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Punishing An Incompetent Employee! (Part Two) - A meeting with a real estate agent goes horribly wrong for him when he leads me to the wrong property and I punish him for being so incompetent. I guide him into a run down building, pull down his pants, and cane his bare ass hard and fast while he cries out in pain. "Shut up!" I scold him as I continue delivering brutal lashes to his backside. "I'm sorry!" he groans as I punish him with painful blows from my whipping rod. I laugh at his anguish as I torture him and have him count the lashes as I doll them out. "One... two... three..." How much can his poor ass handle? Maybe he'll do his job right from now on and won't waste somebody's time!

Categories: Caning , Corporal Punishment , Female Domination

Added: 27-05-2014 Length:5 min:06 sec
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Paddling, Caning, and Strapping My Slave's Ass! - With my slave bent over my ottoman I take a leather paddle to his ass and spank him so hard his red quickly becomes raw and red. Within seconds giant welts appear on his behind but that doesn't stop me from torturing him. I switch from the paddle to a cane and deliver lash after lash until his ass is on fire and practically bleeding. He's in such pain that he simply can't stay still so I strap him to the ottoman to ensure he can't move. I take out a leather strap and strike him repeatedly as I keep count and pause just long enough to have him kiss my new red boots. "Kiss them," I say as I resume hitting him with the leather strap. As he squirms in pain I laugh at his agony and switch back to beating him with the leather paddle. His ass looks like a tomato when I'm done with him!

Categories: Caning , Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Spanking , Whipping

Added: 24-05-2014 Length:5 min:48 sec
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Enslaved to Her Feet (Full Version) - The most desired fantasy for any foot fetish freak out there is to be enslaved to my beautiful feet. In this video, my lucky foot-crazy bitch lays beneath me on the sofa like a worm while I tower over him, bare breasts exposed, using his body a carpet. His tongue will work hard as ever and his cock will get hard in no time as I tease him until his pre-cum starts to drip. I shove my sexy toes deep down his throat and fuck his mouth with my foot. This is the full version filmed from several amazing angles and includes some spectacular close-up shots. This hot 28-minute-long video was shot using a 5D Mark III extreme wide-angle lens and all of this action is now being offered at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! Grab it today and show me how devoted and loyal you truly are to your Goddess, you foot freaks!

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Foot Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship , Toe Sucking

Added: 23-05-2014 Length:27 min:33 sec
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Brutally Kicking My Slave's Balls In! - With my slave standing before me naked with his hands behind his back, I show off my sexy new red boots and proceed to kick him square in his nuts. I deliver kick after painful kick to his delicate testicles and scold him when he buckles in pain. "Up!" I scream when his knees get weaken and he begins to fall. Standing him upright again, I command him to begin jerking his cock for me only to make him stop long enough to give him another swift kick in his balls. I get more turned on with every kick and I slap him across the face to add insult to injury. I begin kneeing his groin repeatedly and hitting his face in between hurling degrading comments his way. When he's finally unable to stand any longer I have him get on all fours and continue kicking his throbbing nuts in. I'm absolutely relentless in my assault and show no mercy on this slave as I attack him with my boots. He's in such excruciating pain that he'll be pissing blood for a weak and his agony really gets my juices flowing!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 22-05-2014 Length:7 min:40 sec
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Your Dick is limp and Pathetic! - Today I have a new slave I'm going to break in. I've never fucked him so I decide to give him a try to see if he's any good. I call him over to me and am impressed by his tight body. However, when he pulls down his underwear I'm definitely not impressed by his laughably small cock! I can't contain my laughter as I look at how tiny his dick is. "You really think you can fuck me with this?" I ask. "No, I don't think so." I make him jerk-off so I can see what it looks like when it's hard and I cackle in laughter as he can't even get it up. Such a small and useless dick! I slap it over and over again while I mock him for having such a pathetic, tiny penis.

