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Foot Worship and Footjob! - As this clip begins, you can tell by my devilish grin that things will be getting interesting quickly. That's exactly what happens as I lead a slave into my living room by his leash and immediately have him start kissing my feet. With my toned, sexy legs looking gorgeous as usual and with my ample cleavage exposed, I take a seat on my day bed and watch as he licks and kisses my cute high heels all over. "Did I tell you to stop?" I ask when he momentarily pauses and punish him by slapping him across the face. After having him take my shoes off I hold my bare feet to his face and have him sniff them while I mash them into his flesh. I make him lay on his back and continue to have him worship my feet by cramming them in his mouth. Taking things in a different direction, I use my spit as lube and give him a footjob he won't soon forget. Spitting on his dick, I massage his cock and balls with my bare feet but refuse to let him cum. Instead, I leave his balls blue and shove my feet back in his mouth!

Categories: Cock Tease , Female Domination , Foot Job , Tease & Denial

Added: 01-11-2015 Length:8 min:56 sec
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Worship Me and Swallow Your Cum! - Don't I look stunning with my jet black hair, revealing red leather dress, and black leather gloves that match my boots? The naked slave before me is taken by my beauty and willing to serve me obediently as he awaits my every command on his hands and knees. I begin with a swift slap to the face and demand that he clean my heels with his mouth. He licks them eagerly as I tower over him, occasionally slapping him across the face without holding back. I tease him with my perfect breasts by shoving them in his face and make him smell them before having him worship my ass by kissing it all over. Kicking things up a notch, I have him lay on the floor with his hands behind his back and proceed to sit on his face to smother him with my crotch. "I'm going to use you for my own pleasure, do you understand me?" I ask as I cackle cruelly. I slide my panties off and make him sniff my pussy and ass. "I want to cum on your fucking face," I say as I make him lick my wet, pink hole. I begin gently stroking his cock as he licks my clit and inform him he's not to cum without my permission. I let him fuck my leather glove as he mouths my pussy hungrily and when I count to ten I graciously let him blow his load only to ruin his orgasm by feeding him his own cum!

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination , Handjobs , Pussy Eating , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 31-10-2015 Length:19 min:18 sec
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A Slave's Mouth Makes the Best Toilet Paper! - Standing in my bathroom I peel off my panties while announcing that I have to use the toilet. I'm going to piss and shit, and when I'm finished I'll be summoning a slave to clean me. Just as I said I would, I squat over the toilet and release a stream of golden urine as I moan in relief. Taking a seat, I squeeze out a turd and that's my slave's cue to get to work. He rushes to my side, drops to his knees, and puts his tongue out as I tower over him. He hungrily mouthes my asshole, cleaning me with his tongue as I spread my cheeks wide for him. "Lick it!" I command as I use him as my human toilet paper. "Good boy," I praise as he laps up all of my shit and piss. "Do you think it's clean enough?" I ask with my ass in your face, stretching my hole wide for you to judge. I want to be perfectly clean inside and out, so I make my slave get back to work with his tongue again. I hate using toilet paper, especially at home where I always have a slave willing to clean me with his mouth. He licks me until my asshole is squeaky clean!

Categories: Ass Worship , Female Domination , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 30-10-2015 Length:6 min:04 sec
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Tormenting a Slave with Strap-Ons featuring Tina Winters! - Joined by the beautiful young Tina Winters, we decide to have some fun with a slave of mine who loves anal play. I don't think this massive black cock is what he had in mind as we summon him to our side and begin molesting him. We start with a smaller strap-on, Tina wearing it as she towers over him, and make him suck it while I supervise the action. we bend him over and I use lube to loosen his asshole with my fingers, teaching Tina my technique as I demonstrate on the slave's tight hole. As Tina works four fingers inside of him I add to his discomfort by squeezing and twisting his delicate balls. Satisfied that he's sufficiently lubed, Tina slides her strap-on inside of him and fucks him from behind while I position myself in front of him and shove a massive black dildo in his mouth as he groans in humiliation and discomfort. Trading places, I shove the gigantic black cock in his ass and the slut he does a surprisingly good job of taking it as he sucks Tina's fake dick. Kicking things up a notch, I finally get this loser to cry out in pain as I shove the huge black cock deep in his asshole and show no mercy as I work it deeper and deeper inside of him. When we're done with him this idiot won't be shitting right for a year!

