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Shoe and Boot Polishing Using a Slave`s Mouth! - As I lay on my sofa and talk on my cell phone, a slave approaches my side and I waste no time having him clean my shoes with his mouth. I have a very busy day planned with a lot of important things to do so I need my black high heels to look shiny and new. "Try harder," I say as he continues cleaning them with his tongue, licking them all over in an effort to please his goddess. Since I have my cell phone by my side, I snap a few photos of the loser to send to my friends and laugh as I threaten to also send them to his wife. That`s right; this masked slave is secretly married and if his wife ever found out about us his life would be ruined! I cackle in twisted delight as he licks away at my shoes, capturing his obedience in photos while demanding he do a better job. Unsatisfied with his work, I make him clean the boots of my camera woman by using my spit! I cover her boots with my saliva as she films this disgusting jerk using it to polish them with his mouth.

Categories: Female Domination , Shoe & Boot Worship , Shoe Fetish

Added: 31-05-2015 Length:6 min:56 sec
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Mouth Spitting and Ball Torture! - Strutting across the room to greet a slave I`ve left tied up in bed all day, he foolishly thinks I might show mercy on him and set him free. He should know me much better than that! I have much more in store for this loser and I get to work having fun with the defenseless jerk as I sit by his side and repeatedly spit down his throat. I casually sip from my glass of wine in between spitting in this helpless slave`s mouth, my body looking as gorgeous as ever in my sexy purple lingerie. Kicking things up a notch, I bind his cock and balls with string while informing him that he`ll be suffering today for my twisted pleasure. "You deserve it, yes?" I bark at him as I tug on the string, torturing his delicate balls as I resume spitting down his throat and making him swallow every drop. "I think you need to stay here one more day," I say as I spit in his mouth one final time before leaving him tied to the bed.

Categories: Cbt , Female Domination , Humiliation , Spitting

Added: 30-05-2015 Length:8 min:21 sec
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Masturbate While I Work Out! - Today I`m going to let you watch as I workout which, as you can tell by my flawless body, I do on a very regular basis. While you drool and ogle me doing my squats, I want you to jerk your cock as I tower over you and give you a fabulous view of my very prominent camel toe. My stretch pants hug me tightly, showing off my hot pussy and toned legs. "I have very strong muscles," I brag as I continue doing my squats while you stroke your dick to my tight, round ass. I switch to lunges as you tug your cock, demonstrating my athleticism and endurance and keeping my body looking great in the process. I`m going to count as I stand above you and rub my pussy over my stretch pants, and when I get to ten I want you to cum for me!

TAGS: camel toe , fitness , yoga pants

Categories: Masturbation Instruction

Added: 29-05-2015 Length:5 min:38 sec
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Jerk-Off to our Nylons and Feet featuring Anna Myst! - Outside in our cute little dresses, Anny Myst and I take a seat in our sun chairs and tease you with our gorgeous legs and high heels. The sight of our sexy nylons probably drives you wild, doesn`t it? Worship our feet by opening that mouth of yours and cleaning our shoes with your tongue. Lick and suck them all over, taking the heels in your mouth and sucking them like a cock. After that, you`ll be sniffing our shoes, licking our stockings, and worshiping our feet some more. Start to jerk-off as you watch us tease you with our nylons and beautiful feet, slave. "Feel our nylons on your face," Anna Myst says as we dangle our feet in front of you while you stroke your cock. "Imagine your dick between my feet," I say as we tease you even more with our sexy nylons. We`re going to count to ten and you better cover these nylon-clad feet with your white, hot cum!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship , Masturbation Instruction , Pantyhose/stockings

Added: 28-05-2015 Length:9 min:44 sec
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Me and princess June Get Our Feet Worshiped! - When my sexy friend June tells me how horribly her former boss treated her and how much she`d love to get revenge, I surprise her with the news that the loser is actually one of my many slaves. You can imagine how shocked yet delightfully pleased she is when I summon him to our side and let her pay him back by verbally abusing him for being a loser and having him him worship her feet by kissing them all over as he crawls around naked on all fours like a dog. He licks and sucks her bare feet while I watch, propping my legs up on his back and using him as my human coffee table. We make him continue worship both of our bare feet before having him lay on the ground to mash them all over his body, shoving them down his throat while he mouths them hungrily like a good little slave. "Good slave, horrible boss!" June points out as we cackle in delight.

