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Poor Foot Worship Punished by Ball Kicking! - "Kiss my shoes, come on!" I order and the naked slave kneeling before medoesn`t hesitate to obey my command. Taking a seat on my sofa, I have himkiss my sexy black nylons as well before having him take my heels off andsniffing my beautiful feet. My nylons may be sexy, but this slave wants tokiss my bare feet so I strip them off to let him do just that. I`ve beenwalking around all day and my feet are dirty and stink, but this loserdoesn`t seem to mind in the least as I rub them all over his face and makehim suck my toes. "Clean my feet with your fucking tongue!" I demand as Ishove one foot in his mouth while rubbing his cock with my other. When Inotice what a lousy job he`s doing cleaning my feet with his tongue Ideliver a series of painful kicks to his delicate nuts to rectify his poorperformance. Will this fix his behavior or will I have to kick him in thenuts even more? I guess we`ll find out!

TAGS: foot slave training

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination , Foot Worship

Added: 28-07-2015 Length:11 min:12 sec
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Spitting In My Slave`s Mouth with Mistress Kate! - Laying with his back on my bed, the gorgeous Mistress Kate and I lean overmy slave and take turns spitting directly into his open mouth. "That`s alot of spit in his fucking mouth," I comment as we feed this loser ourjuicy saliva. The camera woman can`t help but laugh along with us as Kateshows how maniacally funny she can be by taunting the dirty jerk inbetween spitting down his throat. In what could be my funniest video yet,Kate continually makes me and my camera-wielding friend bust out laughingwith her hilarious noises and mockery. I can`t contain my giggles as Ikneel over this slave, big breasts exposed, and repeatedly fill his mouthwith my spit. Back and forth Kate and I shoot our spit down his throat,occasionally slapping his stupid face when his mouth starts to close. Fromstart to finish we laugh as we pump this slave full of saliva!

TAGS: spit fetish , double dominaion

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Spitting

Added: 26-07-2015 Length:7 min:02 sec
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Strap-On in My Slave`s Mouth and Asshole! - "So, you want to ask me for something, slave?" I ask as he kneels nakedbefore me. I bellow in laughter when he points at one of my strap-on cocksand sheepishly asks me to use it on him. If I`m going to pound thisloser`s ass, you can bet it`s going to be with something he`ll actuallyfeel and the strap-on he`s chosen is just too small to do any real damage.I`ll use the smaller one to start, I inform the loser, but then I`ll beswitching to the much bigger one and tearing him up. Wearing the strap-onhe`s chosen, I make him suck my cock as I grab the back of his head andguide the action. I make him take it hard and deep in his mouth, evenslapping it all over his face before taking my place behind him andsliding it in his tight little asshole. I make no attempt to be gentle asI ram him from behind and make him thank me while doing it. With hisasshole nice and loose, I think it just may be time to switch to mygigantic strap-on!

TAGS: male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 25-07-2015 Length:6 min:45 sec
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Ruining His Orgasm... Twice! - It didn`t take long for me to turn my new boss into yet another one of myslaves, and when I arrive at work and tell him I`ve brought him a fewsurprises he replies with gratitude. However, I`m betting he won`t be sohappy when he finds out what they are! Making him strip naked, I revealthe first surprise by attaching a muzzle to his face and reveal anothersurprise when I bind him to the room`s support column. With my bare titshanging out of my top, I get on my knees and begin stroking his hard cockbut there won`t be any cumming yet for this idiot. I tease him only todeny his orgasm, getting him close to explosion but refusing to let himclimax. This poor loser is rock hard, super horny, and just aching to blowhis big load but when he finally does I wreck the orgasm by taking my handoff his cock and refusing to help him cum. Things go from bad to worse forthis idiot when I immediately latch onto his cock and milk him by makinghim cum yet again. I drain this nobody until his cock and balls arescreaming in agony!

