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Me and Anita Repeatedly Trample a Slave! - When a slave tells us he can handle severe trampling, Mistress Anita and I put him to the test by walking all over him with our heels on. We use him like a carpet and march back and forth across his body while he lays beneath us groaning in agony. We show no mercy as all of our body weight bears down on him and bust out laughing when Anita looses her footing and stumbles to the ground, adorably snorting in delight. She immediately pops back up and joins me on top of our squirming slave who begins crying in pain as we trample him over and over again. We kick our heels off and walk all over him with our bare feet, making sure to stand on his head and even his throat! How much torment can this loser handle? Watch as he writhes in pain while we repeatedly stomp all over him!

Categories: Female Domination , Human Furniture , Humiliation , Trampling

Added: 24-02-2015 Length:7 min:08 sec
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New Slave Experiences Chastity Cage while Licking My Pussy! - When this loser asked to step into my world, he had no clue the trouble he was in for! When he agreed to rent me an apartment free of charge if I showed him what being a dominatrix is all about, I wasted no time turning him into my obedient new slave. He quickly finds himself strapped to a table naked with a chastity cage secured to his cock while I tease him by grinding my hot body into his. Groans of discomfort escape the ball gag he`s wearing as he longs to touch me but can`t, his growing hard-on that`s restricted by the cock cage aching in its confinement. I sit on his face, make him sniff my crotch, and pull my panties aside to have him lick my wet, shaved pussy. "Lick it better!" I shout as he wines in agony, wanting so badly to cum but being completely unable to. He squirms in misery as he eats me out, the metal cage around his cock digging into his dick as his erection throbs. "I`m going to cum on your face," I say as I kneel above him, my perfect tits exposed and nipples hard. I have a powerful orgasm as he licks my pussy and thank him with a few brisk slaps to the face!

TAGS: chastity

Categories: Female Domination , Oral Servitude , Orgasm Control , Pussy Eating

Added: 22-02-2015 Length:11 min:11 sec
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Pissing Everywhere for My Toilet Slave! - You like the sight of my big, exposed breasts and shaved pussy but I know what excites you the most: the thought of being my toilet slave! That`s right; I know you fantasize about being my human toilet paper and cleaning my pussy with your mouth after I`ve relieved myself. Watch while I spread my pussy and piss all over floor as you imagine you were laying beneath me. Open your mouth so I can piss directly in it and swallow every drop as I spinkle my warm fluid all over you. I`m like a waterfall of piss as I soak my patio over and over again just for you. I make such a big mess but it`s okay. After all, I have you to clean it up, right? Get down on all fours and lap up my piss! Now put that mouth to work by licking and sucking my pussy clean, too. That`s a good toilet slave!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 21-02-2015 Length:5 min:07 sec
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Sissy Violated from Both Ends by Me and Lady Asmondena! - With the gorgeous Lady Asmondena by my side, we sit on her sofa and make Chantel, her obedient sissy slut, show us her cock and laugh at how pathetically small it is. "It`s like a little pig cock," we tease as we humiliate the cross-dressing loser. "You call this a cock? I don`t think so, it`s so small!" I taunt as we continue mocking Lady Asmondena`s sissy slut. We repeatedly slap Chantel`s face, laughing while we do it, before having her suck our strap-ons. With Chantel on all fours, I make her take my cock deep in her mouth while Lady Asmondena lubes up her gloved hand and loosens the sissy slut`s asshole using her fingers. It`s a full-on threesome as Lady Asmondena slides her strap-on in her slave`s ass and fucks her from behind while I continue having her suck my big, black dick! She moans and groans as we violate her from both ends, laughing uncontrollably as we humiliate this sissy slut!

TAGS: slut training

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training

Added: 20-02-2015 Length:5 min:52 sec
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POV Tease and Squirting while I Cum! - Stripping out of my sexy, skimpy outfit I tease you with my perfect body by removing my bra to show you my big tits and hard nipples. I shove my perky tits in your face and have you smell them before sliding my panties down to flaunt my round ass. "I want you to sniff my asshole," I say as I spread my cheeks to give you a nice view of my tight hole. Stick your tongue inside of me and lick me clean, slave, and then watch as I suck my black vibrator while you imagine it`s your cock. I look as gorgeous as ever while showing you every inch of my body in this POV video that`s too hot to miss! Watch as I fuck myself with my toy and listen to how wet I am as I make myself cum and drip my sweet juices all over the floor. As I have a powerful orgasm I squirt all over the place and make you lick my wet pussy clean. Continuing to fuck myself, I squirt so much the floor is totally soaked! I bet you wish I were squirting all over your face, don`t you?

