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Worship My Heels and Feet - I call my slave to me and he comes crawling on the floor like a good boy. I have him carefully clean my sexy shoes with his tongue. Then, I have him sit on all fours as he deeply sucks my shiny, metallic heel and licks the dirt from the sole of my shoe. He is a good slave, so it's time for his reward: he takes off my shoes while I put whipped cream all over my bare feet. He gets to lick it all! Each toe, one by one, goes in his mouth while he sucks and licks every single drop. I think he needs to try harder though, so I stick my entire foot deep in his mouth to teach him how a good job is done.

TAGS: heels worship , foot domination , whipped cream , foot fetish , bare feet

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 07-12-2013 Length:9 min:05 sec
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Slave Mouth Fucking with Stiletto - My slave disappoints me when I tell him to lick my shiny high heels clean, unable to keep his filthy tongue off of my nylon stockings! I make him work hard, sucking my beautiful stiletto heels as I whip his ass. This loser has a hard time accomplishing even such a simple task, so I spit in his mouth to help him stay lubricated. He just can't seem to keep his tongue off my nylons, so I make him lick the soles of my perfect, shiny shoes clean - after I fuck his mouth with my tall stiletto!

TAGS: stiletto heels , spitting , humiliation , heels worship

Categories: Female Domination , Shoe & Boot Worship , Spitting

Added: 06-12-2013 Length:8 min:44 sec
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Took Too Long! - I am too fucking nice to you, loser. I start this video off wearing a pair of red pumps and a sexy, short dress. I approach my slave, on the bed, admiring how good I look in this outfit. I join him and start to rub his little dick. I start to jerk off the slave, lubing my hands up really good. I eventually straddle his face, and jerk off his useless dick, until he is screaming, but the pathetic loser doesn't even cum! Eventually, I grow tired for jerking his pathetically small cock, so I just leave him there with a hard on.

TAGS: handjobs , orgasm control , tease and denial

Categories: Handjobs , Tease & Denial , Orgasm Control

Added: 05-12-2013 Length:8 min:31 sec
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Spankings for Bad Boys - To punish my slave for his lack of improvement with his sucking capabilities, I fuck his ass. After I'm all done with him, I walk around him wearing my gorgeous boots, and spank his "not a Virgin" ass with my latex-gloved hands. He is bound, his hands and ankles together, and unable to move or defend himself.

Categories: Female Domination , Spanking

Added: 04-12-2013 Length:5 min:14 sec
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Strap-On Punishment - My slave is tied and finally prepared to take My big cock deep in his throat... at least, this is what he thinks. When I shove my dick inside his mouth, he can't take it as he should, disappointing Me yet again. His dildo sucking skills are crap! So, he must be punished for not practicing enough, as I promissed him I would. His begging for forgiveness falls on deaf ears, because I have decided it's time to have some fun! I cover his mouth with duct tape, so he can't even make a sound, and start preparing his virgin ass for my thick cock. Then I fuck without mercy this faggot's little man pussy. I think now my slut will learn how to suck cock properly, otherwise I will fuck him with a bigger dick!

TAGS: female domination , strap-on , anal fucking , humiliation , throat fucking , cock sucking


Added: 03-12-2013 Length:13 min:34 sec
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Your Cock Belongs To My Boots - I tell my slave to start stroking his cock, while looking at me... he knows he won't be allowed to cum until I say so. I want him first to clean my leather boots, licking them up and down, then on the soles, and sucking the heels. I think it's time for him to fuck my boots, to HUMP them nicely, without using his hands at all. Such an idiot, he won't be allowed to cum until our next meeting...

TAGS: boot licking , boot worship , female domination , heels worship , leather , tease and denial

Categories: Boot Domination , Female Domination

Added: 01-12-2013 Length:7 min:18 sec
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Cum Count Down - Orgasm control - Dressed in a white t shirt, red thong and thigh high black boots, I sit on My slave's face. But first, I torment him and make him suffer for Me! I have him lay down flat and affixed nipple clamps to his nipples. That is the only way to earn the scent of My pussy on his face! I jerk his cock,until his he about ready to explode, but his loser ass doesn't even get to cum until AFTER I count down to the orgasm, hehe do I let My slave cum after all? Or do I deny him? He listens to Me just like a good slut, cumming exactly when I tell him to. And then, i ask him to lick his cum.

