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Slave Worships My Feet Outside with His Mouth! - Using my commanding voice, I summon a slave and make him worship my beautiful feet with his mouth. He's eager to do it since pleasing me is what the loser lives for. Relaxing in my back yard, I take a seat and watch as he licks my white shoes all over. I kick them off so he can also lick my bare feet, smiling in delight as my slave obeys my every instruction. I make him lay beneath me and shove my toes down his throat, occasionally rewarding him by rubbing my feet on his hard cock. He gently licks, sucks, and kisses my perfect feet, properly worshiping them like a good slave while I enjoy every second of it. I have this jerk well trained, don't I? If you ever want to become one of my slaves, you better be able to worship my feet the way I like it!

Categories: Barefoot , Cock Tease , Female Domination , Foot Worship

Added: 10-09-2016 Length:7 min:51 sec
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My Human Exercise Step - Today I'm going to use my slave as my human exercise step. It's going to be quite funny for me, but very painful for him! As he lays on his back outside, I get a light workout in by stepping up and down on his bare body and making him thank me while I do it. I walk all over him while he cries out in pain, laughing at his misery as I continue to trample him with all of my weight. I bounce up and down on him, then stomp on his belly before making him get on all fours so I can kick him in his flabby gut. He grunts in agony as I keep kicking his chubby tummy, then push him onto his back again so I can trample him some more. "You need to suffer for me!" I scream as I squish him beneath my feet. I have so much fun hurting this tiny-dicked loser!

Categories: Cfnm , Female Domination , Human Furniture , Trampling

Added: 08-09-2016 Length:6 min:29 sec
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Spitting Chewed Food Into My Slave's Mouth! Surprise for my hungry fat loser - As my slave lays naked outside on his back, I take a seat over him and repeatedly spit into his open mouth. I hope this fat loser's hungry, because I have a surprise in store for him! After chewing up a strawberry with my sexy mouth, I feed him like a baby bird by spitting the mashed remains down his throat. I laugh as the mangled berries fall all over his face, commenting on how ridiculous and pathetic he looks. I make the chubby idiot get on his hands and knees and stomp fruit into the ground with my high-heels while he watches. I have him lick them clean, then make him eat the mashed up food off of the ground! He eagerly obeys my every command, happily gorging on the food just because it's been in my perfect mouth. I tower over him and cackle in delight, kicking his flabby bottom as he scarfs it all down!

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Spitting

Added: 06-09-2016 Length:10 min:30 sec
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Jerk to My Sweaty Feet with Cum Countdown! - After doing an hour of cardio in the blistering heat of my back yard, I'm a sweaty mess and absolutely reek! The summer sun has made me sweat even more than usual, and now I'm all stinky. My armpits smell foul, but I bet you'd like to lick them, wouldn't you? My feet smell even worse, and I'm sure you'd like to lick those, too! Taking off my sneakers, I hold them up to your nose and make you take a big whiff of their offensive odor. Next I make you smell my dirty socks, and I want you to jerk-off while I wave them in your face. Keep stroking your cock as I peel off these sweat drenched socks and have you inhale the nasty stench of my bare feet! Keep smelling them as you tug your little dick, but you're not allowed to shoot your load until I give you permission! I'm going to slowly count down from ten as you smell my feet, and then I want you to cum all over them! Are you ready? Ten... nine... eight...

TAGS: feet joi , smelly feet , socks smelling

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Humiliation

Added: 04-09-2016 Length:6 min:24 sec
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Cock and Ball Torture in My Back Yard! - Just when this stupid slave thinks I'm done punishing him, he finds out he's in for more abuse and that I've saved the worst for last! Standing naked in my back yard with his hands tied behind his back, I make him spread his legs and begin kicking him in the balls with my bare feet. "Don't even think about falling down!" I warn him as I bash his nuts in with my foot, pausing to confuse his senses by gently rubbing his cock. This is the worst type of cock and ball torture, and I'm about to find out of this loser can handle it! I drive him crazy by kicking his testicles in one second, then slowly jerking his cock the next. I take his swollen balls in my hand and squeeze them tightly, then continue kicking them as he cries out in agony. "Stand up!" I yell when his knees begin to buckle from the pain. I lube up his cock and stroke it with my latex gloves, but will I allow him to cum or will I just keep bashing his poor balls in? Find out!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Cock Tease , Female Domination