TAGS: masturbation , strip tease

Categories: Squirting

Added: 19-02-2015 Length:8 min:43 sec
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Suck and Get Fucked by My Huge Black Cock! - You love watching me as I stand here wearing my big, black strap-on, don`t you? I know what your fantasy is. You want to get fucked by it! Maybe I`ll make your dreams come true but first get on your knees and suck this huge black cock of mine. Take it so far down your throat you gag on it like a good sissy bitch and if you do a decent enough job maybe your wish will come true and I`ll fuck your asshole with it. I`ll pound you hard and fast and when I`m done I`ll shove it back in your mouth and make you suck it some more! Sit there and jerk-off while you watch me with my huge strap-on, imagining you were sucking it so hard and deep your eyes begin to water before taking it in your tight asshole. Jerk faster and faster and cum when I tell you to!

Categories: Bi-sexual , Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction , Strap-on

Added: 17-02-2015 Length:5 min:57 sec
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Torturing and Confusing My Slave`s Cock and Balls! - "Get up!" I order my slave as I eagerly gear up to punish him for masturbating without my permission. I go on to announce that I`ve brought a few toys for him and, as he stands before me, I fasten a choker around his neck, straps to his wrist, and use a bar to secure his hands behind his neck. I make him follow me deep into an old, abandoned building to teach him a painful lesson that hopefully serves as a reminder to never touch his dick without my consent ever again. I pull down his shorts to expose his cock and balls and when I begin tugging on them he flinches in agony. "Don`t move, I said!" I scold as I slap him across the face so hard the sound echos throughout the room. To stifle his groans I gag his mouth and proceed to bind his genitals tightly with black string. For minutes on end I torture his tender cock and balls by hitting them repeatedly in between confusing him by gently stroking his dick. The poor asshole doesn`t know whether to bleed or cum and I love every second of it!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Cock Tease , Female Domination

Added: 15-02-2015 Length:11 min:16 sec
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Extorting a Slave's Money with Mistress Maya! - "I've had this pig in here for, like, five days now," Mistress Maya tells me as she sits atop her slave's cage. She's locked him up until he gives her all of his bank account information but he's proven to be quite stubborn. "We want all of your money and you're going to give it to us," Maya tells him while she pulls on his leash. Holding our feet up to the bars of the cage, we make him lick our shoes before kicking them off to have him sniff our bare feet while we cackle in delight. We mash our feet into his face while insulting him and demanding that he give us his banking information. When he continues to deny us we decide it's time to step up his torture and remove him from his cage to really lay on the abuse. We slap him, spit on him, and whip him as we demand his account details. "I can't live if I give you all of my money!" he begs. "You don't need to live!" we reply as we beat him repeatedly. We whip him, smash his cock and balls and torture his nipples, laughing the entire time as he cries out in pain. Will this little piggy finally cave and give us his money? Find out!

Categories: Face Slapping , Female Domination , Financial Domination , Foot Domination

Added: 14-02-2015 Length:18 min:05 sec
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Face Sitting and Smothering with Mistress Anita! - In our sexy lingerie Mistress Anita and I torment a slave by seeing how long he can hold his breath as we make him lay down and take turns smothering him with our asses. As Anita sits on his face I gently play with his cock and we soon trade places so I can have my turn smothering the loser. "Is it comfortable to sit on?" Mistress Anita asks me as I sit atop the slave's face while he struggles to breathe. Over and over again we take turns smothering the jerk with our asses while he lays beneath us and takes the twisted abuse! We sit on him and laugh as he fights for air, enjoying every second of his obvious discomfort.

Categories: Ass Smothering , Cock Tease , Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 13-02-2015 Length:13 min:51 sec
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Lady Asmondena and I Make a Sissy Slut Suck Our Strap-Ons! - Continuing to have our dolled-up sissy slut suck our big, strap-on cocks, I ram the dick deep down the loser's throat until she gags on it and pause long enough for Lady Asmondena to spit in the slut's mouth. I follow suit and spit in the slave's mouth as well before cramming the strap-on down her throat again. "Take it deeper," I say as I force-feed this sissy my cock while my sexy mistress friend watches. "We're going to fuck you, Chantel," Lady Asmondena informs our sissy as we tower above her with our strap-ons ready to go. We take turns having her suck our cocks and she obeys our every command like a good slut. We completely own this pathetic sissy and she'll do everything we tell her! Lady Asmondena and I laugh in cruel delight as we take turns molesting this loser's mouth. She hungrily takes both strap-ons like a champ!

