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Cock and Ball Torture While Slave Worships My Feet! -

TAGS: foot slave training , foot worship

Categories: Cbt , Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Worship

Added: 15-02-2016 Length:9 min:13 sec
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Eat My Pre-Chewed Grapes! - "What the fuck?" I ask in anger as I open my fridge and find my slave hasbought me grapes instead of the strawberries I specifically requested. Ifthere`s anything I hate, it`s idiocy and this loser knows he`s in someserious trouble. This jerk is going to learn the hard way how much I hategrapes, and I make him lay on the floor to dish out his punishment. On hisback beneath me, I chew up the grapes and spit them directly into his openmouth. He swallows my regurgitation as I continue feeding him as if hewere a baby bird. It`s so disgusting and so humiliating for him, but maybethis will teach him now to be such a fuck-up! The strawberries would havematched my sex red outfit, but now I`m stuck with these nasty green grapesand it`s all thanks to this imbecile. Over and over again I chew them upand spit them into his mouth, making sure he swallows every last bit.There are a lot of grapes here, and he`s going to be eating every singlepre-chewed one!

TAGS: chewing

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Spitting

Added: 13-02-2016 Length:7 min:34 sec
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Worship My Pussy with Orgasm Control! - I will control your orgasm. You will follow ALL of my instructions,stroking when I tell you to and stopping when I tell you to stop. I`mgoing to bring you to the very edge of orgasm as you jerk yourself to mypussy. You`re only allowed to cum when I say you can! Will I let you blowyour load all over my gorgeous pussy?

TAGS: edging games , masturbation games , sensual domination

Categories: Female Domination , Masturbation Instruction , Masturbation-encoura , Orgasm Control

Added: 11-02-2016 Length:7 min:49 sec
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Punishing This Worthless Slave with My Big Strap-On! - Today I`m going to teach this slave some yoga moves, and I get to worktraining him in my back yard by having him stretch out on my pink exercisemat. "You`re a very bad student," I tell him when he fails to impress mewith his balance. "I`m sorry, teacher!" he pleads, but it`s too late forapologies. I must punish this loser and do so using my big, strap-on cock.Since he`s obviously no good at yoga, maybe he`ll be better at sucking myhard dick! I fuck his mouth until he gags, then turn him around to fuckhis tight asshole while he groans in pain. I humiliate this loser and love every twisted second of it!

TAGS: pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 09-02-2016 Length:11 min:49 sec
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Extreme Anal Abuse with Gigantic Black Strap-On! - The size of this black strap-on cock will make your jaw drop. It`s biggerthan an elephant dick, and guess what? It`s going right up thisdisobedient slave`s asshole. Nothing angers me more than a slave whodefies my orders, which is exactly what this moron has done. Ispecifically instructed him to clean my jacuzzi, yet he failed to do itand his punishment must be especially brutal as to teach him a lesson.I`ve already fucked his ass with my big strap-on, but now it`s time totake things to the extreme by switching to the most massive strap-onyou`ll ever see in your life. One look at this thing and you`ll bethinking, "There`s no way any human can take a cock that size." Well,we`re about to find out as I position myself behind this insubordinateloser and begin working the tip inside of him. It`s so painful for thisslut but I could care less about his misery. He deserves it for disobeyingme, and as he groans in agony I continue sliding the mammoth dick into hissore asshole. He cries out in torment as I plow him, and I`m sure it feelslike I may actually split him in half. This is one brutal and extremestrap-on punishment video that you can`t miss! How much abuse can thisslave`s asshole take? Find out!

TAGS: pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 07-02-2016 Length:9 min:34 sec
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Making My Sissy Slut Drink Her Own Cum! - Using my favorite toy, I fuck my sissy slave`s asshole while she jerks-offand remind her that she`s not allowed to cum unless I give her permission.When I finally do allow her to blow her load, I`m going to have her do itin this wine glass and have her drink every drop. I shove my dildo deep inthe whore`s asshole, fucking her hard as she strokes her cock. "Fuckyourself, slut!" I command as I watch her tug her dick. I hold the glassto her cock and make her fill it with her warm cum, then pour it down herthroat while I laugh at what a pathetic loser she is. Now it`s your turnto drink your cum, so get ready!