TAGS: handjobs , orgasm control , tease and denial , count down , cum eating

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control , Tease & Denial

Added: 30-11-2013 Length:10 min:57 sec
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Gimp Gets Face Fucked - I look totally sexy dressed all in black leather and latex lingerie with my big black harness and dildo attached to it. It is time to teach my gimp to suck cock, which he has never done before. Gimp has a horrible gag reflex which makes him afraid he will throw up if he sucks, but I coerce my slave into opening his whore mouth for me - to have him take my cock. I straddle his chest and sing "I have something for you." I start to really violate his mouth and throat with my strap on and verbally berate and humiliate him for being such faggot for sucking my cock so eagerly.

TAGS: strap-on blowjob , mouth violation , gag reflex , throat fucking , humiliation , leather

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 29-11-2013 Length:6 min:04 sec
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Cock and Ball Torture - I have this slave boy stand naked, masked, and cuffed with his hands behind his back. I tease him with my voice, and body, dressed in a tiny black dress. I use my hands to get his little dick hard, before tying him all up with some black string. He takes a nice cock whipping, while I humiliate and tease him even more for enjoying it. Torturing this losers balls is so fun, I even pull out the clothespins and just pile them onto his pathetic useless balls. I jerk and pull on his cock causing him even more pain and pleasure combined, than i treat his cock with candle wax - he is already beyond his borders and wants only that it's over! The torture continues on, and I leave the pins on his balls to increase the torment until the end of the video.

TAGS: wax play , cbt , teasing , balls torturing

Categories: Cbt , Female Domination

Added: 28-11-2013 Length:11 min:41 sec
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Worship My Red High Heeled Pumps - My long legs are accentuated ever the more by My red pumps. They're so shiny and gorgeous, I know how truly weak just the mere site of them makes you. Even worse, the weakening just increases as I have you worship me. I provide instructions to my loser slave toy, as how else will he know what to do? I have him sniff, and lick and kiss my bare toes, while on his hands and knees. Worship my sexy feet, fucking LOSER.

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Worship

Added: 27-11-2013 Length:8 min:12 sec
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Ass Sniffing Loser Slave CFNM - I look damn good in my sexy latex boots, black thong, and white t-shirt. Beside me, naked and in shackles, kneels my slave. I have him sniff, worship, kiss, and lick my glorious ass. "Fucking bastard, you better sniff in DEEP!" I gleefully encourage him in his worship of my ass.

TAGS: ass sniffing , ass smothering , goddess worship , physical domination

Categories: Ass Worship , Female Domination , Goddess Worship

Added: 26-11-2013 Length:5 min:44 sec
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Face Sitting Nipple Torture - I have my slave bound and tied up on our bed. I'm clad in a sexy purple bra, with a black underbust corset and black pumps. I decide that I want to be pleasured, so I sit atop my tied up slave's face. I make him beg and ask Me to sit on his face, teasing him with my pussy so close. "No, no, no, first of all, you must kiss my bottom!" When he doesn't listen, I pinch his nipples hard.

TAGS: female domination , nipple torture , face sitting , ass sniffing , physical domination , ass smothering

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 25-11-2013 Length:9 min:17 sec
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Trampling My Useless Worker - What is this? Your work?! No, it's just garbage! You're wasting my time with this, and I want to fire you! But I'll give you one last chance to prove you're worthy of something. You need a bit of training. Take off your shirt and get on your knees in front of me, because you will get 10 slaps to your face! Count can't even do this simple task, stupid worker! Lie here, on the floor. I will trample you all over your body with these beautiful shoes and feet, because I'm the boss here!

