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Fucking Your Cheating Ass ! - After fifteen years of living together, I find out you've secretly been sleeping with men! Since you clearly enjoy cheating on me with guys, how about I fuck your tight asshole with this huge strap-on cock? First I'm going to jam it down your throat, and when I'm done having you suck my dick I'm going to turn you around and pound you from behind. Take this big strap-on in your ass, you cheating liar! My cock is so big you can't handle it and scream in pain as I fuck you hard and fast. Maybe putting this bag over your head will shut you up! I suffocate you with the plastic as I continue plowing you from behind with my massive strap-on cock. When I'm done tearing your asshole apart you won't be alive.

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Added: 07-05-2016 Length:7 min:42 sec
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Making You Fuck and Suck My Big Strap-On! (pov) - Today I'm going to make you take my strap-on bitch, and the giant one I'm wearing right now proves I'm not fucking around. The first thing you're going to do is suck this cock, so open wide and take it deep in your mouth! After you give me a proper blowjob, you're going to turn around and take this big dick in your tight asshole. I love violating your mouth and asshole with my strap-on, and I smile in twisted amusement as I do it. Do you think you can handle this big dick inside of your ass? We're about to find out, so turn around and spread your cheeks wide! I'm going to ram this cock deep inside of you and don't care if you love it or hate it. I fuck you for my own pleasure and don't care about yours!

Categories: Femdom Pov , Strap-on

Added: 05-05-2016 Length:5 min:24 sec
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No Rest for This Slave, Only Foot Worship! - "Do you know what you're going to now?" I ask my slave when he sidles up next to me. I laugh hysterically when he foolishly answers with "rest?" No, you stupid slave, there will be no resting for you today! "You're going to worship my beautiful feet," I command, and he wastes no time getting started. He licks my sexy high-heels while I relax on my sofa and watch him work. I make him take my shoes off so he can mouth my bare feet and film the action with my phone. He sucks and licks each one of my cute, pedicured toes, eager to please his goddess and not wanting to disappoint. When he makes the mistake of nibbling on my toes, I scold him for his idiocy and send him on his way. My feet are for licking, not for biting!

TAGS: foot slave training , ignore

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship

Added: 03-05-2016 Length:9 min:47 sec
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Teasing Fat Slave, Ruining his Orgasm, and Making Him Eat His Cum! - This fat, pathetic loser could never get a girl like me, and I remind him of that as I tease him with my perfect body. I slowly lift my shirt, giving him glimpses of my toned stomach while he watches me, and then poke his disgusting belly while I mock him. I finally peel off my shirt and unhook my bra, giving him a glorious view of my spectacular tits as he stands naked before me. Curious to see if his little dick can get any bigger, I slap on gloves and begin to gently jerk him off. I'm more than happy to let him know that he'll never score a girl as fine as me. Just as he's about to cum, I completely ruin his orgasm as he blows his load. He obviously likes to eat, so I make him swallow every bit of his gross cum. I love it!

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Female Domination , Handjobs , Humiliation , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 01-05-2016 Length:7 min:07 sec
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Ramming a Slave's Ass with My Massive Strap-On Cock! - I'm a little pissed off today, I'm not going to lie. What has me so upset? I tried fucking one of my slaves with this massive strap-on cock, but his tiny, virginal asshole just couldn't handle it. Thankfully I have another slave nearby who's more than willing to get rammed by every inch of my big dick! I summon him to my room and have him bend over on my bed to take my aggression out on his asshole. I slide it deep inside of him and begin fucking him hard and fast while he groans in discomfort. It's a lot of pain for him, but a lot of pleasure for me! This mammoth strap-on tears his asshole apart and I love every goddamn second of his misery. Do you think you have what it takes to handle this massive strap-on and become one of my slaves?

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 30-04-2016 Length:9 min:09 sec
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Fat Slave Properly Worships My Perfect Feet! - Standing outside in my back yard, I call a slave to my side and make the fat loser begin licking my high-heels. He hungrily mouths my shoes all over, but I'd rather make this jerk worship my bare feet. I have him take my heels off, then watch as he runs his tongue all over my cute toes. For a fat slob, he's surprisingly gentle and delicately sucks each of my toes just the way I like it. He loves tasting my bare feet, and knows how to do it just right. When he asks for a drink of water, I dip my feet into my dirty pool and have him lap it off of me. The water drips from me feet into his mouth and he swallows every drop in between kissing my soft skin. Such a good foot worshiping slave!

