I beg U not 2 sell Ur used products in this manner.

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    Ur highness,my Supreme,Goddess Ella,
    I Bow my head beneath Ur feet in respect,seek blessings & permission to bark few words.
    Ur Highness, I beg request U not to sell Ur products 2 selected few.
    Instead create website specially designed 2 sell all Ur used,soiled,torn,old,damaged useless products in AUCTION on Line.
    Let there B lot of products AUCTION open for 01 Month from the day of posting Ur products.
    let slaves,subs,dogs,sissies,servants,useless men, crazy men,around the world look at Ur products & bid on to BUY Ur products.
    Ur products R precious,most valuable,expensive,Antique,rare, unique so they should be sold to highest bidders.
    Believe me once the market is created,people from across the world will crave 2 BUY Ur used,discarded,products.
    Even over a time, slaves will beg 4 Ur pee & poo 2 B sold on Ur website.
    Ur pee & poo, hair, Ass shaven hair,armpit air, spit,vomit,snot,sweat, even Ur bleeding blood, Ur foot nails, finger nails,will command more price than any other product on Ur website.if properly packed & dispatched.
    Slaves will die 4 Ur products,slaves will love 2 own & feel proud & lucky 4 having Ur products.
    It's matter of creating market.
    I would feel proud to market Ur products,around the globe, any thing from pee,poo 2 Ur hair.
    Ur Highness,my supreme Almighty,If U like my idea,just bless me with Ur heels over my head.
    Else U have every right 2 peel my skin,break my spine & use it as HUMAN slave skin shoes & spine as Ur heel.
    serving U by any way is my prayer, even if my skin & spine bone is used 2 make heels for U, I shall B proud.

    Ur's personal pet dog
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