Added: 02-09-2016 Length:10 min:45 sec
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Smothering My Slave's Face with My Ass! - Today I'm going to punish my slave by sitting on his lazy, disgusting face. He did a terrible job cleaning my house earlier, and that's just not acceptable! As he lays naked in my back yard, I make good on my threat by squatting over him and smothering him with my amazing ass. I decide whether or not he gets to breathe as he fights for air beneath me. "Sniff my ass!" I demand as I gyrate my hips into him. My skimpy denim shorts show off my amazing legs and spectacular bottom as I continue smothering this fat loser, riding his face and depriving him of precious oxygen. "Do you understand your mistake now?" as I ask as I bounce up and down, but I can't hear his muffled reply with my weight crushing down on him!

TAGS: jeans , jeans face sitting

Categories: Ass Smothering , Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 31-08-2016 Length:6 min:36 sec
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Kicking My New Slave Directly in the Balls! - Let's see how much pain this slave can handle, shall we? As he stands naked in my back yard with his hands behind his back, I begin kicking him directly in the balls with my bare foot and keep track of the blows while I do it. I pause to make him thank me, then deliver the seventh, eighth, and ninth painful kick. The tenth finally drops him to his hands and knees, and while he's down there I make him kiss my feet. I'm not done with him yet, and my counting begins all over again as I continue kicking his swollen balls! I slap him across the face, make him thank me again, and have him kiss my feet some more. He winces in agony as I have him turn around and resume kicking his delicate testicles. How much abuse can this loser take? Watch and find out!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 29-08-2016 Length:6 min:23 sec
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Watch My Hot, Wet Pussy as I Squirt Everywhere! - Today you're going to watch my pussy as I squirt directly in your face, slave. Standing in my back yard wearing only a sheer top that shows off my amazing breasts, I fuck myself with a vibrator and spray my warm juices all over you. Sit back and jerk off as I repeatedly squirt everywhere, soaking you with my sweet fluids as I orgasm. You can hear how wet I am as I continue fucking myself hard and fast, drenching you with my cum as you stroke your dick. I give you a spectacular view of my delicious pussy as I stand over your open mouth and rain my juices down on you. After you blow your load for me, I want you to lick my dripping pussy clean, got it? You won't believe how much I squirt in this insane clip you have to see to believe!

TAGS: wet & messy , solo masturbation

Categories: Pee , Squirting

Added: 27-08-2016 Length:6 min:30 sec
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Punishing My Slave with My Big Strap-On! - Today I'm going to punish my slave by making him suck my huge cock! Standing with my strap-on in his face, I shove it in his mouth and make him take it nice and deep until he gags. I cram it down his throat, making him choke on it as my hips thrust back and forth. "Get up!" I suddenly demand, then quickly turn him around and bend him over my sofa. I make him spread his cheeks and lube up his tight asshole with my gloved hand, working one finger inside of him and then another. "You dirty slave, you deserve to be fucked by me!" I growl as I slide my huge dick inside of him. I pound him hard and fast, slapping his ass while he thanks me in between his groans of pain mixed with humiliation. I pump away, giving him every inch of my big cock, then make him drop to his knees to kiss my sexy high-heels.

TAGS: male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 25-08-2016 Length:5 min:37 sec
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Having Fun Trampling My Naked Slave Outside! - Today I'm going to trample this fucking disgusting slave of mine! As he lays naked in my back yard, I walk all over his body as he writhes in pain beneath me. I step on his crotch, then make him lick the same bare feet that were just crushing his delicate balls. I grind my feet into them again, mashing his nuts with all of my might and showing this loser no mercy. He struggles to breathe as I stand on his chest, and he starts to turn red as I continue walking all over him. He groans as I trample his nude body, and his obvious discomfort brings me tremendous joy. I relentlessly drive my feet into him, pressing down with all of my weight, in between making him kiss my beautiful feet. I threaten to jump up and down on him, but will I really do it? He's kind of a pussy, and jumping on him might just kill the moron. Watch to find out!