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Fetish , Foot Worship

Added: 28-04-2016 Length:9 min:12 sec
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Spitting Chewed Cookies into Fat Slave's Mouth! - In a pathetic attempt to win my favor, this slave presents me with a batch of cookies and my response definitely isn't what he hoped for. "How dare you bring me this shit!" I yell in disgust. I point out that this fattening food is something he would eat, not me. I hit the gym every day, unlike this obese slob! I mock his flabby belly, then chew the cookies up and spit them onto the floor for him to lap up. Since he clearly loves unhealthy food, I make him eat the regurgitated cookies off of the tile like the pig that he is. I have him lay naked on his back, and as I sit over him I spit the chewed garbage directly into his mouth. I'm so used to eating clean that I can barely even stomach the taste of these sugary cookies. I feed them to him like he was a fat baby bird!

TAGS: chewing

Categories: Female Domination , Food , Humiliation , Spitting

Added: 26-04-2016 Length:10 min:50 sec
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Jerk-Off While You Watch Anne Smoke Beside Me! - "Take a look at her sexy smoke," I say as Anne sits beside me enjoying a cigarette. I want you to jerk your cock while you watch her inhaling and exhaling the delicious smoke, so take it out and start stroking! She's not wearing any panties, and begins gently rubbing her young pussy as she puffs away on her cigarette. Be a good boy and jack your dick while Anna feeds her nicotine craving. She's such a pretty little thing and looks incredible as she relaxes with her tobacco. The sight of her smoking gets you so excited you can't help but cum everywhere while you watch her. Blow that big load for us right now!

Categories: Masturbation Instruction , Smoking

Added: 24-04-2016 Length:4 min:44 sec
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Ruining This Loser's Orgasm with Tessa Ray - As this muscular stud stands naked before us, the gorgeous Tessa Ray and I tease him with our sexy bodies and begin gently stroking his big dick. We're so sexy that he gets hard in no time as we continue flaunting ourselves and jerking him off together. He's incredibly horny and aching to cum but we torture him by refusing to let him. He's only allowed to blow his load when we give him permission to, but we want to tease him for a while first. We bring him to the brink of explosion only to deny his orgasm and repeat the cruel act over and over again. I rub his hard cock all over Tessa's tight, bare ass while his balls cry out in pain, dying to empty themselves but being denied the opportunity. We drive him absolutely crazy as we tease his cock and he begs to cum while we laugh at the poor loser. "I want to cum, please!" he cries but we haven't finished tormenting him yet and refuse to let him. "Would you like to cum on her ass?" I ask as Tessa rubs her naked bottom on him. "Show him your tits!" I say, and Tessa quickly pulls down her top to tease this jerk with her perky, young breasts. We finally let him cum but ruin his orgasm by refusing to touch his cock as he spills his load all over the floor. No sooner is he done cumming then we start jerking his sore cock again while he groans in pain. We attempt to milk this loser but will he be able to cum one more time or will he disappoint us? Find out!

TAGS: double dominaion , post cum torture

Categories: Female Domination , Handjobs , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 23-04-2016 Length:11 min:49 sec
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Showing Anne How to Use a Slave as Human Toilet Paper! - I love my friend Anne, but she's so young and inexperienced! I've been teaching her my ways, and her training continues after I find out she's been using toilet paper to clean herself instead of a slave's mouth. When she relieves herself in my bathroom, I summon a slave and show her how much better it is to use his tongue instead of toilet paper. I spread her cheeks wide so this loser can get in there nice and deep, cleaning her asshole with his mouth while I watch and supervise the action. It's Anne's first time having her pussy and asshole cleaned by a slave's tongue, and now that she's experienced it I don't think she'll ever go back to using toilet paper!