TAGS: double dominaion , male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 28-10-2015 Length:17 min:27 sec
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Massive Black Cock in Slave's Tight Ass! - Today I'm training a slave to take a giant, black cock. After all, how can he be my asshole slut if he can't even take a dick in his ass properly? After loosening him up with a slightly smaller strap-on cock, I switch to my massive black one to see if he can handle it. It's the biggest strap-on I own, and your jaw will drop when you see how gigantic it truly is. There's no way it can actually fit inside this loser, is there? We're about to find out as I take my position behind the bent over slut and slowly work the tip of this mammoth cock inside of him while he groans in agony. "It hurts!" he cries out as I slide another inch inside of him, stretching his tiny asshole wide. This black cock is almost fifteen inches long, and it's my mission to see how much if it this slave can take. It's so thick its girth tears his asshole apart and his humiliation makes me smile from ear to ear. This loser is now my little anal slut!

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 27-10-2015 Length:6 min:45 sec
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Training Slave to Take a Big Cock! - Today I'm going to train my slave to take a huge black cock. If he's going to be my new slut, he has to learn to take dicks of all sizes and colors! I break him in slowly, first using my lubed-up fingers to loosen his tight, virginal asshole before sliding my smaller white strap-on cock inside of him. It's still a damn big cock but I use the word "smaller" since it's nothing compared to the massive black dick I'm building up to. Harder and faster I pound his asshole while he groans in discomfort and humiliation. "You enjoying that, slut?" I ask as I ram him from behind like the bitch that he is. Being gentle is for pussies, so I show no mercy as I violate him for the first time by relentlessly pound him deeply and making sure that he takes every inch of my dick. With his asshole sufficiently broken in, I think it's time to break out the huge black cock to see if he can handle that!

Categories: Female Domination , Sissy Training , Strap-on

Added: 25-10-2015 Length:5 min:47 sec
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Trampling, Feet in Face, Smothering, and Hand Release! - As my slave lays naked in bed, I take a seat next to him and decide to play with his cock and balls. I start off squeezing them with my strong yet feminine hands and quickly kick things up a degree by standing on top of him and trampling him with my bare feet. I walk all over his body and mash his cock and balls in with my soles as he winces in pain beneath me. Resuming my position at his side, I rub my feet all over his dick before switching things up and shoving them in his face while I jerk his dick. He hungrily mouths my feet all over as I jack him off using my spit as lube while he moans in pleasure. "Worship my feet!" I say as I continue stroking his hard cock. Taking a seat on his face, he inhales my delicious crotch and begs me to cum as I work his cock and balls with my skilled hands. Frantically thrusting his hips up and down, he fucks my hand hard and fast while moans that have been stifled by my smothering ass fight to escape him. Soon he's blown his load everywhere and I laugh as I wipe it all over his stomach. Too funny!

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Worship , Handjobs , Trampling

Added: 24-10-2015 Length:7 min:15 sec
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My Foot Worship Masturbation Game! - Today we're going to play a new masturbation game. The rules are, when my slave worships my beautiful feet by kissing, licking, and sniffing them all over; you're allowed to jerk your cock. However, when I tell you to stop you're to immediately take your hands off of your dick, got it? Good! With the rules all laid out let's begin. Summoning a slave to my side, he kneels naked at my feet and begins gently kissing my feet. That's your cue to jerk-off, so whip that cock out and start stroking it for me! Get nice and hard as you jack it to me and now... stop! The slave's not touching my feet anymore so you better not be stroking your cock right now. As you continue playing my game your cock aches to cum but there's no guarantee I'll even let you. You'll have to watch this video and play along if you want to shoot that load of yours!

TAGS: feet joi , masturbation games

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship

Added: 23-10-2015 Length:11 min:14 sec
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Ruining a Helpless Slave's Orgasm! - I've punished this slave a lot today but I'm not done with him just yet! Before setting him free to lick his wounds I'm going to torment him one more time by ruining his orgasm. As he stands tied to the foot of my bed completely naked, I drop to my knees and begin gently stroking his cock with my lubed-up hand. Given how sexy I look in my red latex corset and sheer top, it's no wonder he gets hard so quickly and even though I've tortured him all day he still wants to get off for his perfect goddess. "Are you ready to cum, slave?" I ask and without skipping a beat he enthusiastically affirms that he is. I continue jerking his big, hard dick but the moment he begins to cum I ruin it by quickly removing my hand and leaving him dribbling cum all over the floor.

