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Teasing You with Black Cocks featuring Princess June ! - "We have a little homework for you to do," June begins as we sit together at my kitchen table. We know that you`re secretly a faggot, so we help you fulfill your homosexual fantasies by instructing you to open your internet browser and search for big, black cocks. The sight of those big ebony dicks make your mouth water as you long to suck them and feel them in the back of your throat, shooting their hot load inside of you and all over your sissy face. Holding up a massive black dildo, we tease you with it and watch your cock get hard at the thought of licking every inch of it. "Which one makes you harder?" June asks as I strip down to show you my perfect body. Do my perky bare tits and round ass do it for you or are you more excited by the thought of those big, black cocks? We know the answer, gay boy, so jerk yourself off while we dangle this huge dark dick in your face!

TAGS: brat girls

Categories: Bi-sexual , Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 01-05-2015 Length:8 min:11 sec
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Jerk-Off to Me and June`s Cute Feet! - With special guest Princess June by my side, we sit in bed and show off our cute little bare feet for you, waving them back and forth and wiggling our toes while you watch and touch yourself. You know you`d love to sniff them, and the thought of licking and kissing them all over probably drives you crazy. Two pairs of gorgeous feet in your face and they`re all yours for the taking! We drive you wild by teasing you with them as we rub them all over, instructing you how to worship them as we shove them in your face. "Put your tongue between our toes," is June`s command and mine is for you to stroke your cock harder and faster for us. You`ve been a good boy so we just might let you cum all over our cute little feet! Just imagine them rubbing your cock up and down, our toes exploring your hard shaft as you get closer and closer to orgasm. Cover our feet with your sticky white cum as we count down from ten!

Categories: Barefoot , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 30-04-2015 Length:6 min:25 sec
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Footjob in My Sexy Black Nylons! (POV) - All you pantyhose and feet lovers are going to enjoy this! Standing in my black nylons I show off my gorgeous body as I strut my stuff in my living room. I don`t even bother wearing panties and stand with my pretty pussy and ass hanging out as I tease you with my legs. Taking a seat, I kick my heels off and let you see my cute nylon-clad feet so you can worship them properly by kissing and licking them all over. Jerk your cock as you watch me in my black pantyhose while fantasizing about my feet being wrapped around your hard dick. You`d just love to feel these nylons on your cock, wouldn`t you? Using a big dildo I demonstrate how talented my feet are by giving it a footjob with my nylons on. Up and down I work this huge dick with my pretty feet while you jerk-off along with me. When I count to ten I want you to cum everywhere for me, slave, but not a second sooner. I control your orgasm so no cumming until I get to ten, you understand? One... two... three...

TAGS: joi , feet joi

Categories: Foot Fetish , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 28-04-2015 Length:7 min:27 sec
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Sadistic milking - (Two ruined orgasms and post cum torture) - This dirty jerk got my sister pregnant one year ago and I`m still not done punishing him for it. As he sits naked and tied to a chair, I drive him crazy by stroking his cock but refusing to let him cum. With his mouth gagged he breathes heavily as I jerk him off, using my spit as lube while running my hand up and down his big, hard cock. All he wants to do is cum but I won`t let him, choosing instead to make him suffer as he sits with aching balls. I bring him to the brink of exploding only to leave him hanging and when I finally do let him cum I ruin his orgasm by refusing to touch his cock while he spits his jizz all over himself. I immediately begin tugging his cock again while he groans in discomfort, milking this bastard hard and fast until he cums yet again, his cock and balls screaming in pain as I tug them raw. Two ruined orgasms for this filthy slave! I leave him tied up for his cum to dry all over him.

TAGS: post cum torture

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 26-04-2015 Length:11 min:43 sec
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Can You Make Me Cum Three Times? - "I want to play a game," I say as I innocently approach my subservient loser who sits waiting obediently at the foot of my bed. "I want to cum three times," I tell him as I join him by his side. I inform him that if he can`t get me off three times in a row I`m going to punish him and he eagerly accepts the challenge. As he lays on the bed I kick off my heels and position my crotch above his mouth. Wearing no panties he quickly goes to town on my pussy, licking and sucking my clit as I moan in pleasure and ride his face. He makes me cum once with ease, then once more, and promise him a blowjob if he can make me cum a third time. Taking his hard cock out of his pants, I grab hold of it and tease him by placing it close to my mouth as he continues eating my pussy. He wants me to suck it so badly but since I fail to cum a final time there will be no pleasure for him! I laugh as I leave him hanging, his balls aching to cum as I refuse to help him out. How delightfully evil!

