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Punishing Our Bad Human Pony Slave! - Outside with my partner in crime we continue training a new slave by making him our human pony! Sitting on his back, my friend has him crawl on all fours while guiding him with a leash and laughing in delight the entire time. "Now let Mistress Ella get on you," she says as she hands the reigns over to me for my human pony ride. We cackle in delight as he crawls on his hands and knees with me on his back. After concluding that he hasn't made a very good pony we decide we must punish him and pull his shorts down to repeatedly slap and whip his bare ass until it's beat red. When we have him get up on his knees and open his mouth we take turns spitting directly down his throat and make him swallow every drop. "Say thank you," I demand as he gulps down our sweet saliva. The abuse doesn't end there as we slap him across the face over and over again in between continuing to spit in his mouth. We'll break this new slave yet, just you wait and see!

TAGS: ponyplay

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Spanking , Spitting

Added: 30-08-2014 Length:7 min:53 sec
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Training a New Slave to Worship our feet - "So, tell me about this new guy," I say to my good friend as we sit together outside. "He's a new slave and doesn't have any experience yet," she tells me. We decide we'll work on training him and promptly summon him before us to begin his education. As he kneels in front of us with a collar on I hold his leash like he's a pet and command him to clean my shoes with his mouth. As he licks my heels my friend uses his back as a foot stool, props her feet up, and relaxes while she watches the new slave hungrily mouth my shoes. Once he's done cleaning my heels he gets to work on her feet like a good slave and we praise him for the decent job he's doing so far. We're not letting this new slave off easily! I kick my heels off and make him lick my dirty feet clean.

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Foot Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Toe Sucking

Added: 29-08-2014 Length:11 min:31 sec
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Cock and Ball Torture Drives My Slave Crazy! - One of my favorite methods of torture is confusing a slave's senses by stroking is cock one second and hitting his balls the next. In this video a slave stands naked before me and I jack him off in between kneeing him in the balls. Back and forth I alternate between caressing his cock and smashing his delicate testicles. One moment he's moaning and the next minute he's groaning as I play with his dick only to bash his balls in. Finally, I decide to let the poor bastard cum but only when I say he can. Lubing his cock with my spit I jerk him hard and fast and generously allow him to blow his huge load. When his balls are fully drained I make him lick his mess off of my hand and then kiss my feet. With my slaves, every one of their orgasms comes with a hefty price!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control

Added: 28-08-2014 Length:8 min:33 sec
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Brutally Whipping My Slave's Bare Skin! - As my slave lays practically naked on my coffee table with hot wax drying on his bare back, I continue his punishment by whipping him repeatedly while he groans in discomfort. I smile and laugh as I strike him harder and harder until he cries out loudly in agony. "Thank you, Mistress!" he repeats as I deliver lash after brutal lash. "Shut up!" I bark at him as I continue torturing him with painful blows. Dried wax flies everywhere as I strike him over and over again and it's not long before his flesh is red and inflamed. I make him count the lashes as I hit him until he begs for me to stop!

Categories: Caning , Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Whipping

Added: 26-08-2014 Length:9 min:03 sec
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Hot Wax on My Slave's Bare Flesh! - In this video my slave lays on his back and I surprise him by dripping hot candle wax all over his bare skin. "Thank you, Mistress," my slave says as the wax scorches his naked flesh. Looking stunning in my tight new leather outfit I stand over him and pour wax from not one but two candles all over him. He groans in pain in between thanking me like the good little bitch boy that he is. I remind him once again that his pain is my pleasure as I coat his back with scalding hot wax.

Categories: Cfnm , Female Domination , Humiliation , Wax Play

Added: 24-08-2014 Length:8 min:47 sec
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Kicking and Kneeing My Slave's Balls In! - With my white high-heels on I step into the back yard to take my pent-up aggression out on my poor slave's delicate balls. As he kneels on his hands and knees I stand behind him and begin kicking him directly in the nuts as groans of agony escape him. Pausing, I have him kiss my shoes before making him rise to his feet so I can continue kicking him in the crotch. I knee him in the balls repeatedly and he buckles every time while groaning in misery. I slap him in the face over and over again, kick his nuts even more, and then make him kiss my shoes which he does without hesitation because he fears me, as well he should. I'm a viscous girl and make no apologies for it!

TAGS: kicking

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Face Slapping , Female Domination

Added: 23-08-2014 Length:5 min:02 sec
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Ass Fucking My Slave After He Blows Me! - "I've got something for you, honey," I tell my kneeling slave as I approach him wearing a big, strap-on cock. I make him lick it all over while I watch before having him put it in his mouth. I make him suck it gently at first and then harder and deeper until be gags on it. "That's what I like!" I laugh as he chokes on my plastic cock. Satisfied with the blowjob he's given me, I bend him over the sofa, lube up my gloved hand, and loosen his tight asshole with my fingers before finally shoving my strap-on cock inside of him. I totally dominate this loser by butt-fucking him as he groans in discomfort and I love every second of it!