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Cum Swallowers , Female Domination , Sissy Training

Added: 05-02-2016 Length:8 min:29 sec
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Clean My Feet with Your Mouth and Cum Countdown! - After running around all day, my feet are extremely dirty and stinky.You`re going to lick them clean, so put that tongue to work! Suck my toesone by one as you jerk-off, but you`re not allowed to cum until I say youcan. As you worship my beautiful bare feet, I`m going to slowly count downfrom ten and when I get to one you`re going to blow that load for me. Runthat tongue all over my smelly feet as you stroke your hard cock while Iwatch. My feet are so gross from being outside all day, and you won`t becumming until you`ve cleaned them with your mouth. Are you ready to shootthat load for me now? Ten... nine... eight..

TAGS: feet joi , feet smelling

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship

Added: 03-02-2016 Length:6 min:46 sec
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Cum All over My Wet Bare Feet! - Sitting poolside with my legs in the water, I show you my cute, wet feet.I bet you`d like to lick them, wouldn`t you? Just imagine sucking each wettoe one by one as you stroke your hard cock for me. My feet are perfect,and there`s no way you can resist them. Jerk-off while I continue showingoff my flawless feet, and when I count down from ten I want you to cum allover them. Tug yourself harder and faster and empty your balls on my wetbare feet right now! Are you ready to do it for me? Ten, nine, eight...

TAGS: feet joi , soles

Categories: Barefoot , Foot Fetish

Added: 01-02-2016 Length:5 min:32 sec
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My New Whore Learns How to Take a Cock in the Ass! - If my new whore thought learning to suck cock was bad, then he`s reallygoing to hate this! Bending the naked loser over my kitchen table, Iapproach him from behind wearing my big strap-on cock and lube up histight asshole with my gloved hands. I slide one finger inside of him, thenwork in a second before adding a third and finally a fourth. With hisasshole lubed and loosened, I slowly inch my huge dick into him as hegroans in pain and humiliation. As my new whore, he`s going to be makingme money by taking cocks in his mouth and his ass. Hence, it`s importantthat he learn how to do it right. I break his virginal asshole in with mystrap-on, gaining speed and fucking him harder and faster from behindwhile he cries out in torment. I don`t care how miserable he sounds, he`snot going to get any mercy from me! He`s my new money-making slut, andwhen he`s done with this lesson he`s heading directly to the streets tomake me a pile of cash using his mouth and asshole.

TAGS: male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 30-01-2016 Length:7 min:05 sec
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A scissor-hold that renders him unable to breathe - This clip begins with me running in place, doing a few jumping jacks, andstretching my muscles to help me limber up. I need to get my blood flowingbecause I have a whole lot of ass to kick. This slave may look strong, buthe`s got nothing on me and I prove that by laying into him with a seriesof brutal jabs to his midsection. When he falls back in my bed, I quicklylock my powerful thighs around his neck and put him in a scissor-hold thatrenders him unable to breathe. With my legs clamped tightly around histhroat, he fights for air while groaning in pain as I punch him in theabdomen. I don`t know how much abuse this loser can take, and I don`treally care. I`m going to continue beating the piss out of him and he`sgoing to take it like the little bitch that he is! I sit on his face,smothering him with my crotch as I hit him in the stomach over and overagain. The pain actually seems to be turning this jerk on, his cockgrowing more erect with every passing second. "Kiss my muscles!" I demandas I flex my bicep in his face. His big dick is fully erect now, but he`llbe getting no pleasure from me. It`s pain only as I smother his face againand look gorgeous doing it! I`m one tough motherfucker, and I`ll fightanybody!

