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Whipping Slave with A Belt - With my slave completely naked and his arms tied above his head, I break out my leather belt and begin punishing him by striking him repeatedly. I use my bare hand to squeeze his ass very hard and it's not long before it's all red and swollen. I continue lashing him with my leather studded belt as he seethes in pain. I get immense pleasure out of torturing my slaves! Their pain truly is my pleasure. Take this whipping like a good little boy, slave!

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Spanking , Whipping

Added: 03-04-2014 Length:6 min:30 sec
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Two Mistresses, One Obedient Slave - With my gorgeous dominatrix friend by my side, we sit on the couch and have a leather-clad slave kneel before us. We twist his nipples and he thanks us while we do it. We then make him worship our feet by having him kiss our boots all over. "That's right, suck it!" I say as I make him take my heel in his mouth. He cleans our dirty soles with his tongue while we watch and give him instructions. We torture his nipples again by squeezing them tightly until he bleeds and then slap his face repeatedly. I spit in his mouth and when he fails to swallow it I smack him hard and make him lick it off of the floor. My friend also spits in his mouth and slaps his face before using his back as a foot stool.

Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Human Furniture , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 02-04-2014 Length:15 min:15 sec
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Lick my pussy, Bitch ! - "Hi, honey, I am home," I greet Miz Leasha with as I find her using her laptop on my sofa. Stifled moans escape her as I quickly gag her mouth and make her lay down on the floor. I bind her hands behind her back and decide to bind her feet as well. Once she's completely hog-tied and helpless I torture my cute American slave girl by pinching her nipples and squeezing her pussy. She writhes in discomfort as I smack her ass and get her turned-on my massaging her crotch with my hand. All she wants to do is cum but I won't let her and she can't even touch herself because her hands are tied so tightly behind her back. I take off my panties and sit on her face, making her lick my pussy while I continue rubbing her body. "More, I said!" I bark at her as I make her lick my clit and get my hot juices all over her face.

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination , Pussy Eating

Added: 01-04-2014 Length:13 min
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Two Teasing Mistresses in Sexy Black Leather - "Suck that heel," Mistress Miranda orders as you kneel before us. We're both wearing sexy leather outfits and knee-high leather boots and it's time for you to worship them properly. When you're done sucking on Mistress Miranda's heel you're going to suck on mine! We're going to take turns making you lick our boots and after that I'm going to make you smell my ass. You can play with your cock but you're not allowed to cum yet! Do you like our leather gloves? Lick them, smell them, and suck my fingers. So much leather! Still, you're not allowed to cum just yet. You're going to have to wait a bit longer! We love teasing you and tormenting you as you watch our leather-clad bodies. Now get nice and hard for us and jerk that cock while you admire our beauty. Cum on our leather gloves and then get back on the floor where you belong!

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Shoe & Boot Worship , Tease & Denial

Added: 31-03-2014 Length:8 min:43 sec
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Polish My Leather Boots with Your Tongue - "Come to me, slave," I say as I beckon one of my slaves. I have him kneel before me and inform him that he'll be cleaning my boots with his tongue. I sit on my throne and watch him as he licks my leather boots up and down while I instruct him how I want it done. To give him even more lubricant, I spit in his mouth and have him continue polishing my boots with his tongue. "Faster, slave," I tell him and then have him lick my filthy soles clean. "Now, slave, you're going to suck my heel," I say. "I'm going to fuck your mouth with my high-heeled boot," I continue. He eagerly sucks the heel like a good slave before I have him clean my other boot.

Categories: Boot Worship , Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Spitting

Added: 30-03-2014 Length:6 min:53 sec
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Educating My Slave with A Whip - With my slave secured to the wall with his feet and arms bound tightly, I tell him that it's time for more education and use my long whip to lash his bare body while reminding him that his pain is my pleasure. He groans in agony as I strike him over and over again. "So much fun for me today!" I say as I continue lashing his naked skin. He thanks me like a good slave as I hit him repeatedly. "Thank you, mistress," he says in between lashings. By the time I'm done with him his entire backside is bright red and swollen!

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Whipping

Added: 29-03-2014 Length:6 min:21 sec
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Tag-Teaming My Slave with Strap-Ons - Accompanied by my hot dominatrix friend, we bend our gimp over a table and molest him with our big strap-on cocks! I ask him to suck on mine while my friend lubes his asshole and proceeds to loosen it up with her fingers. I have him suck my cock so deeply that he gags on it as my friend slides her huge strap-on deep inside of his tight asshole. She fucks him from behind while he chokes on my rubber dick and he takes it like a dirty slut! We switch positions and I fuck and slap his ass while he sucks on her fake dick. We don't take it easy on this slave!