TAGS: ass licking

Categories: Ass Fetish , Ass Worship , Female Domination , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 21-04-2016 Length:5 min:41 sec
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Kicking a Slave's Balls in with Tessa Ray! - Standing in our kitchen, Tessa , tells me that she needs to find some new ways to train her legs. As a model, it's important that she keep her legs toned and sexy, but she's just so sick of doing the same damn exercises all the time. As usual, I have the perfect solution and it just so happens to involve one of my slaves. As he stands completely nude before us, we make him spread his legs and take turns kicking him directly in the nuts. We don't hold back as we repeatedly bash his balls in, keeping count of each brutal blow and laughing while we do it. He cries out in agony, knees buckling in pain, as we relentlessly kick him squarely in the crotch. The sound of our shoes connecting with his balls proves that we're not holding anything back as we use our feet to punish him. Taking our sneakers off, we kick his nuts in with our bare feet and love every second of his misery. His balls aren't the only target of our abuse as we also kick him in the cock until he can no longer take the pain and drops to the floor. Since he's already down there, we have him quickly worship our beautiful feet before sending him crawling on his way.

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 19-04-2016 Length:8 min
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Pussy eating, cock tease and humiliation(Part Four) - The saga continues as me and my two sexy friends, Mistress Carmen and Fetish Liza, join forces with me to torment two loser slaves. Liza sits on the edge of the bathtub and makes one slave eat her pussy while she rubs her exposed tits. Meanwhile, Mistress Carmen accompanies me into the shower and we tease the other slave by making him watch as we rinse off our perfect tits. Carmen asks him if he's enjoyed the view after I lick her pussy, and back at the tub Liza begins stroking her slave's dick as a reward for properly licking her clit. She lets him blow a huge load all over her feet, then massages the head of his cock with her toes before making him lap up his own cum. Over by the shower, me and Mistress Carmen have tied our slave to the wall and punish him by abusing his cock and balls. Things get even crazier as us three mistresses continue to humiliate these two pathetic slaves!

TAGS: double dominaion

Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Pussy Eating

Added: 17-04-2016 Length:15 min:12 sec
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Cock tease with 3 mistresses ! - My two beautiful dominatrix friends, Mistress Carmen and fetish Liza,have already helped me torment these two loser slaves, but we`re not doneyet. The three of us relax in the bathtub with our feet dangling over theside and make the pair of slaves stand before us. We rub our bare feet allover their cocks, then make them drop to their knees to massage our feetas we enjoy the cool bath. We then have them worship our feet with theirmouths, and watch as they suck our beautiful toes. They obey our everycommand as we insult them and laugh at how pathetic they are. We make themstand before us again, then have them fuck our feet in between smackingtheir cock and balls. We slap them in the face, spit in their mouths, andrefuse to let them cum!

TAGS: double dominaion

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Job , Foot Worship

Added: 16-04-2016 Length:14 min:11 sec
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Horny Horse Power with Three Mistresses! (Part Two) - After dressing two of our slaves in latex horse outfits and fucking them in the ass, me and my two stunning mistress friends draw them a cold bath so they can cool down from the pounding they took. After all, skin-tight latex gets really hot and we can't have them overheating before we're done tormenting them! Only when we're done degrading them do they have permission to die, but until then we need them alive for our sick amusement. We tease them by gently stroking their cocks as they relax in the tub, then make one blow the other while we watch and laugh. Their humiliation continues as we have one bend over so the other can fuck him in the ass! As he gets his ass slammed, Mistress Carmen makes him rub her clit and moans loudly as she cums all over his hoof. We have much more in store for our two horse slaves!

TAGS: double dominaion , pet play

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Latex

Added: 14-04-2016 Length:18 min:42 sec
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Horny Horse Power with Three Mistresses! (Part One) - Joined by my two gorgeous dominatrix friends Carmen and Fetish Liza, we laugh at the pair of slaves we've locked up in sturdy steel cages. We rattle the bars and mock the losers as we cackle in twisted delight. They're our two studs, and we use the term "studs" quite literally as they're both dressed in latex horse outfits and wearing massive stallion-sized cocks. They look ridiculous with their over-sized horse heads, and we remove them from their confinements to have some fun with them. All three of us mistresses put on our strap-ons and proceed to humiliate our equine slaves in the most degrading way possible. We take turns fucking them in the ass and laugh hysterically at their muffled groans of agony!

