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Lap Dance with Small Cock Humiliation - My boyfriend has a big, strong cock unlike your tiny little excuse for a dick. Your little pecker is so pathetic and laughable that I would never ride it like I'm riding his. You're just a lonely loser with next to nothing hanging between your legs which is why you'll never get any real pussy and will just have to spend your life jerking-off to girls like me. Watch me give a real man a hot lap dance while I talk smack about how tiny your dick is. With a cock that small you'd never have a chance with a woman like me and you'll never have a chance with any other woman, either! You're just a lonely, pathetic loser.

TAGS: sph , verbal humiliation , lap dance

Categories: Boot Domination , Female Domination , Small Penis Encouragement , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 26-01-2014 Length:5 min:37 sec
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Cumming on My Slave's Face - In this video I relax on the couch with a glass of wine and make one of my slaves lick my tight asshole before sitting on his face and making him eat my wet pussy. There will be no cumming for this slave today. This orgasm is for me only! He stays fully clothed as I kneel over him and grind my pussy into his face. Eat that pussy good, slave!

TAGS: oral servitude

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Pussy Eating

Added: 25-01-2014 Length:9 min:18 sec
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Making My Husband Suck Cock - "Hunny, come to me, I want to talk to you," I begin as I sit my husband down to have a little discussion with him. I go on to tell him that our sex life is horrible, that I've grown bored with our relationship, and that I think it's time we go our separate ways. He doesn't take the news very well and begs for me not to leave him. He pleads with me and tells me that he'll do anything I want if I just give him another chance and stay with him. I tell him I'll think about it but first I need to tutor one of my slaves who's learning how to speak Russian. I send my husband off to fetch me a glass of water and when he returns I tell him that, if he really wants to be with me, he has to SUCK my slave's hard cock. He doesn't want to do it but is so afraid of losing me that he does it anyway as I watch and laugh. He proves his loyalty to me by choking on my slave's dick so I decide to keep him around a bit longer... but not before sending him away to jerk-off while I fuck my slave after the camera stops rolling!

TAGS: cock sucking

Categories: Bi-sexual , Cuckolding , Female Domination

Added: 23-01-2014 Length:9 min:50 sec
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My Lifestyle - This video finds me in the kitchen sporting a sexy latex outfit as I make dinner for my slave who's locked in a dog kennel like the filthy animal that he is. I feed him by hand before making him eat out of a dog dish and pushing his face into the bowl. The disgusting loser starts puking and I tell him to clean his plate as I make him eat his own vomit while laughing at him. After unlocking him from his cage, I bring him to the toilet and make him suck my strap-on until he chokes on it and vomits violently into the toilet. He throws up all of the food I fed him in between sucking my huge, fake cock! When I've had enough of forcing my strap-on down his throat I lock him back in the dog kennel while having another one of my slaves clean my kitchen for me. It's so hard being me!

TAGS: bizarre , throat fucking , toilet slavery , toilet training , pet play , vomits

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Goddess Worship , Strap-on , Toilet Humiliation

Added: 22-01-2014 Length:17 min:14 sec
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Cock Tease while Slapping - "You like to watch femdom movies and jerk-off?" I ask my slave as he's tightly tied to a chair. "Who rules the world?" I ask him. "Women rule the world," he quickly replies! I found out that my slave was jerking-off to other women besides me and I proceed to punish him by repeatedly slapping his face and teasing his cock. I climb on top of him and give him a hot little lap dance as I wear my sexy jean shorts. Just when he thinks he's going to get me to suck his cock I throw him a curve ball and start slapping his dick extremely hard. This will teach him to touch himself to other women!

TAGS: bondage , lap dance , jeans shorts , cock slapping

Categories: Cock Tease , Face Slapping , Female Domination , Tease & Denial

Added: 21-01-2014 Length:11 min:16 sec
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You're My Own Property - After blindfolding my slave, I catch him by surprise by covering his body in plastic wrap! He can't move and is completely helpless as I wrap him up from head to toe. Since he can't see, he has no absolutely clue what's going on as he lays on the air bed looking like an Egyptian mummy. I release some air from the mattress and join him on the bed as I sit on top of him. I cut a hole in the plastic wrap so I can pull out his cock and jerk him off as I plant my ass on his face. His entire body is under my control!

Categories: Female Domination

Added: 20-01-2014 Length:6 min:48 sec
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Four Totally Ruined Orgasms - Not every orgasm is necessarily a good one, as this video proves! I teach my slave all about ruined orgasms as I repeatedly milk him in the least enjoyable fashion. I squat on his face and make him eat my pussy as I jerk his cock until he cums. The second he starts shooting his load I stop touching him so he can't get the full pleasure of his orgasm and I continue to make him lick my clit. The moment he's done spraying his hot cum all over his stomach I start jerking him off again and make him cum all over himself a second time! It's not over yet as I make him cum a third time and this orgasm definitely isn't enjoyable for him. He has almost nothing left in him as I keep making him eat my pussy. By the fourth time he's completely covered in his own cum and his cock is incredibly sore. His balls are so drained he's in pain! Take that, slave!