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Strap-on

Added: 28-03-2014 Length:12 min:19 sec
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Asked To Take A Self Facial - My slave has had a rough day. After having him clean my apartment, slapping and kicking his balls, and making him suck and fuck two strap-ons, Mistress Sol and I continue the torture by clamping his nuts in a vice. "Are you going to cry, slave?" I ask as we torture his balls and his nipples. He writhes in pain while we watch and laugh and finally show mercy on him by letting him lick our boots clean. Satisfied with the job he's done we reward him by having him lay down and use a massage wand on his cock. Mistress Sol sits on his face while I jerk him off until he blows a huge load all over his stomach. We ask him to open his mouth and eat his own cum!

Categories: Cbt , Female Domination , Handjobs , Humiliation , Latex

Added: 27-03-2014 Length:17 min:24 sec
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Three Mistresses, Six Feet, One Slave! - With Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss by my side on the sofa, we summon a slave and Miss Kitty instructs him to lay down on the floor. We press our heels into his body before Miss Kitty sits on his face while Goddess Cleo steps on his cock. "His pubes are bigger than his dick," Goddess Cleo taunts as she pulls on them. "Look! They're longer than his willie!" After twisting the slave's nipples hard, Miss Kitty Bliss makes him beg to worship Goddess Cleo's beautiful feet. "Please, Goddess, can I worship your beautiful feet?" We watch and make sure he does a good job massaging them before he moves on to my feet. I make him sniff them in between rubbing them down and he thanks us for allowing him to touch them. video includes: CBT, nipple torture, foot worship, humiliation, 3 mistresses

Categories: Cbt , Cfnm , Female Domination , Foot Worship , Humiliation

Added: 26-03-2014 Length:10 min:44 sec
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Slave Cleans My Heals with His Mouth - Wearing a sexy latex outfit I summon a slave and make him kneel before me. I make him lick my open-toed heels clean as I sit and watch. I instruct him how to clean them and slap his face when he makes the mistake of licking my bare skin. "Be careful," I tell him. "Don't touch my legs or my feet, or even my toes," I say as I have him continue cleaning my shoes with his tongue. I make him suck one of my heels before having cleaning the other shoe with his mouth. "Only the shoe," I say when he gets too close to my exposed toes. "Be careful!" I slap him in the face when he slips-up and accidentally licks my skin.

Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Shoe Fetish

Added: 25-03-2014 Length:6 min:31 sec
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Time for Your Lashing, Slave - Guiding him by his chain leash, I lead my slave into the dungeon and inform him that we're going to have a bit of fun. "I'm going to punish you," I tell him. He begs me not to punish him today since he's already been tortured enough earlier in the day. I break it to him that he has no choice in the matter and begin smacking his bare ass with a whipping rod. I have him count as I give him ten lashes but decide that ten just isn't enough. I continue striking him as his ass gets increasingly more red. Slave keeps count as I hit him again and again and he thanks me in between like a good boy. When he tells me he's had enough I reply with "I don't think so" and give him even more lashes!

Categories: Caning , Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Whipping

Added: 24-03-2014 Length:6 min:23 sec
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Drink Our Spit - Joined by one of my incredibly sexy dominatrix friends, we take a seat at my table and take turns spitting into a wine glass for you. We fill it up with our sweet saliva and swish it around in the glass for you. We've made you a lovely cocktail using our mouths! "Cheers!" I joke as we pass the glass back and forth, filling it with our own spit. "It's better than any cocktail you'll get at any bar," my friend says in jest. Are you ready to drink it, slave? You're going to swallow every drop!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Spitting

Added: 23-03-2014 Length:4 min:38 sec
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CBT and Double Ruined Orgasm - Punishing a Stupid Robber (Part Five) - After thwarting a robber and punishing him myself rather than calling the cops, I continue laying on the torture by binding his hands and legs together and proceeding to torment his cock and balls. Using a string I tie up his swollen nuts and dick while I sit on him and clamp his nipples. As I sit atop his chest I make him lick my ass while I confuse his cock and balls by mixing pleasure with pain. In between stroking his cock I slap his balls which drives him crazy! On one hand he wants to cum while on the other hand he wants to cry out in pain as I squeeze and slap his tender balls. "Now fuck my hand," I demand as I smother his face. I'm going to make him cum but he certainly won't be enjoying it! I completely ruin his orgasm by continuing to jerk his cock long after he's already cum which just makes his dick incredibly sore. I make him cum again and his dick hurts so bad it's not even enjoyable. I totally milk this loser until he's completely drained and sore!