Categories: Female Domination , Oral Servitude , Pussy Eating , Tease & Denial

Added: 25-04-2015 Length:8 min:54 sec
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All Hands up in You!! - Continuing to fist Lady Asmondena`s sissy slut with my lubed-up latex glove, I`m in up to my elbow while my mistress friend sits behind me and watches the show. I slap Chantel the Sissy`s ass while I slide my arm deeper and deeper inside of her, amazed by how much she can take. "That`s a really big hole, isn`t it?" Lady Asmondena comments as I take turns sliding each arm inside of her. This sissy slut`s asshole is the loosest I`ve ever seen and it comes as no surprise to me when she confesses how much she enjoys being fisted. As she lays on all fours, looking ridiculous in her silly dress and red heels, I continue shoving my arms in and out of her asshole while Lady Asmondena supervises, finally joining in to slap the sissy`s ass with me. We`re having a blast with Chantel the Sissy Slut!

TAGS: pegging , slut training

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 24-04-2015 Length:4 min
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Teaching You to Worship Me! (POV) - As I sit in my sexy sheer outfit that shows off my gorgeous, perky breasts, you sit in awe of my beauty and concede that you are in fact addicted to me. My striking female curves are complimented by my latex corset as I slowly rub myself all over while you watch. Today I`m going to teach you how to worship my perfect body so, first of all, start with smelling my hair before working your way down my neck and kissing it as you smell that as well. Now kiss my big tits and lick my nipples for me and move on to the rest of my body, kissing and licking me all over as sensually as possible. Work your way down to my feet, kissing and licking every inch of them as I tower above you looking like a flawless goddess! I`m going to kick my heels off and rub my dirty bare feet all over your face, slave. Clean them with your mouth by sucking and licking them while I watch. That`s a good little slave!

Categories: Ass Worship , Femdom Pov , Goddess Worship , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 23-04-2015 Length:8 min:21 sec
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Tormenting a Slave with Strap-Ons featuring June (Part Two) - After making a slave suck Tina`s strap-on cock, we bend him over and I use lube to loosen his asshole with my fingers, teaching June my technique as I demonstrate on the slave`s tight hole. As June works four fingers inside of him I add to his discomfort by squeezing and twisting his delicate balls. Satisfied that he`s sufficiently lubed, June slides her strap-on inside of him and fucks him from behind while I control the big rubber cock`s vibrations using its remote control. While June pounds his ass harder and faster I position myself in front of him and shove a massive black dildo in his mouth while he groans in humiliation and discomfort. Trading places, I shove the gigantic black cock in his ass and the slut he does a surprisingly good job of taking it as he sucks Tina`s fake dick. Kicking things up a notch, I finally get this loser to cry out in pain as I shove the huge black cock deep in his asshole and show no mercy as I work it deeper and deeper inside of him. When we`re done with him this idiot won`t be shitting right for a year!

TAGS: brat girls , pegging , brat

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 21-04-2015 Length:9 min:52 sec
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Suck it ! featuring June - (Part One) - Joined by the beautiful young June (It`s her first time ! ) , we decide to have some fun with a slave of mine who loves anal play. I don`t think this massive black cock is what he had in mind as we summon him to our side and begin molesting him. We start with a smaller strap-on, June wearing it as she towers over him, and make him suck it while I supervise the action. "That`s not deep enough," Tina comments as I help by guiding his head with my hands. I shove the black cock in his mouth and it`s so massive he gags on it as I cackle in delight! We have him suck June`s cock again and laugh as he takes it so deep down his throat he chokes like a sissy loser. Things will be getting much worse for him in part two!

Categories: Female Domination , Gag Reflex , Strap-on

Added: 19-04-2015 Length:7 min:35 sec
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Beating the Shit out of This Loser! - After being victorious in a game I played against a slave, I punish him aspromised by making him stand before me and beating the shit out of himusing my fists and feet. I deliver painful punches and kicks to his baretorso and laugh as he buckles in pain, crying out in agony as he does so.You can tell I have a kickboxing background as I strike him over and overagain, showing no mercy as I pummel him and love every second of historment. I prove I`m not one to be fucked with as I continue unleashing abarrage of blows to this loser, laugh maniacally while I do it. When hefalls to the bed I waste no time hopping on top of him and using my strongthighs to put his neck in a scissor-hold. I smother his face whilepunching his abdomen as he writhes in misery beneath me. For minutes onend I relentlessly abuse this jerk while cackling in delight at the damageI`m doing!

