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Casting: new filming slaves wanted !!!

PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:03 pm
by Ella_Kross
If you wanna be part of my site, just send me a letter to my email :

1. Your country.
2. Name, age, height, size of your cock.
3. Your experience in filming or in sessions ( the name of the mistresses that you're was filming before/ did the sessions ).
4. Your interests and limits.
5. With or without mask.
6. Photos of you, your body ( naked ) and your cock.
I'm very busy and if you'll forget to answer even on one section - I'll delete your message.

Good luck for everyone.


Re: Casting: new filming slaves wanted !!!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:33 pm
Ur Highness,Goddess Ella,
Bow my head beneath Ur feet with respect.
my Almighty I hereby submit my body at Ur feet,beg U 2 take charges of controlling my life & decide my living.
I promise 2 sign slave dogs bond 4 whole life serving U 24x7x365xtill last breath will be my prayer & priority.
I also handover all my living rights in Ur favor & follow all Ur commands,instructions & signals like a trained pet dog.
Please accept my body,brain,nerves,bones,skin,in all the whole system & use my dedicated service full time round the clock.
I would also beg at Ur adorable feet 2 use my system in FILMING.
It would be pride living 2 act in Ur filming under Ur flog on stage as Ur trained pet dog & be popularly known as " ELLA'S DOGGY".
My details :

Country U K ( Birmingham )
Name: Tommy Tom - age :40 - Height : 5'6" Cock size : 4.5".
Experience : Currently serving my Owner Jacquline Privately ( She is Practicing Doctor ) I serve her as in house slave servant, cooking,serving,doing vessels,house chores,mopping,toilet cleaning,wash,iron her cloths,carefully maintain her 100 pair of foot wear, car wash, feet & full Body massage weekly thrice. +++ full time at her command.
My contract will expire on 15 Jan.2015.
So I pray at Ur feet,worship Ur feet,wash Ur feet with tears & beg 4 my placement under Ur feet as Ur proud dog 2 live my rest of life serving U with devotion & whole heart.
Please collar me as Ur dog if U can.
But I assure U,in case U don't want 2 collar me as Ur dog. I shall never bother U by any means,will continue 2 serve by tweets PRAISING,WORSHIPING, U at EVERY STAGE OF MY LIFE.
SEEKING Ur blessing over my head with Ur respected & adorable feet.

Bow my head at Ur divine feet with respect ,chant Ur prayers.


Ur's forever pet dog