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 18-05-2014 Length:4 min:46 sec
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Fucking Your Ass with a Strap-On - Sitting in my bathroom I uncross my legs and reveal that I'm wearing a big, strap-on cock! I know you love it when I fuck you so I'm going to lube up my fingers, loosen up your asshole with them, and then slide this thick dildo deep inside of you. I'm going to give it to you nice and slowly at first and then pound you faster as you groan in pain. You like that, you dirty little slut? Watch as I thrust my hips back and forth as I fuck you right up your tight ass.

Categories: Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction , Strap-on

Added: 17-05-2014 Length:4 min:36 sec
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A Cock in Your Mouth and Asshole! - Your secret is out, slave! I know the only way you can get fully erect is from watching huge dicks and imagining them in your mouth and ass. Well, this is just the video for you! With a slave laying naked in my living room I make him shove a huge fake dick in his mouth and insert an inflatable pump-up dildo in his asshole. I fuck his ass with it while I jerk him off and he keeps the rubber cock in his mouth the entire time. I continue stroking his dick as I pound his asshole with the inflated dildo until he cums all over his own stomach. I know watching this has turned you on so now it's your turn to cum! Just imagine these dicks being in your mouth and asshole and blow your load for me, bitch!

Categories: Bi-sexual , Female Domination , Handjobs , Masturbation Instruction , Strap-on

Added: 16-05-2014 Length:7 min:02 sec
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Cleaning My Dirty Asshole with Your Tongue! - Standing in the bathroom I slowly pull down my short jean shorts and panties. Suddenly, my stomach starts cramping and I realize I have to take a massive s$it. I take a seat on my toilet and squeeze out a giant turd as I simultaneously piss as one tends to do. Instead of using toilet paper I have my slave get on his knees and use his tongue to clean my dirty asshole and pussy. I spread my cheeks wide so he can reach my tight, brown hole and make him use his mouth to get me spotless. "Do it more, it's not clean enough!" I order as he licks away at my messy asshole. I occasionally look down at him and revel in this poor loser's humiliation. After having his tongue deep inside of me I show you my asshole so you can decide if it's clean enough or not.

TAGS: ass licking

Categories: Ass Smothering , Female Domination , Humiliation , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 15-05-2014 Length:9 min:35 sec
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Having Some Fun with the Repairman! (Part Five: Milking His Cock) - In the fifth and final chapter of my repairman abuse video series, I have my new slave stand against the wall and bind his arms so he can't move. I give him what he's been wanting and begin gently stroking his rock hard cock in between surprising him with the occasional ball slap or knee to the groin. I get on my knees and tease him by pretending to sick his dick but he'll get no such pleasure from me. Instead I spit on his dick and begin jerking him again, pausing just long enough to smack his balls once more. I grind my hot body up against him and thoroughly enjoy working him into a frenzy. All he wants to do is cum but I refuse to let him right away. I continue teasing and torturing him until finally, at long last, I decide to let him blow his load. I ruin his orgasm by continuing to tug at his dick until he cums again and then do it all over again! I milk this bitch for all he's worth and by the time I'm done with him his cock and balls are throbbing in pain.

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 13-05-2014 Length:12 min:52 sec
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Having Some Fun with the Repairman! (Part Four: Lick My Ass and Pussy) - A rather sexy repairman shows up to work on my air conditioner and it's not long before I'm going to work on him! In the fourth installment of our video series together I make him get on his knees completely naked and begin jerking his cock for me. I make him kiss and lick my legs all over while he touches himself and then climb up on the bed to have him lick my asshole clean. "Work with your tongue," I command as he mouths my ass. Once I'm satisfied with the job he's done on my bottom I roll over and have him put that mouth to use on my shaved pussy. Completely naked I sit on his face and have him continue to lick me and his cock gets rock hard as my sweet juices run down his chin. I love a submissive boy who will do every single thing I tell him like a good bitch!