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 22-10-2015 Length:6 min:04 sec
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Worship and Cum on Our Feet! - Me and the lovely Anna Myst have been shooting all day and our feet are tired and sore from the long day of filming. Taking a seat in my back yard, we rest our aching feet and kick our shoes off so you can worship us properly. Our bare feet are so smelly and sweaty and it's your job to clean them using your mouth! Lick, suck, and kiss our feet all over, tasting our filth and breathing in the foul odor. These gross, stinky feet are turning you on, aren't they? Take that cock out and jerk-off while you continue worshiping our feet with your tongue. Lick between our toes, suck them, and kiss them as you stroke yourself but you're not allowed to cum until I finish counting to ten. Are you ready to cover our feet with your hot cum? One, two, three...

TAGS: feet joi , joi

Categories: Barefoot , Femdom Pov , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 20-10-2015 Length:7 min:34 sec
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Measuring Slave's Swollen, Kicked-In Balls! - A while back I used measuring tape to record the size of my slave's balls before and after kicking the shit out of them. It's time for round two, and this time I want to see his balls swell even larger! After once again measuring his scrotum, I instruct him to spread his legs as he stands naked before me and you know what happens next. Wearing my white high-heels I deliver ten brutal kicks to his bare nuts and cackle in twisted delight as he buckles in pain. "Funny, huh?" I joke as I continue kicking his tender balls in. "Poor, poor balls!" I tease in between viciously striking him with my foot. After barely making it through my tenth kick it's time to measure his sack and I drop to my knees with the measuring tape to see how swollen it's grown. Sure enough, his balls have indeed gotten bigger but I think I can get them a bit larger. As he kneels before me I dish out another ten agonizing kicks while he bellows in pain. Exactly how swollen can this loser's balls get? Watch this especially brutal video to find out!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 18-10-2015 Length:9 min:58 sec
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Making My Slave Eat Mashed Food off of the Floor! - "Are you hungry, slave?" I ask as he kneels by my side. When he answers in the affirmative I tell him he's in luck and that I'm going to share my breakfast with him. After dropping a few cherry tomatoes on the floor, I mash them up with my bare feet before giving him permission to eat them. Like an animal he scarfs them down and when I decide he's had enough I make him lick my feet clean. Feeding him like a pig proves to be quite fun for me so I go for round two by mashing more food into the floor and making him eat it while I watch and enjoy a glass of wine. "Thank you, Mistress," he says as he chews the smashed food. This disgusting piggy will do everything I tell him!

TAGS: chewing , food spitting , foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Foot Humiliation , Humiliation

Added: 17-10-2015 Length:6 min:08 sec
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Give Us All Your Money or Else! - Sitting outside with the gorgeous Anna Myst by my side, we inform you that we've got pictures of you dressed like a sissy and if you don't want everyone to see them, you better do everything we tell you! We blackmail you by threatening to send the photos to your wife, boss, and all of your friends unless you obey our every command. If you want us to keep these images a secret, you better give us every penny you have, loser. As if that's not bad enough, we want you to send us a new picture of yourself dressed like a little girl every single day. Oh, and I hope you like having a dildo shoved up your ass because you'll be sticking one up there as well! We own you now, and we laugh devilishly as we demand you pay us, send us more humiliating pictures, and fuck yourself in the ass with a big rubber cock. You'll do as you're told or else we'll wreck your life and thoroughly enjoy doing it!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Financial Domination , Humiliation

Added: 16-10-2015 Length:5 min:16 sec
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Smothering and Squirting on a Slave's Face! - As my slave lays naked with his arms tied to his legs, I kneel over him and inform him that I'm going to be smothering his face with my bare pussy. Making good on my word, I position myself above him and sit on his head while he squirms beneath me while fighting for air. Rising to my feet, I stand over him and fuck myself with a vibrator until I squirt all over him! I continue drowning him in my warm fluids as I tower over him and ram the toy in and out of my pretty little pussy. He's completely soaked, and lowering my wet crotch to his mouth I have him lick me clean only to stand back up and squirt all over him some more! I spit in his mouth and twist his nipples before smothering him with my pussy again. I leave him tied up and drenched in my piss and cum!

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination , Squirting

Added: 15-10-2015 Length:7 min:39 sec
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Worship my smelly feet - You know you want to worship my perfect feet in these gorgeous high heels of mine. Do it, then! Get on your hands and knees and suck the long heels, taking them deep into your mouth but don't you dare touch my bare skin, you got it? Work with your tongue and lick my shoes all over, getting more and more aroused as you hungrily mouth them while I sit back and watch. My feet are smelly and sweaty from running around all day, and if you're lucky I might take my heels off and let you lick them clean. stick out that tongue and worship my adorable feet, paying special attention to my toes as you suck them and lick between them. Open your mouth wide because I'm going to cram my foot down your throat, slave!