TAGS: post cum torture

Categories: Handjobs , Ruined Orgasms

Added: 24-07-2015 Length:10 min:55 sec
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Rewarding a Good Slave with a Handjob! - With a naked slave tied to my billiard table, I drop to my knees and beginjerking his big, hard cock. This sight of his goddess wearing a sheerdress and sexy high heels gets him nice and erect, and he`s aching to cumas I stroke him. "You can`t cum without my permission," I remind him as Itug his shaft while teasing him by holding my mouth close to his cockhead. Up and down I jack his huge, hard dick as he begs me to let him cum.He`s been a good boy lately, so I decide to reward him by finally allowinghim to get off. "Good boy," I praise as I jerk him off, watching as heblows his big load all over the floor.

Categories: Cock Tease , Female Domination , Handjobs , Orgasm Control

Added: 23-07-2015 Length:4 min:01 sec
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Cuckolding You and Cum Countdown with Humiliation! - Taking a seat on the bed I confess that I haven`t been impressed with our sex life. When we first married a few years back you promised me it would be great, but it`s been quite far from that. Hell, it hasn`t even been good. I tried finding a solution that could fix our love life and salvage our marriage but with a cock as small as yours the only thing I could come up with was to just start fucking somebody else. Yes, I`m been screwing somebody else on the side and to add insult to injury, that person happens to be your boss! We met when I stopped by your office a few months ago and we immediately hit it off. He`s quite attractive and to top it all off, he has a huge dick and really knows how to please me. Honestly, he`s helped me see what a giant loser you are. We just fucked and my panties are currently stained with his cum that`s been dripping out of my hot pussy. Don`t believe me? Here, let me take my panties off and show you how another man`s cum is oozing out of your wife`s twat. Why don`t you get down there and suck it out like the little pathetic loser you are? From now on I think I`ll clean your boss` cum out of my pussy using your stupid mouth. You`re a nobody with a small dick but I`m going to keep you around just to humiliate you and make you my little cuckold bitch!

Categories: Bi-sexual , Cuckolding , Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 21-07-2015 Length:9 min:39 sec
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Slave Becomes Human Toilet Paper after I S..t! - >Finishing up my business on the toilet, I summon a slave with the clap ofmy hands and the naked loser comes crawling to me on all fours, dragginghis leash by his side. "I need to use your tongue now to clean my dirty,smelly asshole," I say sternly as I grab him by the face and look himdirectly in the eyes. He knows I mean it, and I waste no time undoing themuzzle I keep secured over his mouth for the majority of each and everyday. With his tongue now freed, I bend over and have him begin licking mybottom clean after having him bury his nose in my asshole and take a bigwhiff. "Work with your tongue, lick my asshole, come on!" I bark as hetries his hardest to please me by getting my hole squeaky clean. His bestisn`t good enough and I demand he try even harder as he frantically licksaway at my stinky asshole. "Try harder!" I shout as I continue using himas my human toilet paper until I finally feel fresh enough to dismiss theloser!

TAGS: toilet humiliation , toilet slavery , toilet training

Categories: Ass Worship , Female Domination , Humiliation , Toilet Humiliation , Toilet Slavery

Added: 19-07-2015 Length:4 min:59 sec
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Measuring Nuts Before and After Kicking Them! - With a slave standing naked before me, cock erect, I kneel down andmeasure his balls using measuring tape. "I`m going to check the size ofyour balls first," I say. "After that, I will kick your balls," I continueas I take the first measurement. I have him keep count as I deliverpainful blows to his nuts with my cute high heels, and when he loses trackof the kicks I start again from the beginning. With the series of brutalkicks completed, I measure his balls again and I`m not surprised to seethey`ve swollen considerably. I have him get on his knees and kick hisballs in yet again, showing no forgiveness as I unleash my anger on histesticles while cackling in evil delight. After taking anothermeasurement, I have him turn around for another round of kicks. I bash hisballs in from behind while he cries out in pain before taking one finalmeasurement of his swollen red nutsack!