Categories: Ass Worship , Goddess Worship , Oral Servitude , Pussy Eating

Added: 11-05-2014 Length:7 min:46 sec
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Having Some Fun with the Repairman! (Part Three: Kicking His Balls In) - When a repairman shows up to fix my air conditioner I decide to have some fun with him by burying my crotch in his face and then whipping his ass until it's red, raw, and swollen. I continue the abuse in this video as I make him stand naked before me and repeatedly kick him in the balls. I kick him so hard he falls over so I show a moment of temporary mercy as I stroke his cock to get it fully erect before kicking him in his balls once more. I kick him with such force that he flies backwards and collapses on the floor which makes me laugh in sick delight. I thoroughly enjoy watching this desperate loser suffer and once he gets on his feet again I squeeze his tender balls tightly with my hand. I make him lay down on my floor and step on his crotch with my high-heels. He squirms in pain as I mash my heel into his balls and step on his dick. When I told him I would be having fun with him I don't think this is what he had in mind!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Trampling

Added: 10-05-2014 Length:6 min:06 sec
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Having Some Fun with the Repairman! (Part Two: Beating His Ass Raw) - After a repairman arrives to fix my air conditioner unit, I decide I want to fix his unit and have him get naked for me! "I want to see your huge, erect cock," I tell him as he strips off his clothes. Fully naked, I bend him over my bed and take a cane to his bare ass. I lash him repeatedly before making him stand against the wall and spanking his ass hard with my hand. I cane him even more and it's not long before his bottom is red and swollen. His cock grows harder the more I strike him and it's evident than the punishment is turning him on. "I see you like my game," I say as I kneel down and rub his cock. It drips with pre-cum but he won't be having an orgasm yet. I smack his balls and proceed to continue abusing his ass using a leather strap in place of a cane. I strike him so hard his kneels buckle and he almost falls to the ground!

Categories: Caning , Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Humiliation , Spanking

Added: 09-05-2014 Length:7 min:19 sec
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Having Some Fun with the Repairman! (Part One: Smothing His Face) - When the repairman shows up to fix my air conditioner I can't help but notice he's quite attractive and find myself stealing glimpses of his tight little ass. When he tells me he'll need his tools to fix it I decide that I'd rather fix his tool and start caressing his crotch. "You know, you are very, very cute," I tell him as I work my magic seducing him. "You have nice muscles, you know?" I compliment as I run my hands across his stomach. I guide him to my bed, push him down, and rub my perfect tits in his face which he definitely doesn't seem to mind. "I'm going to play with you," I say as I sit on his face and have him lick my pussy through my sheer white panties. I grind my crotch into his face and bounce up and down on him, smothering him in the process.

Categories: Ass Smothering , Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 08-05-2014 Length:8 min:07 sec
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Orgasm Teasing and Denying In Latex! - Kneeling above my slave's face I have him lick the crotch of my latex suit and tell him that if he gets hard for me I might reward him by playing with his dick. As he licks away at me I begin gently stroking his cock and rubbing his balls with my latex gloves. I get him close to orgasm and just when he thinks I'm going to let him cum I deny him the privilege and spit on his cock instead. As he continues to lick my crotch I tease him by repeatedly getting him close to climax with my hand and then refusing to let him blow his load. I finally show mercy on this loser by tugging his dick until he cums all over his own stomach.

Categories: Female Domination , Gloves , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Tease & Denial

Added: 06-05-2014 Length:8 min:19 sec
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Choking My Slave with My Arms, Legs, and Ass! (part 4) - Summoning my slave to my side I explain to him that I've had a very bad day. My boyfriend and I have called our relationship quits and I'm going to take my frustration and anger out on him. I make him sit before me, put him in a sleeper hold, and choke him so hard that his face turns beat red. Getting creative, I choke him using my legs while smothering his face with my hands and then latch on to him with yet another sleeper hold. Because I work out on a regular basis my arms are quite strong and I show no mercy as I squeeze his puny neck. I release him from the choke hold long enough to have him kiss my biceps and then use my thighs to crush his neck again. I make him lay on the floor and sit directly on his neck which is extremely dangerous and I watch as he flails around fighting to breathe. "All you men are the same," I say as I crush his windpipe with my crotch. I proceed to sit on his face and smother him with my bottom before finally showing him mercy and letting him fuck my boots for just a bit.

