when instructed to have me once again spit into his open mouth. My spit won't be the only thing going down his throat as I cram my foot down it so deeply that he gags! As he sucks away at one foot I gently rub his cock with the other, teasing him as he lays sprawled out on my dungeon's cold tile floor.

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Worship , Pantyhose/stockings

Added: 24-11-2015 Length:9 min:03 sec
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Making a Slave Smell My Sweaty Pussy and Ass! - After making a slave worship my smelly feet, I spread my legs, grab him by the back of the head, and drive it into my crotch so he can smell my sweaty pussy as well. It's been a very long day, and I haven't had a chance to shower yet. "Do you enjoy it, slave?" I ask with his head buried between my legs. He lets out a muffled "yes, mistress" as he continues inhaling my foul odor. I'm wearing black nylons with panties on under them, yet I stink so badly from running around all day that he can still smell my unwashed pussy. "Now kiss it," I demand, making him kiss my crotch before turning around to have him continue kissing my ass. I hike up my skirt to shove my smelly bottom in this loser's face, pausing to spit on his bare back as he hungrily kisses my sweaty bottom. I shove his head into my ass crack and he keeps kissing away like a good bitch as I casually check my fan mail using my tablet. When I decide he's just not doing a good enough job, I turn around to slap him across the face, spit in his open mouth, and send him off to await his punishment.

Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Pantyhose/stockings

Added: 22-11-2015 Length:5 min:22 sec
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Covering a Young Naked Slut with Hot Candle Wax! (home made) - This dumb slut's cheated on her husband and has come to me seeking punishment for her sins. With the exception of her black nylons, I've made her strip naked and as she knees before me I place a blindfold over her eyes. "What are you going to do with me? she nervously asks as I secure her hands behind her back. If punishment is what this stupid whore wants, then punishment is what this stupid whore is going to get! I begin by lighting two candles and slowly dripping the hot wax all over her bare back while she winces in pain. "Don't move now, understand me?" I instruct as I scald her young skin. She writhes in agony as I continue pouring the burning wax until she's completely covered in it. When this bitch asked to get punished she didn't know the level of suffering I would put her through!

TAGS: lesbian domination

Categories: Female Domination , Wax Play

Added: 21-11-2015 Length:10 min:31 sec
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Mammoth Strap-On in Slave's Ass featuring Tessa! - "Oh my God, it's so big!" Tessa exclaims as she gazes upon the size of the strap-on I'm wearing. It's the biggest black cock she's ever seen in her young life, and there's no way the naked slave sandwiched between us can take it in his ass. The strap-on Tessa's wearing is dwarfed by the size of mine, and as she shoves it down his throat I begin working mine into his tight little asshole. Muffled groans escape him as Tessa fucks his mouth while I continue forcing my mammoth strap-on inside of him, tearing him open by its shear size. He cries out in agony and humiliation as we fuck him from both ends, his asshole screaming in pain by the enormous cock being shoved inside of it. As I pump away I slap his ass, leaving it red and raw as Tessa watches him blow her. How can this loser endure such torment? This gigantic cock must feel like an elephant's as I cruelly and relentlessly shove it deeper and deeper inside of him. It just might give him internal damage but we could care less as we laugh and keep molesting the idiot. This is one extreme video you have to see to believe!