TAGS: kicking

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 18-07-2015 Length:6 min:22 sec
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Introducing My Friend to Having Her Feet Worshiped! - Sitting with my beautiful friend Kate by my side, I ask the new dominatrixif she`s ever had her feet worshiped. When she confesses that she hasn`texperienced this yet, I waste no time summoning a slave to our side and heobediently comes crawling naked on all fours. I explain to the slave thatsince it`s Kate`s first time he must be very gentle and instruct him tocarefully remove her high heels. With her bare feet up on the coffeetable, I have the slave sniff her feet while she sits and watches infascination. As Kate observes the process I instruct the slave to slowlybegin licking her toes, one after another, and then command him to suckthem as well. I join in the fun by adding my dirty bare feet to theequation and having him worship them with his mouth, too. "Fuckingdisgusting slave!" I shout as he continues mouthing our feet all overwhile we watch. We instruct him to bark like a dog and laugh hystericallyat his canine impression, loving it so much we have him do it again forour amusement. With one of my feet next to Kate`s, we have him suck bothof them at the exact same time. It`s Kate`s first time having her feetworshiped and she loves every minute of it!

Categories: Female Domination , Foot Domination , Foot Humiliation , Foot Worship , Humiliation

Added: 17-07-2015 Length:8 min:11 sec
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Teaching My Friend Kate to Kick a Slave`s Balls! - With a naked slave standing before us, me and my gorgeous friend Katedecide to have some fun with the loser. Since Kate`s new to the wholedominatrix lifestyle, I teach her how to squeeze, slap, and kick a slave`sballs while she watches attentively. I start by delivering three hardkicks to his sack and then step back to let Kate give it a go. She startsoff a bit too gentle but after some coaching by yours truly she gets thehang of it and doesn`t hold back. I command the slave to drop to his kneesand have him quickly kiss our heels, then instruct him to stand and kickhim three more times in his delicate balls. After having him thank me,it`s Kate`s turn yet again and my little protege proves to be a quicklearner. We take turns kicking him, attempting to get him to fall down inpain, but despite his agony he proves to be quite resilient. He can onlytake so much, though, and soon buckles in pain while letting out a groanof misery. We`re far from done and there`s much more ball kicking and shoekissing coming for this poor loser!

TAGS: brat girls

Categories: Ball Abuse , Ballbusting , Female Domination

Added: 16-07-2015 Length:7 min:35 sec
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Play My New Masturbation Game! - Standing at my billiard table I announce that I have a fun new game toplay with you. I want you to jerk-off but only to my specific rules. WhenI play with this green ball, you`re allowed to stroke your dick but when Iset it down and pick up the red ball, you have to stop jerking and takeyour dick off your cock entirely, got it? The rules are simple, so takeyour dick out and let`s begin. Ready? Picking up the green ball I have youstart touching yourself but don`t get too worked-up because soon I`ll beputting it down in favor of the red one. Back and forth I tease you withthis cruel yet fun game as a windy storm rages outside behind me. Taking aseat on my pool table I show you my perfect bare tits while holding thegreen ball that signals it`s okay for you to masturbate. I continueteasing you by flaunting my tight ass and pink, shaved pussy. Will Ifinally let you cum? Watch the video and play the game to find out!

TAGS: joi , masturbation games

Categories: Masturbation Instruction , Tease & Denial

Added: 14-07-2015 Length:9 min:49 sec
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Jerk to My Sweaty, Smelly, Unwashed Bare Feet! - Storming into my home flustered and tired from a long day on my feet, I immediately plop down and untie my shoes. They`re so sweaty and smelly after running around all day and my socks aren`t much better. My face wrinkles in disgust as a catch a whiff of my own foul stench while kicking my shoes off and peeling off my damp, disgusting socks. With my bare feet propped up on this table, I wave them in your face and bombard your nose with my repulsive odor. You probably enjoy the smell, you little creep, and I`m sure it gets you all aroused. Since you like my stinky, dirty feet so much, pull out that cock of yours and jerk-off to them right now! Fantasize about these sweaty feet all over your dick and imagine them stroking your hard shaft up and down while caressing your cock head with my talented but smelly toes. I`m going to count to ten and I want you to blow your load all over my nasty, unwashed feet!