TAGS: mixed wrestling , mixed fighting , kicking

Categories: Female Domination

Added: 18-04-2015 Length:6 min:51 sec
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Super Extreme Cock and Ball Torture with Anita! - Warning: This video is especially brutal! Securing our slave to the wallso he can`t escape, my sexy mistress friend and I squeeze his delicatenipples and look gorgeous doing so in our sexy red latex dresses. Weattach clamps to his nipples and bind his cock and balls with stringbefore reaching for our whips to see how much pain he can handle. "Youwill suffer for our pleasure," I say as we take turns whipping him in histender balls. "We`re just starting, slave," my sexy dominatrix friendAnita informs him as we continue his punishment. He groans in pain as Iattach weights to his balls while Mistress Anita strikes his cockrepeatedly with her whipping rod. We both laugh at his misery whiletorturing his cock and balls until his dick is raw! After freeing him fromhis bondage we make him get down on all fours to lick up the crimson messhe`s made as we whip his naked body. "Do it faster!" I shout as he licksthe floor. His cock will be sore for weeks!

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Whipping

Added: 17-04-2015 Length:13 min:18 sec
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Jerk-Off and Eat Your Own Cum, Loser! (POV) - You`re such a pathetic loser you buy my clips to jerk-off to because you can`t get a woman in the real world. Well, today I want you to eat your own cum and you`re going to do it because I said so, moron. I`m going to tease you with my sexy body while you jerk-off that fucking cock so sit back and watch this gorgeous body of mine as I lay in bed and rub myself all over. I see you`re nice and hard already so start stroking it but you`re not allowed to cum until I give you permission. When you`re close to climax and on the verge of exploding I`m going to deny your orgasm by making you stop touching yourself while I continue teasing you with my body. Remember when I said that you`re not allowed to cum unless I say so? Well, I meant it! Now start jerking-off again and when I`m gracious enough to let you cum I want you to do it right in your own mouth. Lay on your bed, lift that ass up, open your mouth, and shoot your load right down your own throat and all over your face. Swallow your own cum for me, you dirty jerk! Your humilation is my pleasure and I love every second of it

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 16-04-2015 Length:7 min:49 sec
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Massive Dildo in Sissy Slave`s Ass with Lady Asmondena! - In our sexy latex outfits my new friend and fellow dominatrix Lady Asmondena shoves a humongous black dildo into the mouth of her sissy slut and we laugh as she struggles to take it. If she can`t fit it in her mouth, maybe she can take it in her ass? We make this tranny loser turn around on all fours and Lady Asmondena shoves the massive dildo in the sissy`s ass while she groans in discomfort. "It`s bigger than a fist!" the slut slave exclaims as we cram the mammoth dick inside of her. Not only does the loser manage to take the entire thing, she professes to like it and almost cums from the excitement! We stop before she gets the chance and take a seat to berate her a bit before making her thank us for spending time with her as we repeatedly slap her in the face and laugh hysterically while we do it!

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 04-04-2015 Length:5 min:45 sec
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Taste your own man milk! - "Fuck my hand. I need your cock hard and fully erect," I say as I jerk my naked slave off in my back yard while he stands tied to my above-ground swimming pool. I make him open his mouth and spit down his throat as I stroke his cock, demanding he leave it open so I can continue spitting in it as I jack his dick. Using my spit as lube I have him fuck my hand until he cums in it and then ruin his orgasm by feeding him his own warm load. I make him lick my hand clean and have him swallow his own cum before demanding he thank me and leaving him tied up in the same place I found him! I love ruining my slave`s orgasms. So cruel and so fun

Categories: Cum Swallowers , Female Domination , Handjobs

Added: 03-04-2015 Length:7 min:13 sec
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Mouth Spitting, Nipple Squeezing, Cock Tease! - Laying naked on his back with his feet tied up in the air and his mouth pried open, I spit down this slave`s throat and then begin jerking him off while reminding him that he`s not allowed to cum unless I give him permission. In between stroking his dick I spit down his throat and make sure he swallows every drop like a good slave. I have him fuck my hand, squeeze his nipples, and play with his dick some more informing him that he`ll be eating his own cum! In a cruel twist I decide not to let him cum at all and just leave him tied up like the filthy loser he is.