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 20-11-2015 Length:8 min:55 sec
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Balls Crushed! - Joined by the leggy young Tessa Ray, we make this stupid jerk spread his legs and take turns kicking him directly in the crotch. He buckles in pain as we bash his balls in, circling him like sharks as we laugh and continue randomly kicking him. "Take off your clothes!" I bark and this pathetic moron wastes no time doing as told. We decide he might be able to handle the abuse to his delicate balls a bit better if he can see Tessa's tits, so I lift her shirt to give him a show and we resume delivering painful blows to his crotch. Despite the agony, the pervert still manages to get a hard-on thanks to Tessa's perky, young breasts. Over and over again we confuse his senses by brutally kicking his balls and pausing long enough to gently rub his cock. He doesn't know whether to cry or cum as Tessa teases him with her tight body in between bashing his balls in. When he falls to the floor naked and in pain, Tessa and I trample him by walking all over him with our bare feet while he cries in agony like a little girl. He can cry all he wants but we're nowhere near finished with him!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 19-11-2015 Length:12 min:35 sec
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New Toilet Slavery Routine (instructions) - One thing young Tessa quickly learns while visiting me is that this mistress usually doesn't keep toilet paper in the bathroom. After shit***ting in my toilet, she finds herself stranded with nothing to wipe with and tracks me down to ask where I keep my toilet paper. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it," I tell her as I leave the room only to return seconds later with one of my slaves crawling by my side. For the first time in her life Tessa has her tight asshole cleaned by human toilet paper as I spread her cheeks wide and shove my slave's head into her bottom. Bent over my billiard table with her skirt hiked up around her waist, this slave licks away hungrily, obeying my every command as he uses his mouth to clean the gorgeous Tessa Ray. "Don't touch my pussy with your disgusting tongue!" she reminds him as he continues to lap away at her dirty, smelly asshole. She enjoys being cleaned with his tongue so much that she just may have to get herself a toilet slave! I love teaching my ways to my young disciples.

TAGS: asshole fetish , double dominaion

Categories: Female Domination , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 17-11-2015 Length:5 min:07 sec
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Step Daughter Helps Me Fuck a Slave with a Strap-On! - "Look at that asshole," I say as I bend a naked slave over my billiard table. The big strap-on cock I'm wearing proves that I'm one cruel mistress who means business, and I don't waste any time plunging it into this poor loser's tight ass. I'm beautiful and twisted, and when my daughter walks in on me fucking this loser she's shocked yet curious by what's taking place. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as the saying goes, and soon she's helping me violate this dirty jerk. I hand her a strap-on cock as well and we take turns plowing his mouth and asshole. He's fucked from both ends by this merciless mother and daughter team as he groans in pain and humiliation. "Suck this fucking dick!" I say as I cram the strap-on down his throat. Tessa's never worn a strap-on before but she catches on quickly as she thrusts it in and out of his bottom. If this loser had any self-worth left, he certainly doesn't after this demented video! We take turns fucking his ass and face, making him suck the same cock that was just buried deep inside of his filthy hole.

TAGS: ass to mouth , double dominaion , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 15-11-2015 Length:9 min
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Foot Worship, Squirting, and Dildo Fun with My Slave! (the full movie) - Relaxing on my sofa with one of my slaves sitting on the floor beneath me, I have him take my shoe off and begin worshiping my foot with his mouth. He hungrily licks away at it and, when I instruct him to smell it, he wastes no time holding it to his nose and inhaling the delicious aroma. He loves my foot and proves how much by sucking and kissing it all over while I watch in amusement. I have another surprise for him as well and reveal that I'm wearing crotchless panties as I position myself over his face and begin fucking myself while he watches. I put him to work again by having him lick my pussy as I kneel over him and squirt my warm juices in his mouth and all over his face. I'm like a fountain as I rise to my feet, rub my clit hard and fast, and soak him with a combination of piss and cum. "Now clean it!" I command as I kneel back down and have him lick my pussy before leaning forward to spit down his throat. Next I attach a chin dildo to his mouth, sit on his face, and fuck the big cock while laughing at how ridiculous he looks with a dick strapped to his face. I take a seat, spread my legs, and have him fuck me by bobbing his head up and down while I moan in pleasure. "Don't stop!" I say as he continues to please me with the cock that's covering his stupid mouth. I love it!