TAGS: foot smelling , joi

Categories: Barefoot , Foot Fetish , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 11-07-2015 Length:6 min:05 sec
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Ass to Mouth (Ride On My Dick) - After my slave fails to impress me with the job he`s done mouthing my boots clean, I decide he must be punished and grab my big strap-on cock. Standing before him as he kneels on the floor, I inform him that I`ll first be fucking his stupid mouth and will then be destroying his tight little asshole. Making good on my word, I smile in twisted pleasure and cackle in delight as I make him suck my hard, giant dick. "Here we go," I say as I grab hold of his head and fuck his mouth so deeply he gags. I slap him across the face when he chokes and immediately shove my cock back in his mouth, showing no mercy as I force-feed him my rubber dick. I make him turn around and loosen his asshole with my lubed-up fingers before sliding the strap-on inside of him. Knowing how ashamed he is by the violation taking place makes my entire day and I grin wide and giggle with joy as I fuck this loser`s asshole faster and deeper. He groans in discomfort and humiliation as I pound him but I refuse to show him any mercy and relentlessly drill his bottom. In an especially cruel move on my part, I make him suck the same cock that`s just been buried deep in his asshole!

TAGS: ass to mouth , male strapon , pegging

Categories: Female Domination , Strap-on

Added: 10-07-2015 Length:9 min:43 sec
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Clean My Leather Boots with Your Tongue! - Returning home from the cold, windy weather outside, I take a seat on my stool and notice that my sexy leather boots have gotten all dirty. With a clap of my hands I summon a slave who obediently comes crawling naked on all fours. I make him lick my shoes clean as I tower over him and hold his leash as if he were a dog. I spit directly into his open mouth and have him thank me for it before once again commanding him to shine my boots with his tongue. Eager to please his beautiful mistress, he mouths them all over and even licks their soles clean like a good little slave. Laying on his back, I feed him my heels and watch as he sucks them as if they were a cock. "Stupid, disgusting slave!" I comment while laughing at this loser. I demand he work faster since I`m a busy goddess and don`t have all day! He picks up the pace, frantically polishing my boots faster and faster, and I reward him by yet again spitting in his mouth. After deciding I`m not fully satisfied with the job he`s done, it`s time to dish out some punishment. What will it be? Find out!

Categories: Boot Domination , Female Domination , Humiliation , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 09-07-2015 Length:7 min:41 sec
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You Can`t Jerk-Off with Your Cock in a Cage featuring princess June! - Sitting in bed with princess June I show her a male chastity belt and when I ask her if she knows what it is she shoots back that it`s a cock cage used to torment horny slaves. I`m not surprised that my young disciple has seen one before, and together we secure it to your dick and proceed to tease you with our hot bodies. Your cock gets hard in a hurry but with the cage locked around it you can`t touch yourself and have to sit there with your balls aching while you watch us touch ourselves all over. "Trying to masturbate but you can`t," June comments. "We`ve got the power here!" We dangle the keys in your face as we continue teasing you with our hot bodies, my bare breasts exposed as I rub June`s cute young body. You`re such a loser, we can`t help but laugh at how pathetic you are as you futilely attempt to jerk-off with the cage around your dick!

TAGS: brat girls , chastity

Categories: Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Tease & Denial

Added: 07-07-2015 Length:4 min:33 sec
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Jerk-Off to My Ass Game featuring Anna Myst! - Sitting outside with the gorgeous Anna Myst, we announce that we`re going to be playing a little game with you today. You`re going to jerk-off off to my sexy ass, but the moment I turn around you have to stop. That`s right; you`re going to stroke your cock while I show off my gorgeous ass but you better stop when I turn and face you or you`ll be punished! with the rules layed out, Anna instructs you to begin touching yourself while I stand and flaunt my nice, round bottom in your face. Towering over you I tease you with my sexy ass while you stroke your hard cock before abruptly turning to face you which means you better stop touching yourself! Over and over again we play our cruel game, having you jerk your hard cock only to have you stop which makes it impossible for you to cum. Will we ever let you blow your big load? Watch and find out, loser!