TAGS: brat girls , foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Worship

Added: 26-05-2015 Length:17 min:17 sec
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Auditioning a Potential Slave! - Today I`m auditioning new slaves for my films, and as the first candidate approaches I ask him a few basic questions before having him take off his shirt and show me his cock. It`s hard to judge his dick without it being hard, so I have him jerk-off so I can better gauge its true size. He`s so desperate to be my slave that he agrees to do anything I want, including taking a strap-on in his tight, virginal bottom. Making him bend over, I have him finger his asshole and then lick it clean in humiliating ass-to-mouth action he can`t refuse. No sooner is he done do I have him drop to his knees and prove he`s willing to suck cock by shoving my strap-on down his throat. "I`ll teach you how to suck a cock," I bark as I drive my dick in and out of his mouth. This pathetic loser really wants to be my new slave!

TAGS: slut training

Categories: Female Domination , Gag Reflex , Strap-on

Added: 24-05-2015 Length:7 min:36 sec
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Teasing You with My Body, You Pathetic Loser! - With my naked slave tied to a chair, I tease him with my perfect body while you watch and jerk yourself off because you can`t get a woman like me. Why? Because you`re a disgusting loser! Sit back, haul out your little dick, and stroke yourself while I grind my body all over this slave, occasionally rubbing his hard cock as you hide behind your computer screen, watching and tugging your own pathetic dick. This is what a real man`s body and cock should look like, you fat, gross, little-dicked piece of shit. Keep stroking yourself to me while I grind all over this guy, straddling his big dick while flaunting my gorgeous body. When I count down from ten I want you to cum everywhere for me, you loser! Ten... nine... eight...

TAGS: masturbation humiliation

Categories: Cock Tease , Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Masturbation Instruction , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 23-05-2015 Length:7 min:07 sec
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Ball Abuse with the Fabulous princess June! - In this clip I teach the stunning young June a thing or two about corporal punishment by having a slave kneel before us naked and instructing my protégé how to properly kick his balls in. I make him thank us as we take turns delivering painful kicks to his nuts, thoroughly enjoying every second of his misery. I make him rise to his feet and show June how to squeeze his balls by gripping them tightly as he groans in agony, then have her take over to test the method out herself. "Punish him!" I yell as Tina wreaks havoc on his nuts, kicking them with me as we continue this loser`s torment. We relentlessly abuse his balls and repeatedly slap his face, pulling no punches and laughing hysterically at his pain. June proves to be quite the promising young disciple as she mercilessly bashes the jerk`s delicate nuts in with me! No longer able to stand from the pain, he falls to the ground but that doesn`t stop us from kneeing, kicking, and smacking his balls while he writhes in agony below us!

TAGS: brat girls

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 22-05-2015 Length:7 min:54 sec
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Jerk It for My Nylons! - With some really worn-out, dirty, stinky nylons covering my gorgeous feet, I want you to jerk-off to the sight of them and make you stroke for me as I wiggle my pink-pedicured toes. I rip the nylons off slowly just for you as you tug your cock, but don`t you dare cum before my final countdown!