TAGS: cock control

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 19-01-2014 Length:9 min:45 sec
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A Painful Slave Whipping - After binding my slave's feet above his head I use my leather belt on his naked ass and whip him repeatedly as he screams out in pain. I make him thank me and ask for more before lashing his bare skin again and again. I don't take it easy on him as I continue smacking him with the belt. "Shut up, you little jerk," I say when he cries out loudly in agony. He writhes in excruciating pain as I torture his tender, swollen skin. He can't keep from screaming as I lash him over and over. By the time I'm done he's about ready to pass out from the pain and his ass is beat red. He begs me to stop and I tell him I might... but only after hitting him a few more times!

Categories: Female Domination , Spanking , Whipping , Corporal Punishment

Added: 18-01-2014 Length:5 min:35 sec
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Stockings Foot Worship - Finally home from a business meeting that kept me on my feet all day long, I kick off my red heels and relax on my couch. With my legs tired and feet sore, I tell my slave to bring me a much-needed glass of wine and I sip it as I watch him suck and rub my feet. I don't even bother taking off my smelly, sweaty nylons! He goes to town sucking on my toes but when I see that he's torn a hole in one of my stockings I lose my cool. I make him take them off and feed him my sweaty feet. I ram my foot so far down his throat that he gags on it and gets my feet covered in spit.

TAGS: foot domination , foot worship , smelly feet , nylons

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Worship , Goddess Worship , Pantyhose/stockings , Smelly Feet

Added: 16-01-2014 Length:13 min:53 sec
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Lick my Boots, Slave! - Before he goes to prison, I'm going to make this bitch suffer! In this video I handcuff my slave and oblige him to clean my boots using his tongue, but not before repeatedly spitting in his mouth and making him swallow it! He does everything I tell him to do like a good slave before I take him off to prison

TAGS: boot licking , boot worship , dirty boots , humiliation , outdoor , role playing , spitting

Categories: Boot Worship , Female Domination , Shoe & Boot Worship , Spitting

Added: 15-01-2014 Length:6 min:02 sec
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Worship and Trampling - Wearing my sexy latex outfit again, I lay on the couch and make two of my slaves worship my feet by licking and sucking them all over. I instruct them to lay down and I proceed to mash my feet into their faces. I climb on top of my stronger slave and trample him with all of my weight before jumping up and down on his bare body. He proves to be quite tough and can take the pain unlike my flabby slave who cries like a pathetic little girl!


Added: 14-01-2014 Length:7 min:19 sec
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Fucking a Stranger for My Husband - Ding-dong! Who's at my front door? A repairman I called to fix a lamp of mine that was broken. Only, the lamp wasn't really broken, I just needed an excuse to call a random man over to my house. As luck would have it, he happened to be really hot so I quickly decide to seduce him and make him lick my pussy and ass. I film the entire thing using my iPhone so I can show my boyfriend later on since he gets off on watching other guys making me orgasm.

TAGS: boots , latex , seduction , pussy eating , cuckolding

Categories: Face Sitting , Cuckolding , Pussy Eating , Oral Servitude

Added: 13-01-2014 Length:11 min:47 sec
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Three Mistresses, One Slave! - Peter, Peter, our little pickle eater! In this video I'm joined by two of my dominatrix friends and we're all sporting huge strap-ons! Peter, our abiding slave, is locked up his cage like an animal. With a leather mask on and a chain around his neck like a dog, we make him get on his knees and insult his tiny little cock which we jokingly refer to as a "pickle." I watch as my friends attach clothes pins to his tongue, demand that he recite the alphabet backwards, and laugh as he futilely attempts to speak. "I think our cocks are much bigger than yours. Do you have cock envy? You should have," they tease. When the slave fails to speak properly with the clothes pins attached to his tongue, they punish him by having him lick their huge, fake cocks! It quickly becomes my turn and I one-up my friends by making the slave suck my strap-on and take it deep in his throat. After we're done taking turns having him choke on our plastic cocks, we remove him from his cage to have some real fun with him. We make him stand up and attach the clothes pins to his cock as we spit in his mouth and repeatedly slap his face. We laugh at his tiny dick as we attach even more clothes pins to it and torture him by twisting his nipples and smacking his balls. We have him get on his knees and one of my friends shoots a load of fake cum all over his masked face. When we're done with him he's covered with our spit and fake cum and his cock, balls, face, and nipples are on fire!