TAGS: kicking , scissorhold

Categories: Female Domination

Added: 28-01-2016 Length:6 min:28 sec
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Only Cum on My Terms! - I will take you to the edge. I`m in control of your cock and your orgasm,and you`re only going to stroke yourself how and when I tell you to. Watchmy perfect body in this sexy lingerie as I tease you while instructing youhow to jerk-off. You`re only allowed to cum when I give you permission,but will I let you? Find out!

TAGS: edging games , sensual domination

Categories: Female Domination , Masturbation Instruction , Masturbation-encoura

Added: 26-01-2016 Length:9 min
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Can This Slave Cum after I Torture His Cock and Balls? -

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Handjobs

Added: 24-01-2016 Length:9 min:49 sec
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I`ve Poisoned You, so Cum One Last Time before Dying! - Using your love of chocolate, I feed you a candy bar and you devour itwhile staring at my gorgeous body in this sheer black outfit. You`re sodistracted by my beauty that you don`t even realize I`ve poisoned thechocolate, loser. Now you`re going to die, but I`ll take pity on you andlet you cum one final time. As I kneel in bed, I tease you with my curvesas the toxin surges through your body. You don`t have much time left, sotake out that cock and jerk off to me as I rub myself all over. The lastthing you`ll see before leaving this world is my hot pussy, and I show itto you by pulling my panties aside so I can play with it. I lift my shirtup to give you a spectacular view of my awesome tits as you strokeyourself. After counting down from ten, I have you cum one last timebefore you die a painful death. Nobody`s even going to miss you becauseyou`re such a loser. Make sure your last orgasm is a good one! Ten...nine... eight...

TAGS: brat girls , executrix

Categories: Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 22-01-2016 Length:7 min:13 sec
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Sissy Slut Cleans My Heels with Her Mouth! - I`ve tasked my sissy slut with cleaning my shoes with her mouth, and whenI come back an hour later I check to see if she`s done a good job. "Notclean enough, bitch!" I scold as I inspect a pair of my high heels. "Itried!" the stupid whore pleads after I slap her across her ugly face.Perhaps some lubrication will help get the job done right, so I spit on apair of my shoes and have her lick them clean while I sit and watch. Withthat pair polished and pretty, I spit directly into her mouth and have hershine the pink heels I`m wearing. She mouths their dirty soles, eager toplease me as her tongue works to make my footwear look like new again."Now, bitch, take off my shoes," I command. She wastes no time doing asinstructed, taking my heels off and replacing them with another pair. Ihave her lick those clean as well before sending the sissy slut crawlingon her way. She`s a well trained whore!

Categories: Financial Domination , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Shoe Fetish

Added: 20-01-2016 Length:11 min:21 sec
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I`m Your Addiction, so Jerk Your Small Cock to Me, Loser! - You can`t deny that you`re addicted to me. You can try as hard as youwant, but you`ll never be able to get me out of your mind. You can`tresist my sexual magnetism, and as I tease you with my body you can`t helpbut touch your pathetic little cock. You`re such a feeble-minded fool,you`ll never break free of the power I hold over you. Go ahead and jerkthat tiny dick while you look at my big tits and perfect ass. I`m the onlygoddess for you, and you live and breathe by my every word. Your addictionfor me consumes your entire life and that`s just the way I like it, loser.Sit there and keep tugging that tiny cock while you watch your mistresstease you. I`m going to count down from ten and you`re only allowed to cumwhen I reach one, you understand me? Good, slave. Ten... nine... eight...

TAGS: joi , verbal humiliation

Categories: Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 18-01-2016 Length:7 min:19 sec
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Ruining This Unfaithful Bastard`s Orgasm and Milking! (Double Ruined) - Because this loser cheated on my sister, I`m going to torment him byruining his orgasm. The unfaithful pervert clearly likes to cum with womenother than his girlfriend, so the perfect punishment will be ruining theexperience for him. As he stands naked in my back yard, I begin gentlystroking his cock. I gradually increase the pace, jerking him harder andfaster until he`s aching to cum. I finally let him blow his load, but ruinit for him by taking my hands off his cock at the last second and watchingas he dribbles cum all over the ground without my help. No sooner is hedone cumming then I`m tugging his cock again, milking the loser`s ballsuntil they`re screaming in pain. I leave his poor dick chaffed in agony!

