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Most Painful Cum - Boy did this moron make a big mistake! He tried touching me without my permission which is a huge no-no. I throw him up against the wall and rub his cock until it's fully erect and then, when he least expects it, I knee him in the balls as hard as I can! I make him take his pants off and jerk his cock until he close to cumming before kneeing him in the balls yet again. The combination of pain mixed with pleasure drives him crazy. He doesn't know if he wants to cry or cum! After torturing his cock and balls I take pity on him and finally let him shoot his sticky goo... only to have him eat it! That will teach you to touch me without my permission, idiot. Eat your own hot load!

TAGS: handjobs , ball kicking , cock teasing , female domination , tease and denial , orgasm control

Categories: Ballbusting , Cum Swallows , Female Domination , Handjobs

Added: 30-12-2013 Length:8 min:11 sec
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Tied Balls and Feet Worship - With my slave tied securely to the bed with no way to escape, I'm free to do whatever I want with him. I tie his cock and balls up tightly and tug on the rope, torturing him as he squirms beneath me. Then, as I continue to pull the rope and torment his poor balls, I have him worship my feet. I make him lick them all over as he writhes in pain!

TAGS: feet worship , bondage , cock and balls torturing , female domination

Categories: Ball Abuse , Female Domination , Foot Fetish

Added: 29-12-2013 Length:6 min:45 sec
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Teasing You to Death - In this short but very sexy video, I tie my slave up and tease him with my big breasts, perfect ass, and everything else! "Can I touch you?" he asks me. "I don't think so," I reply. I refuse to let him look at me as I show off my hot, flawless body. He begs to touch me as I tease him, but I don't let him. Instead I proceed to tell him just how pathetic and worthless he is! With his cock rock-hard he's dying to cum but he's tied down so tightly that he can't even touch himself. All he wants to do is spray his hot load everywhere but I won't let him!

TAGS: tease and denial , cock teasing , female domination , humiliation , bondage

Categories: Tease & Denial , Female Domination , Cock Tease

Added: 27-12-2013 Length:3 min:43 sec
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My Slave's Heart Attack Scare! - In this video I'm getting ready to go out for a night on the town. I need my boots as shiny and clean as possible, so I recruit the help of my slave. I make him get down on his hands and knees so he can clean them using his tongue as I finish putting on my make-up. Things take a turn for the worse when my slave has a mild heart attack right there on the floor! You can see it at the very end of the video and it was extremely frightening. We rushed him to the hospital and he's fine now but, wow, what a scary situation! He was just too excited to serve me, it seems.

TAGS: female domination

Categories: Shoe & Boot Worship , Goddess Worship , Heel Worship , Boot Worship

Added: 25-12-2013 Length:4 min:57 sec
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Ass-Pounding Punishment - After changing my top and turning around to catch my slave jerking off to my tits, I decide it's time to punish him for his disrespect. He should know by now that if he wants to touch himself, he must ask my permission first! I show no mercy as I fuck him hard with my strap-on. I pound his tight asshole and make him take every inch of this fake dick. "You dirty bastard!" I exclaim as I have my way with him anally. This should teach him a lesson, huh?

TAGS: female domination , strap-on , anal fucking , humiliation , outdoor , jeans

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 24-12-2013 Length:6 min:31 sec
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Worship my pantyhose and tight ass - You love my pantyhose, don't you? I'm going to make you worship me in them and then make you lick my feet and suck my toes. You're going to sniff and lick my pantyhose and then stick your tongue inside my tight asshole. You're going to worship me and do whatever I tell you to do!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Pantyhose/stockings

Added: 23-12-2013 Length:5 min:52 sec
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Gimp's Second Time Sucking Cock - A small amount of improvement in my gimp's cock sucking lessons. I have gimp in a collar, wrist, ankle cuffs, and a metal chain leash. He crawls across the floor to me as I encourage him to come to me faster! I show him my cock, asking him how he likes it. Apparently he likes it quite a lot! I have him touch it with his hands and then his mouth. I sit on the bed and order him, "open your mouth." He does so, and I push his head down to take my dick.