Categories: Female Domination , Trampling

Added: 23-08-2016 Length:7 min:48 sec
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Repeatedly Kicking My Slave's Balls In! - "I'm going to punch you today," I tell my slave as he stands naked in my back yard. I have a sudden change of plans and make him spread his legs, then begin kicking him directly in the nuts! You can tell by my muscular thighs that my kicks are no joke, and this loser tries his hardest to stay on his feet as I repeatedly drive my bare foot into his sensitive balls. I laugh at his pain as I relentlessly kick his testicles in until he finally drops to his knees in agony. I continue to assault his swollen nuts while he's down on all fours, smiling ear to ear as I punish him with my feet. I love busting this loser's balls, cackling maniacally and holding nothing back as I do it! How much torture can his nuts take? Find out in this brutal ball busting video!

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Humiliation

Added: 21-08-2016 Length:7 min:45 sec
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Pissing in Your Mouth While You Jerk Off! - So, you want to watch me pee on you, yes? Take out that cock and start jerking-off as I squat down and piss in your open mouth. I look so beautiful outside in my sexy pink lingerie, and you know the sight of my hot pussy squirting all over you drives you crazy! I want you to swallow every drop of my warm urine as you continue stroking your dick, but you're not allowed to cum unless I give you permission. Is my piss tasty, slave? I can't stop peeing all over you, and I love soaking your face with my golden liquid. You won't believe how much piss I have in this little body of mine! Keep that mouth open and take it all while you keep jerking your dick for me. Drink me down, then clean my wet pussy with your mouth. Only then will I finally allow you to cum!

Categories: Female Domination , Masturbation Instruction , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 17-08-2016 Length:6 min:34 sec
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Fat Slave Eats My Chewed-Up Food! - "Are you hungry?" I ask my slave as I guide him into my back yard by his leash like a dog. I'm not too surprised when the fat loser answers that he indeed has an appetite, which is good because I have something special planned for him today. First I make him kiss my shoes before taking them off to sniff my beautiful bare feet. Next, I chew up a strawberry and spit it on the ground, mashing it under my toes, and have him lap up the mess. I chew up another, stepping on this one as well, and demand that he lick my feet clean. I laugh as I continue feeding this jerk the regurgitated strawberries I've smashed on the ground, and things get even messier when I add a banana to the mix! I stomp it into mush, then have him mouth my feet clean again while mocking him for being a fat pig. Oink, oink, piggy!

TAGS: chewing , foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Spitting

Added: 15-08-2016 Length:8 min:09 sec
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Slave Worships My High-Heels and Beautiful Bare Feet! - "Hello, mistress Ella!" my slave happily greets me after crawling to my side on all fours. I demand that he kiss my sexy high-heels, but when he makes the mistake of touching one with his hand I correct his behavior by slapping him across the face. "How dare you touch my shoes without my permission, you dirty bastard!" I scold. I have him carefully remove my heels and make him keep his hands behind his back as he kisses my beautiful bare feet. This idiot must have a learning disability, because he can't stop touching my feet! I slap him hard across the face again, then make him suck each of my adorable toes one by one. I laugh as he desperately tries to please me with his mouth, licking the bottom of my feet as instructed as I mash them into his gross face. Deciding he's had enough, I have him slide my heels back on and send him crawling on his way!

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Humiliation , Foot Worship

Added: 13-08-2016 Length:6 min:33 sec
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Jumping on his Face with My Ass! - I've tied this slave to my outdoor patio sofa, and with his arms secured above his head he's now completely defenseless. He says he's happy to see me, but I doubt he will be much longer! Taking a seat on his face, I smother him with my crotch as I bounce up and down and control his breathing with my perfect ass. I suffocate him with my bottom, grinding it into him as he fights for air beneath me, and it's up to me whether or not he'll get any oxygen. "Put your nose in my asshole and sniff it!" I demand as I fuck his face with my gorgeous behind. I let him breathe long enough to thank me, then plant my ass back on his face and continue to cruelly smother the jerk. "Did you enjoy that?" I ask when I finally allow him to get some air. I make him kiss my ass and leave him tied up on the patio sofa!