TAGS: pantihose domination

Categories: Masturbation Instruction , Pantyhose/stockings

Added: 20-05-2015 Length:11 min:28 sec
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Stroke Yourself to My Tight Asshole! - Standing over you wearing my sexy red latex dress, I inform you that today you`ll be worshiping my perfect bottom and tight asshole. Are you ready? Sliding my dress up I reveal that I`m not wearing any panties as I show off my ass, spreading my cheeks to give you a view of my tight hole. Now I`m going to sit on your face as you lick and smell me, my bottom suffocating you as I grind it into you. Just imagine sliding your tongue in and out of my asshole while I tower over you and have you jerk-off to me. I`m going to count while you lick me and when I reach ten I want you to cum everywhere! Tongue-fuck my asshole while you blow your load like a good little slave.

TAGS: asshole fetish

Categories: Ass Fetish , Ass Worship , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 19-05-2015 Length:6 min:34 sec
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Jerk-Off to Our Hot Asses featuring Mistress Anna ! - "I hear you like asses," I say as I lay in bed joined by the stunning mistress Anna . Together we hike up our dresses and tease you by flaunting our tight asses while you watch. You want to touch, lick, taste, and smell our perfect bottoms and the sight of them drives you absolutely crazy. Jerk your cock as we show off our asses, rubbing them all over and gyrating our hips back and forth. Pulling my panties aside, I give you a view of my tight anus and wet pussy as you tug yourself while imagining your tongue is exploring my asshole. Keep jerking that cock to our asses and when we count to ten we want you to cum for us! Cover our asses with your big load, you dirty pervert. Do it!

TAGS: asshole fetish

Categories: Ass Fetish , Ass Worship , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 17-05-2015 Length:6 min:37 sec
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Sweet Punishment - My stupid and perverted professor thought he could blackmail me. You see, the dirty jerk wanted sex in return for giving me A`s on my exams but little did he know about my secret ability to shrink perverts like him. The professor wakes up to find himself the size of a bug and completely trapped between my huge fingers. I’m taping him to the toe-section of my flip-flops, just under my huge, sweaty toes. After some dangling, I tape him to the bottom of my flip-flops and force him to jerk-off just before crushing the loser to death!

TAGS: dangling , shrinking fantasy

Categories: Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 16-05-2015 Length:7 min:35 sec
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Scissor-Hold with My Strong Legs! - I stand before him and put on a show by performing a slow striptease while he watches. "You like what you see?" I ask as I wear only sexy lingerie and nylons. "Oh, yeah!" he enthusiastically replies as he rubs his cock through his jeans. In a surprise move that catches him completely off guard, I jump in bed beside him and start pounding his cock and balls with my fists! He cries in pain as I pummel his crotch, viciously attacking him and showing him no mercy. Before he even has time to react I put his neck in a scissor-hold using my strong thighs to crush him and cut off his airflow. His face turns beat red as I squeeze, my rugged legs clamped unforgivably around his throat while he cries out in fear and pain. Last year he made the mistake of fucking my sister and I certainly never forgot about it, waiting an entire year to torment him for his infidelity once again. He squirms in agony as I continue my scissor-hold, and when I finally release him I shove my nylons down his throat before he even has time to catch his breath. I lock my legs around his neck once again and beat him as he cries out in misery. Maybe this will teach the dirty jerk!

TAGS: mixed fighting , mixed wrestling , muscular women , scissorhold

Categories: Female Domination

Added: 14-05-2015 Length:9 min:32 sec
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Jerk-Off to My Beautiful Feet! - Sitting on my bed I show you my gorgeous bare feet while instructing you how I want you to jerk yourself off. I know you`ve been waiting for this a long time so take a good look as you start to stroke your cock to my pretty pedicured feet. Watch as I wiggle my cute little toes for you and jerk yourself harder and faster while I walk you through it. Summoning a slave to my side he crawls in bed naked next to me and I use his cock to demonstrate how talented my adorable feet are. I give him a footjob while you watch, fantasizing it was your cock as you tug yourself even faster. I`m going to count down from ten and when I reach one I want you to cum all over my beautiful feet!