Categories: Cbt , Female Domination , Orgasm Control , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 22-03-2014 Length:17 min:28 sec
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Mizz Leasha and I Mock Your Cock - Joined by my sexy American girl Miz Leasha, I inform her that I've found us a sexy man who is going to fulfill all of our wishes and that man is you! Now take your pants down and show us your cock. We want to see what you're packing! Wait... is that it? That's your cock? We bust our laughing at the site of your pathetic, tiny dick. We point and laugh as we mock you for having the smallest penis we've ever seen. "This is not a man, this is a little boy!" Miz Leasha cackles. How do you expect to please any woman with that excuse for a cock? We've seen babies with cocks bigger than yours! Get lost, you loser!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 21-03-2014 Length:5 min:47 sec
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Feet Worship and Cum Countdown - Gorgeous and sexy as always, I make you go crazy over my feet as I sit on the sofa wearing a tight little leather dress. I dangle my shoes on the tips of my well-pedicured toes before kicking them off completely and letting you gaze upon my perfect feet. I tease you as I speak both in English and in Russian and instruct you on just how I want you to touch yourself. As I wiggle my toes close to the camera you're going to have a very "hard" time keeping yourself from cumming before the countdown at the end of the clip. Have fun, foot freak!

Categories: Foot Fetish , Foot Worship , Masturbation Instruction , Dangling

Added: 19-03-2014 Length:13 min:40 sec
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Cum On Our Latex Outfits, Slave - "So, hunny, you're addicted to latex, huh?" I ask as Mistress Sol and I sit together on my sofa. We show off our sexy form-fitting latex outfits and tease you with our hot bodies. I rub Mistress Sol's sexy ass and run my tongue all over it while you watch. Worship our sexy asses, slave! Get down on your knees and lick our asses all over. Get nice and hard and jerk-off all over our latex outfits. We're going to count to ten and when we finish you're going to blow your load all over us!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Goddess Worship , Latex

Added: 18-03-2014 Length:5 min:32 sec
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Hitting His Balls While He Cums ! - With my slave laying on the floor with his cock hanging out of his full leather outfit, my dominatrix friend and I decide to have a little fun. I spit in his mouth and make him swallow it as my friend kicks his balls with her boot and then binds them tightly with string. While she's tying his sack I sit on his face and have him lick my pussy which gets his cock nice and hard. My friend slaps and squeezes his balls but it doesn't seem to phase his hard-on. "Shut up and lick my pussy!" I scold as he moans while she slaps his tender nuts. As I sit on his face and have him lick me I jerk him off but won't let him cum until I tell him he can. Using my spit as lube, I stroke his dick while my friend punches his balls hard until he cums all over himself. I wipe it up and make him eat every drop! video includes: cum eating, ball busting/ball abuse, face sitting, hand job, cumin while ball abuse

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 16-03-2014 Length:7 min:56 sec
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Slave Girl Sucks My Cock - With my slave girl, Miz Leasha, locked securely in her cage I approach her wearing my big strap-on cock and free her from her confinement. I tie her hands behind her back and make her suck my fake cock while instructing her just how to do it. Miz Leasha takes my strap-on so deep into her mouth that she gags as I grab the back of her head and drive my dick down her throat. "I didn't tell you to stop," I scold as I gently slap her face. "Continue!" I grab her by her purple hair and and command her to lay down on the floor. I kneel over her and make this sexy American slave continue to suck my cock before locking her back in her cage!

Categories: Strap-on

Added: 15-03-2014 Length:7 min:33 sec
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One Strap-On in the Mouth and One in the Ass - After having my slave clean my apartment, Mistress Sol and I make him get on his knees and take turns sucking our huge, strap-on cocks. He looks laughably stupid in the maid outfit we've put on him and we laugh as he deep-throats our rubber dicks. We take the maid outfit off and Mistress Sol lubes up his asshole as I continue making him suck my strap-on until he gags. Fully lubed and lose, Mistress Sol fucks him from behind while he thanks us in between choking on my prostetic cock!

Categories: Female Domination , Latex , Strap-on

Added: 14-03-2014 Length:6 min:40 sec
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Suck Our Strap-Ons, Faggot - Fully equipped with our big strap-ons, Miz Leasha and I make you suck our plastic cocks like the faggot you are. Get on your knees and take turns sucking our massive dicks, you little sissy. "You want to suck my big, black dick?" Miz Leaza taunts as she towers over you. "You think you can fit them both in your mouth?" You'll suck my white cock and Miz Leasha's black one and love every second of it because you're such a faggot. You'll take every drop of our cum, you cocksucker! Maybe we'll even turn you around and take turns fucking your gay asshole. You'd probably love it, wouldn't you?

Categories: Femdom Pov , Strap-on

Added: 13-03-2014 Length:5 min:41 sec
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