Categories: Cbt , Cock Tease , Female Domination , Orgasm Control , Spitting

Added: 02-04-2015 Length:5 min:35 sec
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Loosening Slave`s Asshole with Fingers and Strap-On! - As my slave stands naked and secured to a wall, I greet him from behind with latex gloves on and see how many fingers I can work into his tight, virginal asshole. He writhes in discomfort and groans in humiliated pain as I slide one, two, three, fingers inside of him before switching to my big, black strap-on cock! "Don`t move!" I command as I slide the cock inside of him and butt fuck him while slapping his ass. He`s my little strap-on bitch now and there`s nothing he can do about it! I make him thank me as I fuck him harder and faster, laughing hysterically at his torment as I relentlessly drill his back door. His asshole started out tiny but once I`m done it will be nice and loose for weeks, if not months!

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 31-03-2015 Length:5 min:35 sec
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Deflowering a Slave with Ass to Mouth! - With my slave laying on his back outside, his wrists and ankles secured to my patio sofa, I greet him with latex gloves on which is always the first indication that things are about to get twisted in a hurry. He`s completely defenseless with his asshole up in the air as I shove my strap-on deep in his tight hole while making him thank me as he groans in agony. "You fucking disgusting slave," I say as I plunge my big fake cock inside of him harder and faster while he cries out in pain. "Thank you, mistress," I once again make him repeat while violating his virginal asshole without mercy. It`s his first time being butt-fucked and I`m all smiles as I corrupt him in the most humiliating way that he won`t soon forget! Just when he thinks things can`t get any worse I make him suck the same cock that was just deep inside his asshole while spitting in his mouth in between. He coughs, gags, almost pukes, and looks like he`s about to cry as I make him take the dildo deep down his throat! Seeing such a look of misery on his face brings me immense pleasure.

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 29-03-2015 Length:9 min:44 sec
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Emptying My Bladder on Your Face! - My bladder`s overfilled and ready to explode so I think I`ll empty it all over your face, slave. You`re going to lay down between my legs and I`m going to piss all in your open mouth, you dirty jerk. Towering over you I hike my skirt up and rain my warm urine down all over your head while you swallow it like a good toilet slave. Now use your tongue to clean my pussy and be my human toilet paper, you understand? Open your mouth one more time because I`m not done pissing yet and have a little more for you to take! Swallow my pee and then clean me again with that tongue of yours. Over and over again I repeatedly have you clean my pussy with your mouth only to pee down your throat. I told you my bladder was overfilled and I wasn`t kidding! So much piss for you, my good little toilet slave. I love seeing my mess all over your face.

Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 28-03-2015 Length:6 min:36 sec
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Ruining Another Slave`s Orgasm!( - Looking as gorgeous as ever in my sexy red latex gloves and matching thigh-high boots, I greet a slave as he stands naked before me, arms secured above his head, and begin teasing him by playing with his cock and balls. I inform him that we`re going to be playing a little game today, and a cruel one at that. I`m going to let him cum, I announce, but ruin his orgasm by taking my hands off of his cock just as he`s about to blow his load. With my tits and pussy exposed and my latex corset showing off my sexy curves, I begin stroking his hard cock while using spit as lube. He`s dying to cum everywhere as he fucks my hand but just as he`s about to explode I do as warned and stop touching his cock, leaving him to cum all by himself. Take that ruined orgasm, you stupid asshole!

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 27-03-2015 Length:8 min:07 sec
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Controlling Slave`s Orgasm and Making Him Eat Cum! - My slave can only cum when I let him and in this video I control his orgasm by stroking his cock and letting him blow his load only when I give him permission. "Thank you, Mistress," he says as I jerk his hard dick while he stands naked with his hands behind his back. Guiding him over to a glass table I continue stroking his cock and I inform him that if he wants to blow his load he`ll have to ask me nicely first. "Can I please cum, mistress?" he asks as I tug his rock hard shaft. I decide to let him and after he shoots his sticky cum all over my glass table I make him lick the mess up. I mash his head into his spent load and force him to eat it.

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control

Added: 26-03-2015 Length:4 min:11 sec
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