TAGS: slut training

Categories: Female Domination , Gag Reflex , Humiliation , Strap-on

Added: 22-08-2014 Length:8 min
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Slave Cleans My New Leather Boots with His Mouth! - Do you like my sexy new leather outfit? The red corset and skirt look amazing along with the black gloves and boots. It really shows off my perfect body! After getting home from town I feel the leather's a bit dirty so I summon a slave to clean it for me using his mouth. I begin by having him lick my boots clean as I sit back and watch. He kisses and tongues them up and down until they're shiny and new again like a good little slave!

Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 21-08-2014 Length:9 min:52 sec
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BIZARRE - Making My Slave Eat Mashed Food off of the Floor! - "Are you hungry, slave?" I ask as he kneels by my side. When he answers in the affirmative I tell him he's in luck and that I'm going to share my breakfast with him. After dropping a few cherry tomatoes on the floor I mash them up with my bare feet before giving him permission to eat them. Like an animal he scarfs them down and when I decide he's had enough I make him lick my feet clean. Feeding him like a pig proves to be quite fun for me so I go for round two by mashing more food into the floor and making him eat it while I watch and enjoy a glass of wine. "Thank you, Mistress," he says as he chews the smashed food. This disgusting piggy will do everything I tell him!

TAGS: food and object crush , dirty feet

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Humiliation

Added: 19-08-2014 Length:6 min:08 sec
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Pissing on My Floor and Having My Slave Clean It! (Including my Squirting Orgasm) - What a predicament I'm in! I have to pee so badly but the bathroom door is locked. What's a girl to do? Making the best of a bad situation I decide to just pee all over my tile floor while I make one of my slaves sit in the corner and watch. I make a huge mess and soak the floor with my warm piss before having him crawl over to lick my legs and pussy clean like a good toilet slave. I hold his head and watch him lick me and can't help but squirt all over his face and in his mouth.

TAGS: squirting , desperation

Categories: Female Domination , Pee , Toilet Slavery

Added: 17-08-2014 Length:6 min:14 sec
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Making the Pool Boy Worship Our Feet! - On a warm, sunny day I sit outside joined by Mistress Anna and we relax with glasses of wine as a gentle summer breeze blows over our gorgeous bodies. As we work on our tans we take notice of the pool boy who's hard at work cleaning the above-ground pool. Deciding to have some fun, we call him over, introduce ourselves, and with the formalities out of the way inform him that if he doesn't do as we please we'll tell his boss he was misbehaving and have him fired. He quickly agrees to do what he's told and we begin by having him clean my shiny white heels with his tongue. When he's finished with my heels, Mistress Anna kicks off her shoes and has him massage her bare feet while I watch and enjoy my wine. She makes him lick her feet all over as we revel in his humiliation. Back and forth we take turns making him worship our feet and at one point I shove my toes so far down his throat he gags! We love tormenting poor assholes like this.

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 16-08-2014 Length:12 min:28 sec
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Slave Mouths My Dirty Feet Clean! - After walking around outside barefoot my feet are a dirty mess and need to be cleaned. Thankfully I always have a slave close by who's willing to do the job! In this video I make one of them get down on all fours and clean my filthy feet using only his mouth. He licks and sucks them all over while I watch and supervise the job he's doing. Like a good slave he even pays special attention to my pretty little toes and sucks them clean as well. He mouths my feet all over until they're like new again! Would you be a good slave and lick my feet all over, too? You better say yes, bitch, or I'll kick your nuts in!

TAGS: foot slave training , dirty feet

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Worship , Toe Sucking

Added: 15-08-2014 Length:5 min:51 sec
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Controlling Slave's Orgasm and Making Him Eat Cum! - My slave can only cum when I let him and in this video I control his orgasm by stroking his cock and letting him blow his load only when I give him permission. "Thank you, Mistress," he says as I jerk his hard dick while he stands naked with his hands behind his back. Guiding him over to a glass table I continue stroking his cock and I inform him that if he wants to blow his load he'll have to ask me nicely first. "Can I please cum, mistress?" he asks as I tug his rock hard shaft. I decide to let him and after he shoots his sticky cum all over my glass table I make him lick the mess up. I mash his head into his spent load and force him to eat it.

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control

Added: 14-08-2014 Length:2 min:29 sec
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Worship My Boots and Hot Latex Outfit! - "You like my latex outfit, huh?" I ask as I stand outside and show off my body. "It's so shiny, so tight, so beautiful." A warm summer breeze blows as sun reflects off of the tight latex while I flaunt my hot curves. "Would you like to lick it?" I ask as I rub myself all over. Using a slave, I show you how I want you to lick me as I have him get down on all fours and begin by cleaning my boots with his mouth. "Lick it with your tongue," I instruct as I tower over him and supervise the job he's doing. He works his way up from my boots to my ass, licking and kissing my latex pants all over. He buries his face into my ass as he cleans my latex with his tongue while I moan in satisfaction. I love when a slave worships my boots and my latex. Do you have what it takes to please me?