TAGS: ass smothering , ass sniffing

Categories: Ass Smothering , Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 11-08-2016 Length:6 min:33 sec
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Making My Slave Worship My Legs and Ass! - Leading my naked slave around my back yard by his leash, he crawls along beside me on his hands and knees like the dog that he is, ready to obey my every command. I'm his mistress, and he's so eager to please me that he'll do whatever I say! I begin by having him lick and kiss my muscular legs all over, taking a seat on his back and watching as he continues to run his mouth up and down them. "Now my ass," I command as I rise to my feet, and he wastes no time covering it with soft, gentle kisses. I make him lay down on his back, and sit on his face so he can sniff my perfect bottom. "Put your nose inside of my tiny asshole," I instruct, and he does as told like the well-trained slave that he is. Hovering over his face, all he can breathe is my delicious ass!

Categories: Ass Smothering , Ass Worship , Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Human Furniture

Added: 09-08-2016 Length:7 min:37 sec
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Rewarding My Slave with a Quick Handjob! - After tormenting my slave all day, I decide to reward him with a tiny bit of pleasure by allowing him to fuck my gorgeous hand. Wearing my latex gloves, I begin to gently stroke his cock as he stands naked in my back yard. I use my spit as lube and jerk his cock harder and faster while his swollen balls ache to be emptied. With his hands tied behind his back, he's unable to touch his little dick so it's completely up to me if the chubby loser gets to cum or not. I repeatedly bring him to the edge of orgasm, and when I finally give him permission to cum he shoots a giant load all over the ground! I make him thank me and leave him tied up and alone in my back yard for the rest of the day.

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Small Penis Encouragement

Added: 07-08-2016 Length:4 min:29 sec
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Drink Every Drop! (including asshole fetish and pussy control) - Are you ready for your golden shower, slave? Today I'm going to piss directly in your mouth, and you're going to drink every drop of it. My bladder is so full, and I can't wait to empty it all over your face! I want you to lay on your back beneath me and open wide, and then I'm going to squat over you and squirt my yellow juice down your waiting throat. Watch my beautiful pussy and tight little asshole as I cover you in my pee, making sure you swallow it and then having you lick me clean. Just when you think I'm done, I have even more delicious piss for you! I hope you're thirsty, because I have a lot of urine for you to drink today. Now that your belly's full of my golden urine, I want you to lick my pussy clean again. Now thank your mistress for the yummy drink she's just given you, slave!

Categories: Ass Fetish , Female Domination , Pee , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 05-08-2016 Length:5 min:06 sec
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Abusing My Fat Piggy Slave! - As my slave stands naked in my back yard, I verbally abuse him by reminding him what a fat, disgusting pig he is. After mocking his tiny cock, I make him jump and down and have him oink like a pig, laughing hysterically at how stupid he looks. I make him crawl around on all fours, demanding that he continue to oink, and pace beside him insulting his chubby body and small dick. I have him rise to his knees and instruct him to touch his little cock, then spit in his face as he strokes himself. I remind the flabby loser that he's not allowed to cum unless I allow him to, pausing to spit in his face again, and watch in amusement as he tugs on his tiny prick. When he makes the mistake of cumming without my permission, I punish him by making him lick it off the ground! The hungry fat-ass laps up every drop while he oinks like the pig that he is.

TAGS: masturbation humiliation , pet play

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 03-08-2016 Length:7 min:04 sec
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Will I Let This Virgin Loser with a Small Cock Cum? - "You're happy to see me," I comment as my slave stands naked before me with an erection. "Yes," he answers, and I immediately slap him across the face while reminding him that the correct answer is, "Yes, mistress." His cock honestly isn't that small, but I tell him it is anyway just to make him feel like the piece of shit that he is. "Let's see if you can cum today," I say, and demand that he begin to stroke his cock. As he slowly jerks his dick, I make fun of how tiny it is, cackling in amusement when he confesses that he's still a virgin. I tease him by gently rubbing my foot across his balls, then drive him crazy by demanding he stop touching himself. I finally allow him to stroke his cock again, but make sure he knows that he can't cum unless I give him permission. Will I finally let this jerk empty his aching balls?

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Masturbation Instruction , Orgasm Control , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 01-08-2016 Length:6 min:52 sec
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