Categories: Ass Smothering , Boot Domination , Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 04-05-2014 Length:9 min:54 sec
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Making My Slave Worship My Leather Boots! (part 3) - With his pants off I make my slave get on all fours and I deliver a swift kick to his nuts with my heavy boots. He cries out in pain and before he even has a chance to recover from the pain I demand that he worship my feet by licking my boots all over. "Make them shiny and clean," I say as he mouths them while I sit back and watch, smiling ear to ear. "Now lick my soles," I bark before having him suck my heel. Knowing he'll do anything I tell him to do brings me great excitement and I beam with delight as I continue watching him clean my boots with his tongue.

Categories: Boot Domination , Boot Worship , Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 03-05-2014 Length:4 min:01 sec
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Kicking My Slave's Balls In! (part 2) - After discovering that my slave has failed to clean my house as asked, I dish out his punishment in the cruelest of ways. I make him stand before me and kick him square in the nuts with my shiny leather boots. I gag him with his own shirt before kicking him again and he keels over as muffled groans of agony escape him. I deliver blow after brutal blow to his balls with my hard leather boot and scold him every time his knees buckle. "Look at me," I demand before driving my boot into his swollen nuts with such force that he falls to the floor crying in pain. I make him get on all fours and take a seat on his back, insulting him as I occasionally slap his ass. I give his throbbing balls a break by making him worship my boots by licking them clean as I sit down and supervise his work.

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 01-05-2014 Length:8 min:38 sec
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Beating My Slave's Stupid Face! (part 1) - *****custom request*****
Checking in on a slave who I'd sent to clean my house, I find he hasn't done a single thing and am furious with him. I slap him across the face hard and scold him for his insubordination. I inform him that it's time for his punishment and make him stand before me as I bind his hands together. "Now I'm going to punish you, you useless, stupid jerk," I say as I brutally slap his face over and over again. I make him sit down, straddle him, and continue beating the crap out of his stupid face. I make him thank me in between viscous smacks and berate him the entire time. "You fucking stupid, useless slave," I growl as I beat him. His face gets more and more red with every strike and I take immense pleasure in his pain. How much more torture can his swollen face take? Find out!

Categories: Face Slapping , Female Domination , Humiliation

Added: 29-04-2014 Length:6 min:56 sec
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Will You Be My New Toilet Slave? - Today I'll be holding auditions for a new toilet slave. Do you think you have what it takes? I guess we'll find out! After one potential slave fails me it's your turn to see if you can fill the position. Follow me into my bathroom, get on your hands and knees, and clean my dirty toilet using only your mouth. Lick it clean with your tongue and don't miss a spot. Oh, and did I mention I just took a huge piss and didn't flush? Lift the toilet seat up and start licking while I sit back and laugh as you do it. I get such a kick out of making you my little bitch. When I woke up this morning I took a massive shit and I hope you can still smell it and even taste it!

Categories: Financial Domination , Humiliation , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 28-04-2014 Length:5 min:48 sec
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"50 Shades of Grey" - Ball Busting - In this video, my boyfriend finds me sitting on the sofa reading it again and proceeds to dump all over it. He tells me how crappy it is and how many bad reviews it's gotten which really pisses me off since I didn't ask for or want his opinion. I decide to teach him a lesson by slapping his balls until he's in so much pain he can't stand up any longer! I make him apologize for all of the bad things he said about the book and by the time I'm done with him he's confessing his love for it!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 27-04-2014 Length:9 min:03 sec
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