Categories: Boot Domination , Caning , Female Domination , Latex , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 12-08-2014 Length:7 min:47 sec
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Nipple Torture and Spitting in My Slave's Mouth! - "Look what I got for you," I tell my slave as he lays naked on the floor. He shudders in fear and discomfort as I attach clamps to his nipples while reminding him that his pain is my pleasure. When he cries out in pain I make him open his mouth and spit directly down his throat before using his body as my foot stool. I laugh in cruel delight as I continue spitting in his mouth in between tugging on the nipple clamps while he writhes in agony beneath me. "Thank you, Mistress!" he shouts over and over again as I step on his tender nipples with my heels. I love seeing him in so much pain!

Categories: Female Domination , Nipple Torture , Spitting

Added: 10-08-2014 Length:6 min:16 sec
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Viciously Attacking My Slave's Balls with high-top sneakers! - After an infuriating phone call with one of my clients I take my anger out on one of my slaves. I make him get down on all fours and berate him as I pace back and forth and stew. He doesn't stay down on his hands and knees long as I demand he stand before me and cruelly begin kicking him in the cock and balls extremely hard with my high-top sneakers. I show no mercy as I pummel his crotch with such force that he buckles in pain. "Up, you dirty piece of shit!" I scream at him when he falls to his knees in agony. For minutes on end I deliver blow after excruciating blow to his cock and balls while he cries out in misery and I laugh in delight. Over and over again I annihilate his crotch until he finally falls to the floor in pain. I make him thank me and kiss my shoes before sending him crawling on his way. I'm one evil bitch and I love it!

TAGS: kicking

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 09-08-2014 Length:8 min:12 sec
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Using a Slave's Mouth Instead of Toilet Paper! - Sitting on my toilet I relieve myself and make quite the mess in the process. After taking a nasty, steaming shit I summon a slave and use him as my human toilet paper. With a snap of my fingers he quickly joins my side, gets down on his knees, and begins cleaning my dirty asshole with his mouth. I spread my cheeks wide so he can get his tongue deep in there and lick me until I'm nice and clean. As he works his tongue on my asshole I stand over my toilet and begin pissing everywhere. My toilet slave's mouth works much better than any toilet paper, that's for sure!

TAGS: ass licking , ass eating

Categories: Female Domination , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 08-08-2014 Length:5 min
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Spitting Food into My Slave's Mouth! - With my slave laying on the ground I position a chair over his face, take a seat, and proceed to feed him like a baby bird as I chew up food and spit it into his open mouth. Over and over again I grind the food up in my mouth and regurgitate it into his while he lays there and takes the disgusting abuse. "Swallow it," I say as I spit the food into his mouth while I laugh at his humiliation. When I'm done feeding him I make him get on all fours and eat the food that missed his dumb mouth off of the ground before finally having him kiss my boots. What a fun time this was! For me, not so much for him.

TAGS: chewing , spit fetish

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Spitting

Added: 07-08-2014 Length:7 min:51 sec
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Size Does Matter, Loser ! (size comparison with Mistress Sol ) - Well, I see you've bought another one of me and Mistress Sol's videos. Why don't you take down your pants and let us see your cock? Come on, take those pants off and let us see your big, hard dick. Would it help if I showed you my perfect ass? Here, take a look at it and feel your cock getting harder in your pants. I'll show you my tits, too, and get you fully hard for me and Mistress Anna. Now take out that cock for us! Wait... is that it? That's all you have to show us? It looks like a dick, only smaller! Oh, wow, Mistress Anna and I can't stop laughing at just how pathetically small your cock is. There's simply no way you could please a woman with that little thing. We can barely even see it! Watch as we get a big, black dildo and show you what a real cock looks like. We just can't stop cracking up because of how tiny your pecker is! For minutes on end we relentlessly berate you for having such a little cock. What a loser you are!

TAGS: brat girls , mistress sol

Categories: Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Masturbation Instruction , Masturbation-encoura , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 05-08-2014 Length:7 min:27 sec
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Smothering My Slave while I Jerk Him Off! - "Now you need to kiss and sniff my perfect ass," I tell my slave as I position myself over his face. I sit on his worthless head and smother him with my bottom while I play with his dick while wearing latex gloves. I decide I want to watch this loser cum so I stroke his hard cock while he smells and licks my ass. He's rock hard and dying to blow his load but I won't let him that easily! I tease him for a bit before finally showing mercy and letting him explode all over his stomach. "On your body, not my hands," I tell him as he makes a sticky mess.

Categories: Ass Smothering , Face Sitting , Female Domination , Handjobs , Tease & Denial

Added: 03-08-2014 Length:4 min:27 sec
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