Categories: Barefoot , Foot Fetish , Foot Job , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 12-05-2015 Length:7 min:24 sec
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Tiny Man`s JOI - The very earth rumbles and shakes for the tiny, pathetic man as I walk down the stairs towards him. Every step I take shakes his puny world, and I begin encouraging him to stroke his tiny cock to my gigantic, wiggling toe s. I am going to crush him between them but first I want him to have the best orgasm of his life. Get ready to stroke to my amazing, immense wiggling toes!

TAGS: joi , crush

Categories: Giantess , Masturbation Instruction , Toe Wigging

Added: 10-05-2015 Length:7 min:01 sec
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Me and princess June Basically Hate You! - Joined by the stunning June we sit at my kitchen table and laughat how absolutely pathetic you are. We berate you for being a virgin andmock your tiny excuse for a cock. It`s no wonder you`ve never been with awoman considering how little that dick of yours is. All you do is sit athome watching videos of hot chicks like us and jerking your peanut-sizeddick since you can`t score in real life. We tease you by showing off ourhot bodies while you sit there and tug your cock like a desperate, lonelyloser. I dump out my perfect tits, holding them up to your face as youstroke yourself, and I hope you enjoy the view since I`ll never let youactually touch them. Together we hurl scathing insults at you while yousit there and take the verbal abuse like the pathetic moron you are. Havefun growing old and dying alone, loser!

TAGS: brat girls

Categories: Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 09-05-2015 Length:6 min:40 sec
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Trapped Inside My Sweaty Nylons - What could be better for a foot freak then to wake up trapped under my gorgeous, gigantic, nylon-covered toes? I actually drop him directly inside of my nylons, trapping him in them with my toes as company! I even give him some jerk-off instructions as he is helplessly tossed between my toes inside my sweaty, stinky nylons. This video includes a unique in-nylons POV as well!

TAGS: pantihose domination

Categories: Femdom Pov , Giantess , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 08-05-2015 Length:12 min:13 sec
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Drink a Warm Glass of My Piss! (POV) - I know how much you love drinking a nice, warm cup of tea before work buttoday I`m changing things up a bit. Holding a glass up to my pussy I fillit with my hot piss while you watch and give it to you to drink. Swallowevery drop of my pee and head into work with the taste of me stilllingering in your mouth. It`s so tasty, isn`t it? Since you like it somuch maybe I`ll start bottling it for you so you can bring it to work withyou every day! Watch as I squat down and pee even more, my warm, yellownectar filling this glass for you to drink yet again. I taste much betterthan tea, don`t I, slave?

Categories: Femdom Pov , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 07-05-2015 Length:4 min:46 sec
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Extreme Vore - Walking toward my new pet with all of my beauty and glory, my steps booming and making the very ground shake as I reach for him; I am hungry - very hungry. Im going to eat him but first he`s going to get a lot of tongue and mouth action. He may actually drown in my waves of spittle before being swallowed and digested inside my enormous belly.This video contains some excellent, high-quality shots with shallow depth-of-field, ground shakes, slow motion, extreme close-ups, POV, and tons of tongue/mouth action! a must-have for vore fans!

TAGS: vore , giantess special effects , mouth fetish

Categories: Giantess

Added: 05-05-2015 Length:12 min:12 sec
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Rewarding an Obedient Slave with Tina Winters! - Blessed with the company of the gorgeous young Tina Winters, we make a slave lay on the bed naked and each take a spot by his side. I begin gently caressing his cock and balls while Tina watches, informing the slave that I might be allowing him to cum but only if I give him permission. As we lay beside him, Tina and I rub our bare feet all over his face, having him lick and kiss them all over as I jerk his hard cock. I continue stroking his dick while he sucks on our toes, moaning in pleasure as I play with him while Tina oversees the action. When I finally give him permission to cum he blows a huge load all over himself and my hand, screaming in ecstasy at the sweet release. He`s been a good slave lately and he finally got rewarded for his obedience!

TAGS: brat girls , foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Worship , Handjobs

Added: 03-05-2015 Length:8 min:21 sec
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