TAGS: spitting

Categories: Cbt

Added: 12-01-2014 Length:10 min:51 sec
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Foot Worship and Spitting Food in Your Mouth - Lick my beautiful, perfect feet as you lay there like a good boy. Worship them and run your tongue all over them! You call that foot worship? I don\\\'t even feel anything! Do it better or else I\\\'ll have to punish you, slave. This video features lots of great close-up shots of my gorgeous feet as I chew up a banana and spit it back into my slave\\\'s mouth. I make him swallow it like he\\\'s a baby bird and he comes very close to puking! This was one of the most disgusting things that\\\'s ever happened to him but if you want to be my slave you have to be willing to pay the price!

TAGS: bizarre , food spitting , foot domination , foot worship , humiliation

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Worship , Spitting , Food , Foot Humiliation

Added: 11-01-2014 Length:9 min:49 sec
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Pain with Pleasure - "Look at this worthless piece of shit," I say as my slave lays chained to my bed. Wearing a tight leather dress I tease my slave and play with his cock until all he wants to do is explode with hot cum. I whip his balls and stroke his dick until he's ready to burst but I refuse to let him! I even tie his balls up before playing with his cock! "You wish to cum, but not today, honey!" I tell him after repeatedly whipping him. This sadistic video is the perfect mix of torture and ecstasy.

TAGS: cock teasing , balls torturing , handjobs , cock whipping

Categories: Cbt , Cock Tease , Female Domination

Added: 07-01-2014 Length:9 min:44 sec
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Open Your Mouth, You Dirty Jerk! - You're just dying to taste my spit, aren't you, you dirty boy? In this video I spit into a glass and show you how delicious it looks. I'd rather spit all over your face but maybe, just maybe, if you're lucky I'll let you taste it someday. I'll spit in your mouth, spit on your hands and make you rub it all over your own face, and even spit on your cock and make you jerk off using my spit as lube! I'll spit all over your entire body until you're completely covered in my sweet saliva. Then I'll spit down your throat and use you as my human spittoon. You'll take every drop and love it so much you won't be able to resist jerking yourself off and blowing your hot load everywhere. Rub my spit all over your dick!

TAGS: humiliation , spit fetish , spitting , femdom pov , orgasm control

Categories: Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction , Spitting , Masturbation-encoura

Added: 06-01-2014 Length:6 min:57 sec
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Milking my Slave - After tying my slave to the bed and torturing him all day, I decide it's time to milk him by playing with his cock and balls. With my latex gloves on I stroke his dick while torturing him with thoughts of my warm pussy. I use my hands and even my feet to drive my slave wild but I won't let him cum until I tell him he can!

TAGS: female domination , cock control , handjobs , foot job , gloves

Categories: Handjobs , Female Domination , Foot Job

Added: 05-01-2014 Length:4 min:35 sec
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Crushed by My Feet! - You are a tiny, weak, pathetic man! I'm going to enjoying stomping you into dust as I crush you with my beautiful feet. I feel like a giant as I stand over you and threaten to walk all over your small, useless body. Are you trying to look up my skirt? I'll teach you a lesson by squashing you like the little bug that you are! Are you scared of my feet? You should be! I'm going to stomp the shit out of you and laugh while I do it.

TAGS: female domination , giantess , shrinking fantasy , crushing , stomping , humiliation

Categories: Giantess , Femdom Pov

Added: 04-01-2014 Length:4 min:15 sec
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I'll Fuck your Ass - Wearing a big, vibrating strap-on, I describe in detail how I'm going to fuck you in the ass after making you suck my huge, fake dick. "I will fuck you so hard," I say. "I will put my cock into your ass without lubricant and I will fuck you," I continue. I detail how I'm going to pummel your tight asshole and leave you laying there, quivering as other men pound your ass as well and cum all over you.

Categories: Femdom Pov , Strap-on

Added: 03-01-2014 Length:3 min:40 sec
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Worship My Feet While I'm Reading! - It's a beautiful, sunny day and I'm enjoying reading my book outside when my slave approaches me on all fours and asks to worship my feet. He's such a good slave! I decide to let him kiss my high-heels before demanding he lay on his back and worship my bare feet. He takes my heels off and licks my feet all over as I continue reading my book nonchalantly. When I feel I've had enough I tell him "stop it!" and make him hand me my shoes. There are a lot of close-up shots of my perfect bare feet in this video.

TAGS: outdoor , female domination , foot worship , foot fetish , high heels

Categories: Shoe & Boot Worship , Foot Worship , Foot Fetish , Female Domination

Added: 02-01-2014 Length:8 min:11 sec
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