TAGS: strap-on blowjob , mouth violation , throat fucking , humiliation

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 22-12-2013 Length:6 min:49 sec
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I want all of your money! - Oh, baby, I can't believe we're finally married! We've been through so much to get this far. I mean, your parents, your ex-wife, your kids. Just because I'm a young, attractive woman and you're an older guy they automatically accuse me of greed and only wanting you for your money. How rude is that? They said I only wanted you for your money and now, after we're finally married, I can tell you that... they were right! I only want your money! It was so easy to seduce you. You left everything behind, too. Your wife, your kids, your house, and now all of your money belongs to me and you will do what I say! I intend to flat-line your bank account by using my charm to seduce every last cent from you, breaking you like the piggy bank that you are. You're nothing more than a walking wallet, ready to be opened and sucked dry.

TAGS: financial domination , blackmail fantasy , femdom pov , humiliation , seduction

Categories: Femdom Pov , Financial Domination

Added: 21-12-2013 Length:4 min:18 sec
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Clean my Dirty Boots, Slave! - In this clip I have my slave clean my extremely dirty boots using only his mouth. I berate him the entire time, calling him names and pointing out what a useless piece of shit he is. Not satisfied with the job he's doing, I spit in his mouth so he has more lubricant for my boots. Tired from standing, I sit on him until, finally, my boots are shiny and clean.

TAGS: spitting , outdoor , humiliation , dirty boots , boot worship , boot licking , slave training , jeans

Categories: Boot Domination , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 20-12-2013 Length:7 min:16 sec
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Beer Bottle Sodomy - After finding out that my slave has drank all of my beer, I decide that his punishment must be swift and severe. How dare he drink all of my precious beer? I tie the loser to a chair so he CAN"T MOVE AND USE AN EMPTY BEER BOTTLE TO FUCK HIM up his tight ass. I show no mercy as I abuse him and, despite his screaming, I continue to shove the bottle farther and farther up his disrespectful anus. This will teach him not to drink my beer without my permission!

TAGS: anal fucking , humiliation , beer bottle , outdoor , jeans

Categories: Humiliation , Strap-on

Added: 19-12-2013 Length:8 min
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Foot Worship with Heel Cleaning - My perfect feet need cleaning, so I make my bitch boy bathe them with his tongue after he polishes my shiny, red high heels. He works his little tongue so hard trying to please me and worship my feet, thoroughly cleaning between my toes. I make this slave suck my feet as punishment for leaving a mess in my house. If he can't keep my house clean, the very least he can do is keep my wonderful feet spotless!

TAGS: foot worship , high heels , foot fetish , soles , toes , feet tease , goddess worship , heels worship

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Worship , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 18-12-2013 Length:9 min:43 sec
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Surprise, Surprise! - Before taking him to a nice restaurant to celebrate our anniversary, I surprise him by sitting him down, tying his hands behind his back, and questioning him about his infidelity. I go through his phone and interrogate him while spitting in his face. He can deny cheating on me all he wants but it won't stop me from slapping him and calling him names. "How dare you!" I say before spitting in his face again and leaving him tied up and alone to think about what he's done.

TAGS: face slapping , spitting , humiliation

Categories: Face Slapping , Spitting , Outdoor , Humiliation

Added: 17-12-2013 Length:5 min:50 sec
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Riding Slave's Face - In this video I tie my slave to the bed and sit on his face wearing my cute denim shorts . "You are my property," I tell him as I grind my crotch and ass into him. He has a hard time breathing with me sitting atop his face and I love feeling him squirm underneath me. You'll do everything I tell you do to, slave!