TAGS: dildo fucking , foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Pussy Eating

Added: 14-11-2015 Length:36 min:44 sec
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Feeding My Sissy Slut Her Own Cum! (home made) - "I'm going to sit on your face," I tell this sissy slut as I slide off my panties. I make good on my word by planting my crotch over her mouth and nose while she lays on the floor beneath me looking completely absurd in her blonde wig, short skirt, nylons, and high-heels. I make her inhale my sweet aroma as I play with her cock, gently rubbing my lubed hand up and down its shaft. "Cum for your mommy," I command as I stroke her dick while she sniffs my delicious pussy and asshole. "I want to see your cum on my arms," I say as I jack her off until she blows her load everywhere. I make her open her mouth and feed the sissy whore her own cum, making sure she swallows every drop of the sticky mess. This slut should have known this orgasm would come with a price!

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Cum Swallowers , Female Domination , Handjobs , Sissy Training

Added: 13-11-2015 Length:5 min:47 sec
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Fucking My Sissy Slave with Huge, Strap-On Cocks! - It's been a rough day for this sissy slut, and it's not over yet! I've been making her suck and fuck my big, strap-on cock in between kicking, squeezing, and twisting her balls for hours on end but I'm far from finished. I make her take off her ridiculous panties, have her get down on all fours, and position myself behind her to begin working my big dick inside of her. She's got a tight little asshole so I lube it up with my fingers first before sliding in this lengthy cock. "No, please!" she cries as I push the strap-on deeper and deeper, stretching her hole wide and loving every minute of her pain and humiliation. "I think we need to change positions," I comment and make her sit on the sofa with her legs up in the air. I switch to the biggest strap-on I own and carelessly cram the gargantuan black dick into her while she cries out in agony. This mammoth cock is big enough to rip her in half but I show no mercy as I shove inch after inch inside of her. It's the biggest strap-on I own and this sissy whore is going to take it all!

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 12-11-2015 Length:18 min:59 sec
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Strap-On Sucking and Ball Busting for Sissy Slave! - This sissy slut is in for a punishment she'll never forget as I sit on my leather sofa and make her suck my big, strap-on cock and laugh at how ridiculous she looks in her blonde wig and skirt. After cramming my huge dick down her throat until she gags, I put lipstick on her to make sure she looks nice and pretty when she fucks her school's entire football team. She'll be fucking every single one of those jocks with sore sissy balls, though, because I'm about to bust her nuts to bits! I make her get on her knees, hike her skirt up, and mercilessly squeeze and twist her balls while she cries out in agony. Her groans of pain do nothing to gain my sympathy and I begin kicking her balls in with my foot while reveling in her misery. "Shut up, you stupid slut!" I yell as I continue to kick her in the crotch and then have her suck my strap-on again, sliding it deep in her mouth until she chokes. It's all ball-busting and cock sucking for this sissy slave as I torment the loser repeatedly and see how much torture she can take! She begs me to stop but I'm having far too much fun with her and ignore her pleas as I fuck her mouth one second and destroy her balls the next.

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 10-11-2015 Length:18 min:58 sec
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Making My Sissy Whore Suck a Big, Black Cock! - As my sissy slut kneels before me I laugh at how ridiculous the silly whore looks. Lately she's been fantasizing about fucking her school's football team, so I help her out by using my big strap-on and huge black dildo to teach her how to suck cock. I slap her ass repeatedly as she gets down on all fours and takes the black dildo so deep in her throat that she gags. I laugh at what a stupid slut she is as she chokes on it, reveling at how absurd she looks in her skimpy little skirt and blonde wig. "Be a good girl for your mommy," I say as I continue smacking her ass, making sure she sucks the big, black cock properly for me. "Suck this cock, I said!" I demand as I slap away at her ass until it's raw and red. I hold the back of her guide her movements to make sure she's taking the huge dick all the way to the back of her throat. When I'm finished with her she'll be the best cock-sucking whore in town! Now it's time to teach her how to take a big dick in her tight little asshole, and bending her over I use my strap-on to do just that.