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Spitting , Strap-on

Added: 12-02-2015 Length:6 min:21 sec
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Take My Piss Like a Good Toilet Slave! - You really want to drink my piss again one more time, don't you? Look at my pretty pink pussy as I hold it up to your face and pee all over you, toilet slave. My bladder's nice and full so I hope you're ready to get drenched with my warm urine! As I rub my pussy I piss over and over again making a mess out of you as I cover you from head to toe with my piss. Now take my pee in your mouth and swallow it like a good toilet slave. That's right; I want you to drink my piss! Sitting on the edge of my bathroom sink I continue to pee and When I'm finally done relieving myself I use the faucet to wash myself clean while you watch. You won't be washing yourself off, though. I want you to wear my piss all day!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 10-02-2015 Length:3 min:38 sec
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Making a Sissy Slut Dance and Suck Cock with Lady Asmondena! - After making our sissy slave fetch a marker, Lady Asmondena writes "slut" on her chest before making her dance for us while we laugh hysterically at how pathetic she looks. "Show us how beautiful and sexy you are," we taunt as this sissy slut attempts to move to the music. We thoroughly enjoy every second of this loser's embarrassment as we watch her dance, cackling in delight as we berate her. Deciding we've had enough of her show, we have the sissy fetch our strap-ons and Lady Asmondena and I take turns making the slut suck our big cocks. It's non-stop laughs as we humiliate this ugly loser together! Lady Asmondena proves she's every bit as twisted as I am and I love it. Such fun!

TAGS: crossdresser

Categories: Face Slapping , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 08-02-2015 Length:5 min:24 sec
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Me and Mistress Maya Torment Our Tardy, Slovenly Driver! - My dominatrix friend Maya and I are supposed to be going out to a hot club tonight but our driver`s nowhere to be found. When he finally shows up, late and dressed like a slob, we waste no time taking our anger and frustration out on him. His apologies fall on deaf ears as we take turns crushing his cock and balls by delivering painful blows to his crotch with our knees. When he falls to the floor we kick his balls and have him clean our boots with his mouth. "How dare you be late for us!" Mistress Maya shouts while I smash his nuts in. We smother him, stomp on him, then pull his pants down to continue torturing his cock and balls by squeezing them as hard as we can while he groans in pain. We relentlessly torture this dirty jerk and Mistress Maya proves to be every bit as cruel and twisted as I am. After viciously bashing his balls in, I jerk him off while sitting on his face but I don`t let him cum!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Cock Tease , Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 07-02-2015 Length:16 min:28 sec
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Me and Mistress Anita Get Our Feet Worshiped! - Joined by Anita, my sexy dominatrix friend, we let our slave out of his cage so we can have some fun with the poor loser. He crawls out naked on all fours and we circle him like sharks as we decide how we`re going to use him. We begin by having him kiss our heels, watching closely to ensure his tongue only touches our shoes and doesn`t graze our flawless skin. We make him lay on his back and as he cleans my heels with his mouth Mistress Anita steps on his chest with hers. "Imagine that you have a fucking cock in your mouth right now," I say as he takes my heel deep in his mouth. Anita and I laugh maniacally as we watch this desperate loser work hard to please us. After teasing him for ten minutes I finally allow him to take off my shoes to worship my bare feet. After kissing them all over I trample him by walking all over his naked body while Anita shoves her heel down his throat and makes him suck it like a cock. She kicks off her shoes to go barefoot as well and we continue making him worship out feet. Over 20 minutes of awesome foot worship that you can`t miss!

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Trampling

Added: 06-02-2015 Length:22 min:31 sec
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Sissy Slave Humiliation with Lady Asmondena! ( Human Ashtray ) - I`m always up for traveling to meet other popular mistresses, and this video finds me in Germany where I`m joined by fellow dominatrix Lady Asmondena. Sitting on her sofa wearing our sexy latex outfits, we summon Chantel, her sissy slave, who obediently comes crawling to our side. In preparation of meeting me, the slut is dressed in her nicest outfit and I can`t help but laugh at the sissy`s dress and make-up. We have her worship my shoes by making her kiss and lick them all over while slapping her ass and cackling in twisted delight. Lady Asmondena and I light up our cigarettes and proceed to use Chantel as our human ashtray by ashing them in the sissy slut`s mouth. "Thank you, mistress," she says as we make her swallow the ashes. We mock her by pinching her chubby belly as we bellow in laughter while we continue humiliating the loser. Lady Asmondena is just as cruel as I am and we have a blast together!