TAGS: brat girls , masturbation games

Categories: Masturbation Instruction , Tease & Denial

Added: 05-07-2015 Length:7 min:27 sec
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Watch Me with a Real Man, Loser! - Look at this slave sitting before me with his hard body and huge cock. I fuck this guy on a daily basis and love having his big dick inside of me. Sit there and watch like the loser that you are as I grind my perfect ass and hot pussy all over him, you pathetic jerk. How does it make you feel knowing you`ll never get with a woman like me? You`re such a disgusting nobody all you can do is sit there all alone jerking-off. Maybe if you`re lucky I might let you quickly lick my ass and possibly my pussy, but you`ll certainly never get your cock inside of me. I just don`t fuck desperate morons like you, and the closest you`ll ever get is by sucking my pussy juice off this guy`s cock once I`m done rocking his world. Hell, maybe I`ll let you suck his cum out of my pussy and you`ll do it just for the chance to get near me, won`t you? You`re such a loser with your fat belly and small cock. Watch as I rub my hands all over a real man!

TAGS: brat girls

Categories: Cuckolding , Femdom Pov , Humiliation , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 04-07-2015 Length:5 min:44 sec
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Cum for Us or Be Punished ! - With fellow dominatrix Anna Myst by my side we enjoy a gorgeous day in my back yard and summon a slave for a bit of twisted fun. We make him take his pants down and laugh at his tiny excuse for a cock, unable to believe how pathetic this loser`s dick is. "We want to see it hard," we say as we have him jerk-off for us, giggling while he tugs himself erect yet still fails to impress us with his cock size. "You should cum for us," Anna orders as we watch him stroke his tiny dick. If doesn`t blow his load for us then we have a big surprise for him, and we reveal what it is as we reach for a massive strap-on cock. He better cum by the time we count to ten or we`ll be jamming it into his tight asshole and fucking this loser without mercy! Will he shoot his cum for us or will we have to punish him? Watch and find out!

TAGS: brat girls , verbal humiliation

Categories: Female Domination , Humiliation , Small Penis Humiliation

Added: 03-07-2015 Length:5 min:33 sec
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Back Yard Foot Worship featuring Anna Myst! - Joined in my back yard by the gorgeous Anna Myst, I guide a slave by his leash and he follows obediently like a dog. Naked and on his hands and knees, he crawls by our side and obeys our every command like a good little pet. We begin by having him lick my shoes and he hungrily mouths my heels clean while we supervise the job he`s doing. Next it`s Anna`s turn to have her heels cleaned by this slave`s mouth, and this pathetic jerk can barely keep up as we have him alternate between the two of us. He frantically licks my heels before I demand that he lick Anna`s, and the moment he begins on hers it`s time for him to bounce back to mine. He works like a maniac to please us as we take a seat and Anna uses his back as her own personal foot rest! We get such enjoyment out of losers like this who`ll do anything to please us.

TAGS: brat girls

Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship

Added: 02-07-2015 Length:4 min:39 sec
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Taking You to the Edge over and over Again! - Today I`m going to see how long I can keep you on the brink of orgasm. You`ll be on the edge of cumming, dying to blow your big load, but I won`t let you. As I demonstrate by stroking my slave`s big cock, I want you to jerk-off as well but don`t you dare cum without my permission, got it? Massaging your balls and cock head gently, you get rock hard as my delicate latex gloves work their magic and drive you into a horned-up frenzy. I have you tug your cock harder and faster, feeling the orgasm well inside of you, only to have you take your hands off your dick. You heard me; stop touching yourself completely! Now begin stroking yourself again, once more reaching the point of explosion, but don`t you dare cum! Wait until this clip is over and then go lay on your bed, jerking yourself until orgasm while you fantasize about me whispering in your ear.

TAGS: edging games

Categories: Cock Tease , Female Domination , Handjobs , Masturbation Instruction

Added: 28-06-2015 Length:6 min:44 sec
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