TAGS: dirty feet , feet joi

Categories: Dangling , Foot Fetish

Added: 13-10-2015 Length:8 min:14 sec
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Eat My Shit and Lick My Asshole Clean, Slave! - Are you ready for my shit, slave? As I stand over you, I slowly hike up my dress to reveal my perfect bare ass. Spreading my cheeks wide, I position myself above your face and shit directly into your open mouth. You like eating my stinky shit, don't you? Well, enjoy your dinner as I squeeze a big turd down your throat and make you swallow every last bit of it. You're my human toilet, so take all of my shit while you sniff my asshole and when I'm finished emptying my bowels inside of you I want you to lick me clean. You're my obedient little toilet slave so get to work doing your damn job! Swallow all of my shit and use that tongue of yours to clean me up afterwards. Being my toilet turns you on so badly, doesn't it? Jerk-off that cock while you lick my asshole!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 11-10-2015 Length:6 min:17 sec
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Relentlessly Whipping a Slave's Bare Ass! - With my naked slave tied to my bedposts I dish out painful punishment using my whipping rod on his bare ass. He cries out in agony as I repeatedly lash him and love every second of his anguish. I want to see how many blows he can take and cane him relentlessly until the cane actually breaks! That doesn't slow me down a bit as I reach for my leather whipping rod and go to work tormenting his tender ass even more. His bare bottom is red and throbbing in pain but I won't be showing him mercy anytime soon. I continue fucking him up and make him beg me for more, unleashing a barrage of painful lashes while he keeps count and thanks me in between. Guess who won't be sitting down anytime soon? That's right; this dirty jerk!

Categories: Corporal Punishment , Female Domination , Whipping

Added: 10-10-2015 Length:5 min:44 sec
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Punishing a Slave with Strap-Ons featuring Anna Myst! - Me and the sexy Anna Myst gave our slave one simple task: jerk-off and cum for us or suffer the consequences. After failing to blow his load as commanded, we make good on our word by punshing him with two massive strap-on cocks. Bending him over a table in the back yard, I shove my huge rubber dick in his mouth and make him suck it until he gags while mistress Anna slides her cock in his tight asshole and fucks him from behind. It's double penatration and double his humilation as we voilate him from both ends and laugh in devious delight as we do it. Trading places, it's my turn to tear open his virginal asshole and he writhes in agony and shame as I ram my cock in and out of him while Anna makes him choke on hers. Maybe this will teach this loser a lesson!

TAGS: double dominaion , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 09-10-2015 Length:8 min:53 sec
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Foot Worship and Ball Kicking! - After catching my slave masturbating without my permission, I punish him by kicking his balls in but I'm not done with him yet. In this video, I continue his punishment by making him worship my bare feet. There's one little catch, however: if he gets a hard-on I'm going to kick his balls in again! Naked and on his hands and knees, he pants in excitement as he licks and kisses my cute little feet all over but they prove too hard to resist and it's not long before he's tugging his erect cock. Since he's failed to follow my twisted rules, I make him stand before me and make good on my threat as I kick him in the nuts repeatedly. I make him return to his position on the floor, having him continue worshiping my feet with his mouth, but his cock can't help but get hard as he licks and sucks every inch of them and it's time to teach his nuts another lesson. He better ask me before jerking his cock next time!

Categories: Ballbusting , Female Domination , Foot Domination

Added: 08-10-2015 Length:6 min:44 sec
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Rewarding Foot Worship with Orgasm featuring Mistress Kate! - Joined on my bed by the gorgeous Mistress Kate, I ask her if she'd once again like to have her pretty little feet worshiped. Earlier in the day I introduced her to the joys of having them mouthed and she definitely wants to experience it again. "It was nice, I want one more time," she says as we sit on the edge of my bed so I quickly summon a slave who obediently comes crawling to our side. "Can I please worship your feet?" he asks Mistress Kate who replies with, "Yes, of course." He immediately puts his mouth to work kissing her feet all over while I lube up his cock and begin jerking him off. We laugh in delight as we rub our feet all over his face and watch as he eagerly kisses, licks, and sucks every inch of them. With our feet on his face and my hands on his cock, this loser can't handle it and is so horny he's aching to cum. As I stroke his cock he blows his load all over his stomach and I make sure I squeeze out every drop. It's his reward for being such a little good foot slave!

TAGS: double dominaion , foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship , Handjobs

Added: 06-10-2015 Length:5 min:44 sec
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