TAGS: post cum torture

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 16-01-2016 Length:8 min:28 sec
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Sissy Slut Sucks and Fucks My Big Strap-On! - Every now and then I need to check to make sure my sissy slut still knowshow to take a cock. After all, this dumb bitch makes me money out on thestreet so it`s important she remembers how to properly please a dick.Wearing a huge strap-on, I watch as she sucks my cock and give herpointers on how to improve her blowjob skills. The better she is, the moremoney she`ll be able to make me! "Take it deeper, slut," I command as Igrab hold of her stupid pink hair and drive my dick down her throat untilshe gags. Satisfied with her ability to take a cock in her mouth, Iinstruct her to get on all fours to see how well she can take one in herass. What can I say? I`m a stickler for quality assurance. I want whoeverfucks this whore to get the most bang for their buck, especially sincethat money is going to wind up in my pocket! Positioning myself behindthis sissy slut, I pound her asshole hard and fast, smiling wide as Idegrade her and listen to her groans of humiliation and discomfort.Pulling my cock out of her ass, I make her drop to her knees to suck thesame dick that was just buried deep inside of her disgusting hole!

TAGS: ass to mouth

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 14-01-2016 Length:10 min:15 sec
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Using a Slave as My Workout Equipment! - Ever wonder how I stay in such great shape? It`s because I`m constantlyfinding creative new ways to push my body. Today`s workout involves usinga slave`s body to perform my step aerobics. My sheer black outfit leaveslittle to the imagination, showing off my sexy curves and perfect breastsas I step up and down on this loser`s chest. First one foot and then theother as I step, step, step and tone my body in the process. As he laysbeneath me he grunts in pain as I repeatedly trample him but his sufferingwon`t end until I`ve worked up a nice sweat. It`s time for even moreexercises as I have him rise to his feat and deliver a series of brutalpunches to his abdomen. I beat him with a closed fist, practicing my jabsuntil he falls back in pain and apologizes for being such a little pussy.Do you think you could handle these powerful blows better than him?

TAGS: belly punching

Categories: Female Domination , Human Furniture , Trampling

Added: 12-01-2016 Length:2 min:23 sec
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Watch Me Piss and Fantasize about Being My Toilet Slave! - I`m going to pee right now and you`re going to watch, got it? Standingabove my toilet without any panties on, I spread my legs and release agolden stream of piss. It splashes loudly into the toilet below me, and asyou sit there staring at my crotch you can`t help but fantasize about mepissing all over you. Yes, the thought of me relieving myself in yourmouth excites you greatly, but since you`re not here I`ll have to go withthe next best thing. I call for a slave, and when one comes running heimmediately drops to his knees to clean my pussy with his tongue. He`s mylittle toilet slave, and if you keep up your obedience maybe someday youcan be one of my toilet slaves, too. I hate using toilet paper and wouldmuch rather use your stupid mouth!

Categories: Female Domination , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 10-01-2016 Length:3 min:58 sec
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Urethral Cruel Sounds Play! - Today I`m going to punish this slave`s cock and balls in my back yard, andI get to work by sitting atop his nude body and binding his genitalstightly with rope. With a new set of solid steel urethral sounds I shove a metal rod deep into into his pee hole while he groansin discomfort, and hearing how miserable he is makes me laugh. I love knowing he`s in pain, so much so that I swap out the metal rod for an evenlarger one and use it to probe his urethra. How much of this thick metal shaft can I work into his tight pee hole? I`m about to find out, and as hewrithes in pain beneath me I shove the rod inside of him while smiling ear to ear. His pain is my pleasure! I just wants to stick them as far down as they will go!

TAGS: medical fetish

Categories: Cbt , Female Domination

Added: 08-01-2016 Length:8 min:43 sec
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