Categories: Female Domination , Human Ashtray , Humiliation , Sissy Training , Smoking

Added: 05-02-2015 Length:6 min:36 sec
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You`re My Toilet Slave so Lick Me Clean! - You want to be my toilet slave, huh? You want to drink my piss and clean my pussy with your tongue? I`m going to pee directly in your mouth so get down on your hands and knees and open up! Look at my pussy as I shove it in your face and squirt my warm piss all over you. My pretty, pink pussy is waiting to cover you with my golden urine and I`ve been saving up a lot for you, slave. Watch as I piss everywhere and can`t stop shooting it all over the place, completely soaking your face and body. Covered in my juice I make you use your mouth to clean me while I watch in delight. You`re my toilet slave and human toilet paper! You won`t believe how much piss I have stored up as I repeatedly piss all over you again and again. Stick that tongue out and clean my pussy, slave!

TAGS: urination

Categories: Femdom Pov , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 03-02-2015 Length:4 min:08 sec
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First Time Cock and Ball Torture for a New Slave! - When a potential slave joins me in my dungeon I explain some basic rules to him since he`s new to my dominatrix lifestyle. I let him know what a safe word is and how it operates and when he seems to understand I have him take his clothes off and attach shackles to his wrists and ankles. I secure his arms above his head and his feet apart, leaving him completely defenseless as I begin squeezing his cock and balls. I hit and slap them while he cries out in pain yet he proves to be tough by not immediately calling out his safe word. I kick him in the balls repeatedly while I laugh at his agony but he doesn`t find the situation as funny as I do. "If you want to fuck me you must take a little pain for me," I say as I gently stroke his cock before squeezing and hitting his balls again. "You must suffer a bit if you want to fuck me," I tell him as I deliver more brutal kicks to his sore nuts. For his first time he takes the pain quite well. I think I`ll keep him!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 01-02-2015 Length:9 min:29 sec
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After Controlling Your Orgasm I`ll Feed You Your Own Cum! - After a new slave impresses me with his threshold for pain I see how obedient he can be by making him lay down with his hands behind his back and playing with his cock while I kneel above his face and have him sniff my pussy and ass. It`s important that he shows self-restraint and won`t cum without my permission; a key element I look for in a slave. I see how well he can follow instructions as I jerk him off while smothering his face with my crotch. "You can`t cum and you know it, right?" I ask while I play with his dick. He desperately wants to cum but I deny him an orgasm by getting him to the brink of explosion only to confuse his senses by slapping his cock and squeezing his balls. I laugh in delight as he squirms in discomfort beneath me, dying to cum but being denied the pleasure. "Remember, only I will decide when you cum," I reiterate as I tug his dick until finally allowing him to shoot his load. I ruin the experience for him by making him open his mouth and feeding him his own warm cum!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Cum Swallowers , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control

Added: 31-01-2015 Length:8 min:39 sec
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Sissy`s Ass Paddled then Fucked with Godzilla-sized Strap-On! - Calling my sissy slut before me I make her thank me for nothing in particular and when she fails to sound enthused I slap her in the face repeatedly. I punish her by bending her over and whipping her ass while making her say thank you over and over again. I switch to a leather paddle and hit her until her bottom is beat red and swollen before securing her hands, squeezing her balls, and striking her with the paddle even more. "Thank you," she continues to say as her breathing gets heaver while she fights back the pain. Have you ever seen such a bright red ass? Attaching a humungous strap-on cock, I lube up this sissy slut`s tight asshole and slide my giant dick inside of her while she does a shockingly good job taking every inch of it. I fuck her with this Godzilla-sized cock until her asshole is stretched so wide I can fist it!

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on , Whipping

Added: 30-01-2015 Length:12 min:05 sec
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Torment by Relentless Cock Teasing! - As my slave sits naked and secured with his legs spread, I tease him by grinding my hot body against his which makes him hard in seconds. "Want to see my boobs?" I ask as I pull down my latex dress and shove them in his face. "Look at my pussy," I say as I hold it just out of reach of his tongue while he struggles to lick it. I torment him by teasing him relentlessly until he`s dying to jack-off but completely unable to do so. "Please let me cum," he pleads but I refuse to let him and continue driving him wild by playing with my body while he watches. "Please, let me cum," he begs again and I reply by laughing in his face and leaving him alone with aching balls!

Categories: Cock Tease , Female Domination , Orgasm Control , Orgasm Denial , Tease & Denial

Added: 29-01-2015 Length:5 min:06 sec
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