TAGS: female domination , trampling , face slapping , office scene , high heels

Categories: Face Slapping , Female Domination , Trampling

Added: 24-11-2013 Length:12 min:04 sec
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Spanking The Underling - Come here and read this assignment. Take your time, read it carefully! Now, tell me, what do I want you to do?! You're not able to pay attention at all at work, are you?! You can't even remember what you've just read. OK then, it's time to be punished. Take your pants off, because I'm gonna spank your ass till you've learned the rules, you stupid worker! Your ass is turning red quickly... does it feel good, you perv?

Categories: Female Domination , Spanking

Added: 23-11-2013 Length:6 min:49 sec
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Leather Skirt Worship - As punishment for leaving my house a filthy mess when I told him to clean it, I make my pathetic slave worship my leather skirt with his tongue. He tries to hard to make up for his mistake by polishing my beautiful black leather skirt with his tongue as he wears and collar and leash. As usual, he is a huge disappointment. How hard can it be to keep your tongue wet? I have to spit in his mouth to keep him lubricated. He disobeys me by trying to clean my pussy and ass without permission! I have to punish him more by slapping his face and sending him away.

TAGS: leather skirt , goddess worship , face slapping , spitting , ass worship

Categories: Face Slapping , Financial Domination , Goddess Worship , Spitting

Added: 22-11-2013 Length:7 min:22 sec
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Punishing The Underling - Read the rules, you dumbass, because I'm going to test you after! You can't remember them, heh? OK, undress and put your hands behind your back! I handcuff you and prepare your ass for getting a good fuck with my strap-on. Do you understand now that you have to work better? Take my dick deep in that ass, you worthless man! I don't care how you feel, you have to learn your lesson once and for all. I will also throat fuck you till my dick gets clean, loser!

TAGS: female domination , strap-on , anal fucking , humiliation , femdom pov

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 21-11-2013 Length:8 min:53 sec
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Tongue Boot Cleaning - My tall, shiny black boots need polishing! As punishment for leaving a slobby mess in my house, I teach my slave how to do it with his tongue. He isn't working hard enough at worshiping my feet, so I spit in his mouth to make sure his sad little tongue stays lubricated. Faster, harder, work! I make him suck my boot heels and polish my soles.

Categories: Boot Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Shoe Fetish

Added: 20-11-2013 Length:6 min:38 sec
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Facesitting and Cock Punishment - I walk into My kitchen and discover that My pathetic slave has left a mess in my sink, and he has to be punished! I plant My perfect bottom on his face and don't let him breathe, let him to smell My wonderful ass and pussy. I have to teach this damn loser how to clean my house properly! I slap his cock around as he kisses and bathes my perfect bottom with his weak little tongue.

TAGS: female domination , physical domination , face sitting , ass worship , ass smothering

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination

Added: 19-11-2013 Length:6 min:49 sec
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Gift For My Hubby - Hey, honey, I'm home! I've done some shopping today, do you like the shirt I've bought for you? But this isn't the only surprise I have for you. Look what I hide under my dress... oh, are you shocked? It's a big strap-on, just for you, honey! Take a good look at it, then lick and suck it. Make my cock harder with your mouth, because I will fuck your ass after that. I know you like to see me, with this perfect cock, taking you from behind untill you cum. I will do it again, and again, and again, till you scream, but I still won't stop!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Strap-on

Added: 18-11-2013 Length:6 min:27 sec
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Facesitting and Orasm Denial - My slave needs to finish cleaning up the mess he made in the sink. As a reward for finishing his chores, I spit on his cock and play with it while he lies on my table. He loves it when I climb onto the table and sit on his face while I play with him. He sniffs my ass and pussy while I jerk his cock. When he's close to cumming, I recieve an important phone call and walk away, leaving him to suffer with his hard cock.

TAGS: female domination , orgasm control , cock control , tease and denial , handjobs

Categories: Face Sitting , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Denial

Added: 16-11-2013 Length:9 min:26 sec
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