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 08-11-2015 Length:9 min:18 sec
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A Young Female Slave, Hot Wax, and Whipping! (home made) - When it comes to slaves, I definitely don't discriminate when it comes to gender. As this young female slave kneels naked before me, I blindfold her and secure her wrists together behind her back. "What are you going to do with me?" she asks nervously, knowing that she's completely defensless and at my disposal. I proceed to light a candle and pour the hot wax all over her bare back as she takes the pain like a good little slave. I casually sip from my glass of wine as the wax dries on her nude body, then I begin whipping her relentlessly which breaks the wax to pieces and sends it flying all over the room. I make her lift her ass up in the air and have her thank me as I continue whacking her with whip while enjoying every second of her pain. She may be just a young girl, but that doesn't mean I'm going to take it easy on her! "Thank you," she says as I repeatedly lash her backside with a twisted smile on my face.

TAGS: lesbian domination

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Wax Play , Whipping

Added: 07-11-2015 Length:5 min:40 sec
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Fucked by a Chin Dildo! - Relaxing on my sofa with one of my slaves sitting on the floor below me, I have him take my shoe off and begin worshiping my foot with his mouth. He hungrily licks away at it and when I instruct him to smell it he wastes no time holding it to his nose and inhaling the delicious smell. He loves my foot and proves how much by sucking and kissing it all over while I watch in amusement. I have another surprise for him as well and reveal that I'm wearing crotchless panties as I position myself over his face and begin fucking myself while he watches. Next I attach a chin dildo to his mouth, sit on his face, and fuck the big cock while laughing at how ridiculous he looks with a dick strapped to his face. I take a seat, spread my legs, and have him fuck me by bobbing his head up and down while I moan in pleasure and squirt. "Don't stop!" I say as he continues to please me with the cock that's covering his stupid mouth. I love it!

Categories: Boot Domination , Female Domination , Foot Worship , Pussy Eating , Squirting

Added: 06-11-2015 Length:5 min:24 sec
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Crying out like the dirty slut (home made) - "Eat it!" I command as one of my female slaves kneels before me and has her outstretched hands used as an ashtray. She may be a cute young thing with a gorgeous body, but she's just another slave in my eyes and if she wants to stay in my good graces she'll do as she's told. She swallows my cigarette ashes as she kneels completely nude by my side, and once she's done eating them I grab her by the back of her head and make her eat something else! I mash her face into my crotch and make her lick my pussy before having her lay with her ass in the air and whipping her while she asks for more. She's an adorable little thing and she's about to get a lesson in sucking cock as I put on my strap-on and make her take it deep in her throat. "I told you I was going to punish you!" I yell as I bend her over and fuck her hard and fast with her hands secured behind her back. Wearing only my sexy latex boots and corset I pump away with my big, black cock and she takes every inch while crying out like the dirty slut that she is. Her punishment continues as I strap her to a table and finger-bang her with one hand while choking her with my other by shoving it down her throat!

TAGS: lesbian domination , female training

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Pussy Eating , Strap-on

Added: 05-11-2015 Length:5 min:30 sec
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Boot Worship, Ball Busting, Squirting, and Jerking! - With two obedient slaves at my feet I laugh as I tower over them and watch them lick my boots. These peasants worship my feet and obey my every command like the well-trained slaves that they are, afraid of what will happen if they fail to satisfy me. When I've decided they've had enough, I lock one back in his cage and make the other stand before me to bash his balls in with my foot. I kick this naked loser directly in the nuts and cackle in delight as he buckles in pain, but busted balls are the least of his problems when I wrap him in cellophane and make him lay defenseless on the sofa. He's forced to just lay there and watch as I remove the other slave from his cage and make him suck my big, strap-on cock. He takes it deep in his throat and even deeper in his ass! I position myself behind him and pound his tight hole as he groans in discomfort but I'm far from done with this dirty jerk. I make him lay on his back and sit on his face, squirting my warm juices all over him and bathing him in my essence. As a reward for being such devoted slaves, I take a seat on the couch and jerk them off until they cum all over themselves!

Categories: Ballbusting , Female Domination , Handjobs , Squirting , Strap-on

Added: 03-11-2015 Length:6 min
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