TAGS: ass smothering , teasing , face sitting , denim shorts , cock teasing

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination , Ass Smothering

Added: 16-12-2013 Length:6 min:36 sec
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Your cock is pathetic - Are you wondering why I brought you here? I brought you here because I have a "little" problem with you and that problem is your cock! "What's the matter with my cock?" you ask. Well, the problem is it's just way too small. How do you expect to please anybody with that pathetic, tiny thing? It's laughably small and could never satisfy a woman. I'm going to take a picture of it and send it to everyone. I'll even show it to my roommate so we can laugh at it together. How can you call yourself a man with such a small cock between your legs? You're an embarrassment!

TAGS: female domination , verbal humiliation , small penis humiliation , sph

Categories: Small Penis Humiliation , Small Penis Encouragement , Femdom Pov , Humiliation

Added: 15-12-2013 Length:3 min:50 sec
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Punishment is Served! - n this video, I play a police officer who's cornered a thief in an old, abandoned building. When I finally catch him, I'm going to teach this thieving little bitch a lesson! Before I lock him up I'm going to make him take every inch of my strap-on in a place that will leave him walking funny for weeks. I'm going to make him suffer for his crimes!

TAGS: female domination , strap-on , anal fucking , humiliation , cock sucking , outdoor , police officer

Categories: Strap-on , Female Domination , Role Play , Outdoor

Added: 14-12-2013 Length:8 min:48 sec
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No Cumming for You, Slave! - This video finds my loyal slave chained to my bed with me standing on his leather-clad face. I demand he lick my feet before stepping on his cock and whipping his balls over and over again. I get him so worked up all he wants to do is cum everywhere but I refuse to give him the satisfaction. "You useless, dirty pervert!" I say to him as I laugh. There will be no cumming for this slave today!

TAGS: arched foot , cock trampling , teasing

Categories: Foot Fetish , Trampling

Added: 13-12-2013 Length:8 min:40 sec
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Eat Your Own Cum, Slave! - I am giving a handjob to My slave today, wearing surgical gloves. The only thing this bitch can ever fuck is My hand, knowing he won't be allowed to cum until I say so! I touch and even slap his cock for a while, 'til he gets hard as a rock. Then I sit on his chest, stroking his dick and fingering his ass, until he cums at my order. But I haven't finished with him yet, I take his own cum with my fingers and stick it in his mouth. There you go, good slaves always clean their own mess!

TAGS: handjobs , gloves , ass fingering , cum eating

Categories: Handjobs , Female Domination , Cum Swallowers

Added: 11-12-2013 Length:6 min:16 sec
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Asshole Worship - Look at MY gorgeous round ass, stuck in front of your eyes! I bet you crave to see more. So, I bend over a bit, letting you admire My entire beauty and worship it the way it deserves. Kiss it, lick and sniff that beautiful asshole... I want more, so stick your tongue in as deep as you can!

TAGS: asshole fetish , ass worship , femdom pov

Categories: Ass Fetish , Femdom Pov , Goddess Worship

Added: 10-12-2013 Length:3 min:20 sec
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Spitting In Your Ugly Face - My slave annoys me, so I start to verbally humiliate him... I make him sit next to me with his mouth open, and I spit in it. Look at him, sitting there and taking all my saliva, like a good little puppy! He has to swallow all that I give him and thank Me for My precious liquid. Of course he won't be allowed to cum in the end, he's too disgusting to deserve more from Me.

TAGS: female domination , spit fetish , spitting , humiliation

Categories: Female Domination , Spitting

Added: 09-12-2013 Length:5 min:08 sec
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Torturing Your Manhood - I see My slave is getting aroused in his corner, so I decide it's time to play with some rope. I tie his hands behind his back, I stick a hook in his ass and tie it to his head, so he can't move anymore. Now it's time to play with his balls, right? I tie them separately and hang a chain on them and on his cock. But the fun has just begun, because I'm going to pour hot candle wax on his dick! And he can do nothing but sit straight and bear it, while I laugh and have a great time...

TAGS: female domination , ass hook , cbt , candle wax , balls torturing , latex

Categories: Cbt , Female Domination

Added: 08-12-2013 Length:10 min
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