TAGS: double dominaion , pegging , pet play

Categories: Female Domination , Role Play , Strap-on

Added: 12-04-2016 Length:14 min:25 sec
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Training Whore to Lick Ass and Take Black Cock Featuring Anne! - Some clients like having their assholes licked, which is why this whore of mine needs to learn how to do it right. I have him practice on my adorable friend Anne as I position myself behind him wearing my black strap-on cock. I explain to this whore trainee that many customers will be African American so he also needs to learn how to take a black cock in his ass. I shove my massive ebony dick inside of him while he groans in agony while continuing to lick Anne's tight little asshole. This strap-on is so big he probably feels like he's going to be ripped in half as I pound away at his backside and laugh while I do it. When we're done training this whore, he's going to make us a lot of money licking ass and taking black dick!

TAGS: double dominaion

Categories: Ass Worship , Bi-sexual , Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 10-04-2016 Length:7 min:11 sec
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Lick Our Pussies and Cum after I Countdown Featuring Anne! - Today's your lucky day, slave, and do you know why? Because me and my friend Anne both forgot our panties, that's why. Sitting side by side on my sofa, we show off our shaved pussies and decide to let you have a lick. Stick that tongue out and get to work licking my clit all over, and when you're done with mine I want you to lick Anne's, too! Watch and jerk your cock as we spread our pussies wide for you in between kissing each other softly. Do as you're told and take turns eating us out while you stroke yourself, got it? Don't you just love having these two beautiful pink pussies in your face? I'm going to count down from ten as you lick our wet holes, and when I reach one I want you to cum for us. Cover our pussies with your warm load, but only when the countdown is over!

TAGS: joi , kissing

Categories: Masturbation Instruction , Pussy Eating

Added: 09-04-2016 Length:7 min:48 sec
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Humiliating Anne by Treating Her like a Baby! - When I catch my young friend Anne smoking in my room, I freak out and yell at her while she cowers in fear. I drag her into the living room to punish her and make her change into a diaper. "I'm going to humiliate you!" I bark. "You need to pee in this fucking diaper," I continue, but it's apparent by her giggling that she's not taking me seriously. She quickly learns that I mean business as I have her squat down and piss herself. "You dirty bitch!" I say in disgust before having her lay down on the sofa. I clean her pussy like she's a little baby, then shove a pacifier in her mouth so she looks the part. I treat her like an infant, slapping a new diaper on her and having her suck my tit as if she were breast feeding. Maybe she'll think twice before smoking in my room like a child!

TAGS: diaper discipline , diaper fetish , lesbian domination , age regration , adult diaper

Categories: Female Domination

Added: 08-04-2016 Length:11 min:58 sec
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Jerk-Off For Me and Eat Your Own Cum Featuring Anne! - Today is a very important day for you, slave. Why, you ask? Because today you're going to finally fulfill your secret fantasy of eating your own cum. You've been thinking about it for years, you've just never been able to go through with it. That's going to change today! With my cute friend Anne by my side, we tease you with our perfect asses while you stroke your dick and get nice and hard for us. We slowly strip down to our lingerie, flaunting our toned bodies while you jerk off harder and faster. Anne gets completely naked and shows off her tight young asshole and pussy while I take my top off to let you see my awesome tits. Laying on her back with her legs above her head, Anne demonstrates how we want you to lay so you can cum in your own mouth. You're only allowed to blow your load when I give you permission. Are you ready? Open your mouth and swallow all of your cum right now!

TAGS: sensual domination

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Cum Swallowers , Femdom Pov

Added: 07-04-2016 Length:8 min:42 sec
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Fucking Anne with My Big Strap-On! - After waking adorable Anne up with a kiss, I climb in bed with the young brunette and waste no time sliding her panties off. Her top comes next, and as she lays before me completely naked I have my way with her tight, teenage body. Her nipples immediately get hard as I begin rubbing her bare skin, and it's obvious I turn her on. I have her rise to her feet, and as she stands nude before me I want you to look at this girl's incredible body. Have you ever seen such a nice ass? Well, aside from mine, of course. She's strikingly beautiful, and I enjoy every second of my time with her. Securing her to my banister, I use my strap-on to fuck her from behind in this clip that's so hot you have to see it to believe it. You'll feel like you're right there with me as I fuck her harder and faster while she cries out in pleasure. You can actually hear how wet her pussy is as I slam my huge cock in and out of her pink hole!

TAGS: lesbian domination

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 05-04-2016 Length:7 min:43 sec
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